5 Tips How To Handle Your Fear of Flying

You suffer from aerophobia and feeling stressed about flying? We show you simple and effective tips to defeat your fear of flying.

You can not relax on the plane? Moreover, you are worried about being “abandoned” and you are afraid of a crash? If your unpleasant thoughts are still followed by heartbreaks and sweating, you are most likely suffering from flying. Most people don’t fly frequently enough. Furthermore, fear of flying is caused by several things, including fear of heights, enclosed spaces, or not being in control—and therapists often work with patients to dissect what exactly might be bothering them, and then zero in on those issues.


Induct People


Even if you are embarrassed, inform a flight attendant or your neighbors about your fear of flying. People who are initiated can distract and calm you down. In Addition, the best thing about it is that you don’t feel alone and the extra stress of hiding your nervousness from others falls away. Maybe your seat neighbors have similar experiences, who knows?



Eat Before


Equally emportant, never get into an airplane with an empty stomach! This feeling is only strengthened by this. Even if you don’t like it: Eat something light and drink enough liquid, caffeinated drinks are taboo.


Worst Case


Also valerian or slight soft remedies (prescribed by the doctor) can help against fear of flying. Often, however, the certainty of having medicines for emergency in the hand luggage is sufficient.



Purpose of your trip


In Addition, travel isn’t about about sitting in a plane for three hours—it’s usually about exploring a new culture or seeing a loved one. So keep a picture of the destination or person on your smart phone. Notice the details, including the faces, shapes, lights, colors and other vivid features. Notice how these details awaken your intentions for the trip and remind you what the trip is about.

Accept your anxiety

At last, the more you don’t want to feel worried, the more that feeling will come back. So instead, be open to it. Notice the sensation in your stomach and other parts of your body. Let it come and go. Don’t judge it. Finally just observe it.