10 Amazing Beaches to Visit whitout Leaving Europe

What do you think when you hear about beach holidays?

The turquoise water, white sand, palm trees beaches… Some of you will respond as Thailand, Caribbean or Seychelles…

And what about Europe? A territory that surprises by revealing to the seaside life lovers that has nothing to envy to tropical seas!

 Do you want to do sports? Building sand castles with the kids? Swim or spend your honeymoon in any European country? No problem, there are options for all tastes .

From Spain to Greece as well as Italy, discover our list of the 10 best European beaches.


Playa de S.Alga, Formentera – Spain


Here the sea is always calm and clear, blue waters and pink sand for a true paradise on earth to visit in the period from May to October.



Scala dei Turchi, Sicily – Italy


One of the most spectacular sights to admire in this stretch of Sicilian coast near Agrigento is, the so called, Scala dei Turchi.

Characterized by a white cliff overlooking the turquoise sea, which has the form of a huge staircase, hence the name.

A bath in these waters during the period from May to September it’s mandatory for those who cross the Sicily island in 2017.



Rhossili Bay, Galles – United Kingdom


Rhossili Bay offers an enchanting and surreal landscape, a corner of incredibly spectacular paradise that allows you to experience wonderful days in front of the sea. We recommend a visit from July to September.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos – Greece


With no doubt it is the most beautiful beach of Zakynthos, but is it correct to call it as one of the most photographed beaches all over the Greece.
Accessible only from the sea, immediately it gives the idea of ​​the greatness and perfection. Embraced by the blue tones of the sea that stretch as far as the eye can see, is simply unique and the wreck seems put there by the hand of an artist.



Cala Rossa, Sicily – Italy

Favignana is one of the most fascinating islands of Sicily and Cala Rossa is one of its most beautiful beaches. A spectacular tourist destination to visit from March to October.



Egremni beach, Lefkada – Greece

The beach Egremni is a natural wonder located in the Ionian island of Lefkada, Greece. This stretch of coastline is characterized by white sand and high cliffs that overlook the clean deep blue sea.






Playa de Las Catedrales, Lugo – Spain


This magnificent beach has the particularity of being surrounded by cliffs shaped arch, that, reaching out to more than 30 meters high, look like a cathedral (hence the name). When the tide goes down, you can see the caves and the stone corridors curiously shaped…


Spiaggia la Pelosa, Sardegna – Italy

The Pelosa beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and is considered as the beach with the water is so delightful to have no equal anywhere else in Italy. Has been chosen for its beauty, the 2nd most beautiful beach in Italy (1st in Sardinia) and the 4th in Europe. Its turquoise color of the water and its transparency, as well as its fine white sand make it look like a tropical beach rather than Mediterranean.



Cala Mariolu, Sardegna -Italy

Famous for its clear water and sand mixed with round stones in pink. The area is rich in caves, one of which opens directly onto the bay. The beach is always crowded for the enchanting beauty of the natural environment and the sea floor, which attract those who wish to dive in its waters.


Stiniva beach, Vis – Kroatia



Almost completely obscured from the view of passing boats, Stiniva beach on the Croatian island of Vis has something very magical and mysterious in herself. Visit this amazing place is a must for next summer.



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