Peak Periods at Schiphol Airport: Tips for Boarding Faster

Schiphol has to do more and more with increasing crowds at the airport. The crowds already caused delays at check in recent times, so a lot of travelers were late at the gate. The sad result where frustrations running high and then be vented on the cabin crew, who just wants to fly us as pleasant as possible.


What can you do yourself?

Due to the large number of flights the crowds will be there. Of course, more check-in desks and adequate customs personnel will certainly help, although you keep dependent on the person who decides whether your hand luggage must be checked or not. Who flies many will agree. But here you can really do something about. The tips below will not be able to hold the large crowds but ensure that all of this can go more smoothly and with less frustration.

Car vs. Train

Who will fly should be early at the airport. There are not many more options than road or rail. And both can play an important role if you’re on time or not. Just when you’re late, the chances that you become stressed even greater. Much matter of time when you fly. If that will be in the early morning, you better plan your travel to Schiphol because trains are a drama during peak hours. And the fast trains are no guarantees at this point!

By Taxi, it is much better because you can arrange the time with the driver. What you can do best is to go extra early if you must therefore come for example from the south of the country. The alternative is to book a hotel close to the airport. It does cost extra but you’ll be on time and rested at the airport. Book your Schiphol transfer with us!

Check-in at home

Nowadays it is possible with almost all airlines to check in over the internet. The advantage is that you have more options to print your boarding pass at home or to send it to your smartphone. Who goes with KLM, may even receive a boarding pass via Facebook Messenger, and you also receive additional flight on the current departure time and the gate. In all cases, it saves time and allow you (if you do not have bags to check in) to go directly to the baggage and customs. That saves time and reduces waiting times at Schiphol.

Check-in suitcase or not

Many of the problems that cause for a delay, have to do with your luggage. A subject which actually gets far too little attention and can really help to be faster at the gate. For many airlines you are allowed one piece of hand baggage, and then only with the correct dimensions. More is only acceptable if you have permission for it.

Baggage and customs

Checking your baggage at the airport is among the strictest in Europe. Who flies many will agree. Actually, you can not draw a level on what really are the rules. Sometimes your camera will not be a problem, the next time it is subjected that has to be checked. You need to know the rules regarding liquids and equipment. The quickest way to get through the Schiphol baggage check, so you do not have to stand in line to get your suitcase (or bag), is keep products out that can cause many questions.

In addition, all you stuff needs to be in separate containers. What you need to get out of you baggage: Laptop and tablet (which should go out anyway), photographic equipment, bags with cords, gear (this includes a lot of electronics) and toiletry. Ensure that all ointments and sprays (small) are in the appropriate plastic bag. Then you will still be dependent on the person who presses the button to additional examine your luggage. If we do all this, it will just go faster.

Clothing, belts, bracelets and money

Who holds on his belt, still has paper money left in his pocket, wears a bracelet – or a slightly oversized chain – has a great opportunity to get fully checked. That means that if new security scanner sees your bracelet, the staff still thinks you need to be fully checked. That takes time and sometimes irritation in humans. The best to do is to take everything off so you can go straight through the security and get your luggage again.

Do not be cocky

Most important is that you need to try not to be cocky. Even if you find something superfluous, and this is quite common, then you must realize that the staff is there for our safety. Keep calm and correct, even that will help. It will take some time to take off a few things but the time savings are real and the throughput of the baggage is so much faster if we are aware of this.

Rules are not everywhere the same as at Schiphol

Finally you need to realize that rules are not everywhere the same as at Schiphol. Fly to the US and beware that you will get an interview why you come to the US and what you are planning to do. It can just happen that you need to show your papers three times. However, when you fly back it seems they are glad that you go because you do not have to get anything out of your suitcase, besides your laptop. The security scans in the US seem to be much better and can detect everything in your suitcase.