Discover Sri Lanka Through 5 Unusual Places


Sri Lanka is the kind of amazing country not already overrun by world tourists. The island, situated under India, has a real strong culture and a-plenty of breathtaking and pristine landscapes that you will never see elsewhere !





Travelling in Sri Lanka:





Sri Lanka is a beautiful country in the south of India, with maritim borders with India and Malaysia. It is a multicultural country, home of many religions, ethnic groups and languages. But it has especially a big Buddhist heritage. This place attracts more and more travelers every year specially because of its natural beauty, of its culture-mix and its heavenly white-sand beaches.




Here are 5 things-to-do on FOR an island which has been on the tourist map for some time, Sri Lanka remains remarkably unspoiled. A perfect place to visit if you fancy dropping out and trying the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle for a few days – with civilisation never too far away.





The Temple of the tooth





Sri Dalada Maligawa, also known as The Temple of the Scared Tooth Relic, is a Buddhist temple in Kandy. It is one of the holiest shrines in the Buddhist world. Inside the temple is sitting an entire gold buddah statue where you can leave an offering. A place full of peace, quiet and where you will learn a lot about buddhism history.




Udawalawe national park



This park is located 165km from Colombo and has been built to provide a safe place for primarily water birds and elephants. So, elephants are probably the first mammals you will see. But if it’s your lucky day, you may see a Sri Lankan Leopard, a Sri Lankan sloth bear and a lot of crazy monkeys, majestic birds, strange fishes and huge crocodiles of course!








Sigiriya, also known as Sinhagiri, is an old rock fortress located near to Dambulla (central province). The name means “the Lion rock”, referring to the massive column rock of nearly 200 meters high. You will be able to see, once you will be on the top of it, beautiful colorful frescoes. And on a small plateau, about halfway up, there is two huge sculpted lion paws as it was the begging of an enormous and insane lion sculpture not ended.








Southern beaches


Who is travelling on an island, without enjoying the beach? Specially in Sri Lanka…


One of the best things you can do is to visit the beaches of the southern region, in the south of the island. Those beaches are especially beautiful and some of them are really quiet! One of the best is Unawatuna Beach. Situated on the south of the island, this beach is exactly the same that you can see on some pictures, and especially really far from the others one! A quiet and beautiful paradise.





Adams peak



This place, reaching around 2250 meters high, is one of the highest peak of the island. It is also considered like a holy place by many religions. The ascension to the top is about 3 hours and some 4600 steps but it worth it, especially if you planned to be on the top on for sunset time. This is a mind-bogging spectacle that you will always remember.