6 Reasons Why You Should Visit London

Maybe you are not much of a traveller. Perhaps your budget is small or you’re just a homebody by nature. There is at least one city you need to visit, and that is London! The capital is a city unlike any other in the world. We’ll give you 6 reasons why you should visit London at least once in your lifetime.

visit london

They got new and historical attractions

London got thousands of years of interesting history. You cannot fail to be impressed by the attractions in London. There is something for everyone including architecture from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian periods. Most of them are still standing around the city. London is home in the best museums and galleries in the world, many are free. Plus being one of the oldest established cities in the world, there is much to explore on a walking or cycling tour.

London is an excellent shopping city

They love fashion in London. Whether you’re looking for designer clothes, a small boutique or the perfect gift. No matter what style you like, London has it all. Visit London and walk among the boutique nature of the West End to the major flagship stores on Oxford Street, London bristles with shopping opportunities. There are also plenty of markets like Portobello Road in Notting Hill where you can find a taste of London. And if you really LOVE fashion, then you have to look at the buzz around the London Fashion Week.

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The parks and outdoor activities are amazing

When you think of London, you probably think of a big city. But besides that the city is also rich with plenty of green. Outdoor activities take place all over the year. Take a dive in one of the outdoor swimming pools, or visit an outdoor cinema. Besides that, we can’t go without to mention that London is the greenest major city in Europe. Take a walk and explore the Royal Parks in the heart of the city such as St James and Hyde Park. Or enjoy the view from Hampstead Heath in the north of the city of London. When you visit London you’ll discover that London’s parks are an ideal place to relax.

There is a wide range of accommodations

In London there are plenty of accommodations that are within budget for everyone. No matter how much or how little you want to spend, in London will be something that is perfect for your needs. It includes everything from luxury hotels and services apartments to caravan and camping sites. If you’re looking for a cheap accommodation you’ll find lots of guesthouses and cheap hotels in London. Or you could book a bed at a hostel and make some new friends.

visit london

Visit London for Christmas

There is nothing more festive then Christmas in London. From mid-October the city is a frenzy of Christmas cheer and events. Spend a day at Winter Wonderland. The park and big posh shops are filled with amazing window displays. Go and take a spin around one of London’s best
ice skating rinks, or visit one of the many Christmas markets and fairs in London. On a particularly clear, cold evening, it’s like being in Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Good foods and drinks

The capital has plenty of restaurants and pubs. You can find anything that fits your taste. Are you looking for something specific? How about the best burgers of London? Or would you rather go for something more authentic? Then try and visit the best fish and chips London has to offer; or indulge in the best afternoon teas in London, a real British tradition. To say that Londoners like a drink is a bit of an understatement- they LOVE it!
That’s why they have 7,000 pubs and counting across the capital, so you’re never far away from a cold glass of wine.


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