Electric Cars, Clean and Getting Cleaner

Electric driving can be pretty cool; it sounds futuristic and you don’t need any gas stations anymore.


Electric driving

 Electric driving is very helpful for the planet. With an electric car we avoid to turn the planet into a hells cape. That means that we use energy to drive on, instead of hydrocarbons we dug up from the ground.

Not long ago, it wasn’t that easy to spot an electric car. People were thinking the vehicles seemed rare. But nowadays they’re getting popular. Electric car owners are very enthusiastic about their cars, but why? On a full charge the electric car can get down the road between 87 en 103 miles. There are also getting more and more charging stations, so that will only get easier as time goes on.

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One of the most important things is that electric driving produces far less global warming pollution than their gasoline counterparts, and they’re getting cleaner. But how much cleaner are they? Electric cars are powered by electricity, which means it is much cleaner than gasoline. At the end of the same ride a gasoline car will rack up 57 tons of global warming emissions, compared to 28 tons of an electric car. And remember that an electric car battery can be recycled and reused.

Electric driving is not only cleaner, also less noisy. Electric cars are extremely quiet. The only sounds they make come from the tires, the air, and occasionally from the high-pitched whine of the electronics.

Also Taxi2airport has started electric driving from and to Schiphol Airport. So if you want to do something for the world we recommend you not to hesitate and to try it out when you’re in Amsterdam and you need to go to Schiphol Airport!

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