5 underrated beaches in the US

You’re planning to visit the U.S. this summer and want to enjoy the summer vibe on beautiful beaches without having to cope with the crowd and noise? With around 400 million people visiting American costs each year, the United States offers tremendously various experiences around sea sides. From the exceptional surfing spots in Hawaii to the capital’s yet under the radar oceanfront gems, we will disclose 5 underrated beaches you can visit this summer during your American trip.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Virginia is well known for its free, clean and well-maintained beaches as well as its Ocean Breeze Waterpark and Aquarium & Marine Science Center. These places might be on your to-do list while visiting the “Old Dominion” but we want to introduce a quieter spot to you. There, you will be able to enjoy some free time laying on a nice golden sand but, above all, some personal space on the beach. Indeed, Sandbridge Beach – located 15 miles away from the resort area – offers a unique a calm setting for beach lovers.



Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is considered as one of the greatest place to be as a surfer and beach lover around the world. With this reputation, it is hard to avoid crowded spots in this legendary island. The sunset beach is one of the best gems you can find in United States “50th state”. Called that way because of the stunning sunsets you can witness once there, this beach is also perfect for both surf and tanning amateurs.


Cedar Grove Beach, New York

Being surrounded by skyscrapers while visiting the Big Apple can make you forget that New-York is also a coastal city. Cedar Grove Beach is a tranquil alternative to some of the other beaches in Staten Island. Located on the eastern shore of the Island, Cedar Grove Beach is New York’s newest beach. It offers a calm atmosphere that you won’t be able to find easily in New-York megalopolis.


Nags Head, North Carolina

Nags Head is a quiet and peaceful town located in Dare County, North Carolina. Known for it lighthouse which is the tallest in the country, Nags Head will offer a perfect environment particularly if you want to enjoy some great seafood. Indeed, Nags Head offers many option for you: wonderful seafood restaurants, an annual seafood festival and great fishing spots along the coast.


Belleair Beach, Florida Beaches

Bellair Beach is a 4500-foot quiet and secluded white-sand shoreline fronting one of the best ocean views in the West Coast. Besides offering a lot of space and a great view to the people enjoying some free time there, Bellair Beach is also a great spot for animal lovers. Turtles and sea birds’ nests are indeed all over the place offering a breath-taking show to the lucky spectators.