7 Things You Have to See in Seville

Fabulous flamenco dancing, traditional bull fighting, authentic tapas, and real Seville oranges. These are just some of the things that define the spectacular city of Seville, Andalusia’s capital. But as well as having so much to do and experience, it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in Europe – with awe-inspiring architecture that will take you on a journey through history and time. Whether you’re staying for a few weeks, or just here on a stopover, there are so many sights and attractions to check out. Here are 7 of our favourites for your next trip to Seville.



The Alcazar

This ornate castle complex should be on everyone’s bucket list. Designed with the most extravagant, intricate features, it’s an architectural marvel, originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings in the 14th Century. The Alcazar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as the most beautiful palace in Europe. The complex features beautiful patios and salons, plus a garden decorated with lush green palms, pavilions and pools.

Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes

The Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes is a Baroque 17th Century building, once used as a hospice for priests. Whilst the exterior is of a humble design, inside holds some of Seville’s greatest works of art. The property’s chapel is decorated with beautiful frescos by Valdes Leal as well as works by Virgilio Mattoni and Juan de Oviedo, whilst the courtyard is landscaped to a typical Sevillian style. The site also houses the Velázquez Centre, which is dedicated to the famous painter Diego Velázquez.

 The Cathedral

Together with the Alcazar, Seville Cathedral is a UNESCO site that should not to be missed if you’re in Seville. As the world’s largest Baroque cathedral, it’s a sight to behold and the Giralda bell tower is one of its most iconic features. Book a tour and head to the top of the tower to be rewarded with the most incredible panoramic views of the city.

Monasterio de Santa Paula

This 15th Century monastery provides visitors with more than just sightseeing. It’s a unique and somewhat surreal experience, which will really add something special to your trip. On arrival, guests will need to ring the doorbell before entering – after being greeted by a nun, you will have the chance to tour the property, including its small church and its closely guarded collection of sacred paintings. There’s also a shop on site where you can purchase products made by the nuns at the convent.

Museo del Baile Flamenco

You simply cannot visit the Andalucia region without going to a flamenco show. To learn more about the history of this wonderful dance and art form, head to the famous museum, Museo del Baile Flamenco. Inside, you can watch live shows on stage or see the interactive video displays within the museum area, plus there are exhibitions available throughout the year.

Parque Maria Luisa & Plaza de España

Known as the ‘lungs of the city’, this fantastic park is a great place for enjoying a stroll, doing some sightseeing, or some practicing your nature photography. Stretching along the Guadalquivir River, Parque Maria Luisa provides a peaceful place to escape the hustle and bustle – and it’s a great place for kids too. Don’t miss the park’s centrepiece, the Plaza de España, which was built in the 1920s for the Ibero-American Exposition.



One of the areas definitely worth visiting the next time you’re in the city is Triana, a neighbourhood where Seville’s history and traditions come to life. Triana is the birthplace of flamenco dancing and bullfighting and the places you have to check out are Triana Bridge, the market, Castillo San Jorge, and the Centro Ceramica Santa Ana.

If this has inspired you to visit the beautiful Seville, then don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange your airport transfer.