Layover At The Airport? Get A Free City Tour At These 5 Airports

The airplane is the fastest way of transportation from one place to another one. Nevertheless, traveling with planes often takes an entire day: transfer times to and from the airport often take several hours, for the check-in you have to be at least an hour before starting. Especially, if you have an unfavorable connection, it comes to a quite long layover at the airport.

In addition, too much air-conditioner, uncomfortable seats and completely overpriced snacks and drinks are only a few annoyances.

We show you 5 airports which have turned the whole idea and offering small city tours for free!



On the one hand, the Singapore’s Changi airport has so many cool features (a butterfly garden, a video gaming room, free massage chairs) that we wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to leave its air-conditioned comfort. On the other hand, Singapore’s airport offers two free city tours for people who have more than six hours to stay at the airport.








You can book this tour before immigration, head to either Transfer Lounge F in Terminal 2 or Transfer Lounge A in Terminal 3. The free city tours shows a lot of all the downtown highlights and exploring cool neighborhoods. There are four Heritage and two City Sights tours per day. Heritages are during the morning and afternoon, and City Sights in the evening.






The Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the busiest airport in the whole country. If your Layover at this airport and is longer than six hours, you can sign up for the free city tour, which give travelers a quick tour of Istanbul and it’s Highlights.  You can discover most iconic landmarks, including Hippodrome Square, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace.








When you arrive, look for the Hotel Desk in the international arrivals hall. (It’s next to the Starbucks.) There, you can sign up for one of the five daily tour departures, but you will need to be there at least half an hour before the next one starts.



A the Tokyo Narita Airport you have the choice between Sightseeing and Shopping. If you opt to go out with a guide on a cultural tour, you can explore the towns of Tako or Shibayama, go on a forest walk, or visit the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences; on-your-own travelers can shop at one of two malls that are accessible from the airport via train.





If you’re staying at the Schiphol Airport and flying with the national carrier KLM. You can sign up for the „Layover with a local“ city tour, if you have a layover of six hours or more. Fill out a quick questionnaire about your interests (fashion, food, tech, etc) and KLM will pair you up with an English-speaking local with similar likes, give you free bus tickets into town and back to the airport, and pay for the first round of drinks when you meet your new pal at a bar in central Amsterdam.







How cool is that? Book a trip which includes a layover at Amsterdam Schiphol. Furthermore, you will receive an email from KLM and get information about the free city tour.





The Airline Quatar Airways offers three free tours of Doha. If you ever have a layover at the Doha Airport in Quatar get a free city tour. From major attractions like the Zaha Hadid-designed Museum of Islamic Art, to the Souk Watif, or the Katara Cultural Village. The tours come with a complimentary visa, meaning that you will get back afterwards into the airport.