Algeria: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit

You might not have thought about it before but Algeria could be the special place you were looking for. Here are 3 reasons why you should give it a go:


Beautiful and diverse landscapes:


Algeria is the largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean Basin. Therefore its’ geography is as diverse as the climates present in its’ lands. From the azure-blue beaches of Bejaïa to the red desert of Djanet, Algeria is divided from the mildness of the Mediterranean Sea and the dryness of the Sahara Desert which covers around 80% of the country. In between, the Atlas Mountains reign with Mount Tahat as the highest point of the country (3003 meters).


Although Algeria is a real oasis of calm for nature lovers, those who prefer the buzzing atmosphere of city centres will also be pleased. Algiers, the country capital, is for sure one of the best starting point you could choose for your trip. “The white city” or “Algiers the White” is one of the pearl of Maghreb and is called that way for its beautiful glistening white buildings. Although it is a modern city you can have a taste of tradition by visiting the famous Casbah which is one of the oldest neighbourhood in Algiers. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as it was first settled during Antiquity. Of course, there are also other stunning crossing points that you could add to your path : Oran “The radiant”, Annaba, Constantine, Batna and the list is long…

Marvellous cuisine:

Morocco is not the only country in Maghreb to provide a rich and delicious food. Indeed, like its neighbour, Algeria also has its own specialities. Each region or “wilaya” offer its own range of dishes and way to cook them: from Biskra’s doubara to Algier’s tcharek msaker and, of course, the national couscous, Algeria is a place where refined palates will be stimulated.


Fascinating past:

Algeria is well known for its Roman and Berber vestiges all around the country. These two eras are well represented by Timgad, a Roman-Berber town in the North-East of the country. Timgad was a former military colony founded by Emperor Trajan around AD 100. Since 1982 the city is part of UNESCO World Heritage which enabled Algerian authorities to keep the site intact. Berber influences are also palpable depending on the region you will visit. The Aures, or Kabylie proudly keep a solid link with their Berber past bearing the marks of Juba, Massinissa, Jugurta and other illustrious kings and princes. The French colonial occupation also left a mark on the Algerian culture starting with the language. Indeed, French is spoken almost everywhere in Algeria although Algiers is still the best place to discuss in French.


For those reasons, and many others you will discover while visiting, Algeria is for sure a place to consider for your next trip! And “1, 2, 3, viva l’Algérie!”.