A Lesson in Friendship: How to Say ‘Friend’ Around the World

Sunday 30th July is International Friendship Day, the perfect time for celebrating all of our wonderful friends around the globe.

Here at Taxi2Airport we have friends based all over the world, and we have found that while languages, culture and landscapes may vary from country to country, friendship is one thing that remains universal.

That’s why this International Friendship Day we decided to find out how to say the word ‘friend’ around the world. We have searched through our language books, scoured the web and checked in with our friends across the globe, to find out how to say ‘friend’ in every official language spoken in each country.

The results were very interesting, particularly finding out many of the similarities in the words used across different countries. For example, the use of ‘amigo’ in Spanish, ‘amigos’ in Portugese, ‘amico’ in Italian and ‘ami’ in French.

We were also particularly excited to find out that in Tanzania the word for friend is ‘rafiki’, the name of the wise baboon in Lion King – we wonder if this was indeed Disney’s inspiration for the character’s name.

Have a look at the map below to find out how to say ‘friend’ around the world, and share with your friends, amigos and Prijatelji around the world.