5 Reasons Why Iceland Is More Incredible Than You Think

Iceland, this amazing country, with its stunning beauty, unimaginable landscapes, and wonderful aurora borealis, is an unique and rare place that you will not find anywhere else. The perfect one if you want to revitalize yourself and to feel unequalled emotions.

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You feel at home

Everybody in Iceland speaks fluently English. The quality of life is exemplary, this is the country where the life expectancy is the best of the world for men and almost the best for women. Icelanders are the happiest people of the world. This is also the country which fights against the inequalities between men and women, with the highest rate of active women of the globe.

You will also encounter savage horses and sheep’s in the plains, eat traditional and healthy dinners, meet friendly and happy people with great family values and enjoy preserved landscapes.



You can do sports, a lot!

This is the opportunity to recharge the batteries! Do whatever you want: running in the paths, cycling and hiking in the mountains, climbing or even horseback riding on the beach! Do any activities which allow you to breath the clean air! And by the way, if you like scuba diving, you can also swim in Iceland’s Lake Þingvallavatn which is the gap between the tectonic plates of the continent North American and Eurasian. The lake is filled with glacier run-off water and there is a high visibility up to 200 meters, which will provide you with an amazing sight of the lake’s underwater life.

Lake Þingvallavatn


It is the best place to go for an adventure

You can go camping in the east-side where you will enjoy crowd-free landscapes, with ice-capped volcanoes, hot springs, windswept villages and towering waterfalls. There, you will feel like a proper explorer in country sides which look just as good as the ones in The Game of Thrones! “Producers used artificial snow in season one, but have relied on the wilds of Iceland ever since,” writes Oliver Smith, Telegraph Travel’s resident GoT superfan.

You can also visit the Langjokull glacier in a manmade tunnel that goes deep into the ice. Amazing!


You will see things you cannot find elsewhere

Iceland, thanks to its geographic location, offers you exceptional phenomenon. You will experience a descend into the Thrihnukagigur volcano what it’s like going down through the roof of a fire-colored cathedral.

Iceland volcano

Jokulsarlon beach is the place where you can see a black-sand beach filled with small icebergs everywhere.

Iceland's iceberg

It is also the land where the sun shines at midnight between June and August and where the days are not limited by nightfall and Europe’s best place for whale watching!





Iceland’s northern lights are certainly the most beautiful lights you will ever see

Iceland is one of the few places where you can see these amazing lights during the night, also thanks to a non-polluted sky. You might need to wait a long time outside in the cold, but when it happens it is surreal and beautiful.

Iceland's nothern lights


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