5 Things to Do During Your Trip to Scotland

In Scotland, there is a road named The North Coast 500. It is a road of 500 miles (800km) going along the Scotland’s North coast between the cliffs, the beaches and the lakes “lochs”. And a lot of are making road trips there because of the amazing landscapes and beautiful experiences. If you are wondering whether it is worth booking a holiday to Scotland, we will help you with your choice. We have selected the 5 best things to do during your trip in the North Coast 500, which will make your holiday unforgettable.

One night in a haunted Castle: Ackergill Tower

The story says that Mr. Keith (The castle belongs to Keith clan) kidnapped a beautiful woman, Helen Gunn and kept her in this castle. After a long time there, she decided to throw herself off the top of a tower instead of living there for the rest of her days. And since this day, this castle has been full of disturbing apparitions. And you can sleep there.

But most of the people who have already slept there say it’s a really good experience. The castle is sumptuous indoor and outdoor. The staff is very friendly and kind. A good first experience.

The abandoned castle of Sinclair Girnicoe (Wick)

This castle is braving the horizon on the side of the cliffs for 600 years now. It is now a part of the nature and it is very strange to see this castle belonging to the wild. It would be a good experience to be strolling around this castle, around every old wall. In this place, the wind is also really strong and the site is not secure. But that is what make this place so attractive. You definitively need to visit this area.

John O’Groats and the Duncasby stacks

This is the most northern place of Scotland, the windiest but also one of the most beautiful of the island. This place is quite hard to reach because of the strong wind and the long time you have to spend walking. At the beginning, there are some gates but after some time it’s only you against the power of nature. But at the end, you won’t be disappointed by the landscape and you will be able to take beautiful pictures.

The sandbanks of Kyle of Durness

This place is very unpredictable because it really looks like a paradise beach (without the palm trees). If you are lucky and have beautiful weather during your trip, you will be able to enjoy the turquoise water and beautiful sandbanks. But most of the time it is not, so you will probably visit this place under the rain and the wind. And at this moment, you will really feel like you belong to the place. You will be surprised to see the huge desert and in general, this amazing place! Don’t forget to wear warm clothes!

The Maree Loch

This place will offer you the best of its colors if you have good weather. But even if it’s raining, it is still splendid. You can walk from this place to the other main loch “Torridon loch” which is around 4 hours walk away. There is a very gorgeous place to spend the night named “Botty”. It is a traditional stone cabin built along the Torridon loch where you can sleep for a night. It is very warm, relaxing and revitalizing. Basically paradise on earth!