Road Trip in Catalonia’s Hills

Catalonia is a beautiful area in the north-east of Spain, and the Pyrénées is an amazing place to road-trip. Those landscapes, which also inspired Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salavado Dali, are full of natural colors and astonishing beauty. In this place you will find a lot of mountains, lakes, forests and small villages located in the wild.

The national park of Aiguestortes (and its lakes)

This place is simply beautiful. Full of small lovely paths and splendid forests, you can visit this place from the East side or the West side. From Espot (East side), you can visit the Saint-Maurice Lake which is very beautiful. From Boi (Ouest side), you can visit the plateau of Aiguestortes and the lake Llong. The total walk time is around 2 hours and a half. However, be careful: the difference of height level is about 290 meters!

The Serra of Boumort

This area is just amazing. But it is private and you need to visit it with an authorization and in the company of a guide by 4×4. After a while, you can get out of the car and start walking in the slope. At the bottom of it are hidden two unexpected and incredible small abandoned villages named “Espluga” and “Solduga”. The houses are ‘hanging’ on the side of the cliff, it is just incredible.

Casa Leonardo (Senterada’s road)

This is a mountain’s house / family hotel with many floors. And the spirit is just amazing: family / friendly mood, kind peoples and typical décor. The food is local, typical and generous. The meals are simple, but really great and that makes for the charm of this place. You will see a lot of old and traditional products exposed in every room, lovely!

The abandoned village of Montgarri (Val d’Aran)

Val d’Aran is semi-independent area next to the border to France. And the road to the village is obscure, secluded. But when you are there, the spectacle is just amazing. The nature is pristine and wonderful. You will see some typical stones houses, some studded conifer and a restful silence sometimes broken by the noise of the sheep’s bells.

The Sau Lake

The Sau Lake is an artificial lake that looks like an American canyon. It its quite hard to reach this place. But the Morro de l’Abella’s rock is a good place to admire this lake. But be careful: this rock has a plunging view on the lake and it is not secure at all (no gates). But the view will not disappoint you, that is for sure.