Tips For Traveling With Your Kids

Flying with children can be a stressful undertaking, however, there is much that you can do to make the trip more pleasant for you and your children. We have some useful tips and information about the policy that some airlines have regarding flying with children.

Flying with children

How to travel on a plane

Traveling with a baby is become popular for many families, they are also eager to take advantage of the many cheap flights that are available. However, flying with children can be very heavy, because of the closed environment of the airplane and the lack of freedom of movement (especially in cheap flights). Children can be very impatient, especially if it’s a long flight. As regards the age of the children, it is important to think that babies up to 7 days old need a medical certificate stating that they are able to travel. As a rule, there are no risks, but it is more of a precaution. Also a visit to an audiologist is recommended, to ensure that the child has no ear problems that can cause further problems while flying. Not all airlines accept babies on board. Although for young children (0-2 years) often no ticket has to be paid, there are some airlines that charge an extra amount. At the time of booking, it is useful to ask how much baggage you may take and if there is a special seat for children at the plane. If that is not, the child could go on your lap. It is also forbidden to use a stroller during the flight; it is issued at the check-in.

Before the flight

Make sure you’ll be at the airport at least 2 – 3 hours before departure. So you can arrange the check-in and give off the stroller. If possible you will be offered a more comfortable seat with more legroom and freedom of movement. You can take advance of the playgrounds on the airports where the children can play in advance.

During the flight you can leave them next to the window, which is very interesting for all ages. If there is no priority for boarding for families with children, we advise you to get in line a bit later. Waiting can be long and annoying for the little ones. The places in the plane are already assigned so u don’t need to rush. Don’t forget to go to the toilets before boarding; little ones can be changed on the comfortable commodes. If you still have to go in line with the children, you can try to distract them with a game, dolls or a game console.

Flying with children

At the plane

Once you’re on the plane, it is important to keep your kids hydrated. The air in the aircraft is very dry so they need plenty of water. It is also advisable to take colouring books and pencils with you. Let them sit next to the window and take headphones so they can listen to music or watch a movie while flying. Flights with monitors often have computer games also. During a take-off and a landing there could be some discomfort with the ears when the pressure changes. To get around this problem we recommend keeping babies awake during departure and arrival. Let babies drink from the bottle or a pacifier. For older children we recommend gum or candy to which they can suck.

Travel sickness

In rare cases of turbulence during a flight, children can become ill. You can buy some syrup for kids or use natural remedies like vitamin B1 such as: artichokes, fish, oatmeal, brown rice, asparagus, cereal and pork. Ginger also helps to reduce nausea; u can give your kid a cup of ginger tea. This is a natural remedy without side effects. Ear pain could also be common with a cold. The most commonly used technique to reduce pressure is the so-called Valsalva manoeuvre: the mouth and the nose closed and put pressure to the back of the throat. You can also use a nasal spray in both nostrils, so the passes freely between the sinuses and the middle ear. Another way is to chew during the flight.

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Arrange everything in advance while flying with children

Besides the flight it is also important to know your plan after you’ve landed at the airport. Did you already booked a cab or any transfer, or are you going to do that when you are at your destination? Children can be very impatient and after a long flight they will be very tiered. We can imagine that you want to go home or to your accommodation as soon as possible. That’s why we recommend booking your transport in advance. There are many taxi companies that are driving all over the world. That means that you can arrange a cab drive to en from the airport in any country you want!

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