Breakfast from All Over the World: 10 Trends to Make it Memorable

The morning breakfast is a special moment all over the world. It is what gives the first impression to our day and helps to make it more or less pleasant and successful.

Especially when you are traveling you can try a lot of various trends regarding breakfast. Here are the 10 different experiences of breakfast that you may have all over the world.

English Breakfast

Here is a complete version of the traditional English breakfast: beans, bacon, sausage and tomatoes. A good way to start the day with energy to spare!

American Breakfast

infinite are the kinds of breakfast that can be found in the United States. Famous Pancakes can be accompanied with various flavors: chocolate, fruit, syrups …


Italian Breakfast

Italians are known for their sweet breakfasts and fairly quick, very often consumed at the bar… and what could be better and faster than a frothy cappuccino and a fresh croissant?


Scandinavian Breakfast

The Morgenmad represents a highly important meal for all Scandinavians. Every day, and even more on weekends, the bakers are dedicated to churn out a variety of breads and pastries. Below we have selected a variant of possible Scandinavian breakfast: rugbrød black bread, boiled eggs, cheese, butter, jam and cereals.


French Breakfast

One of the most envied and desired breakfast by sweets lovers is certainly the French. Characterized by croissants of all kinds, filled with jam, chocolate, cream…. and many other flavors.


Spanish Breakfast

“Chocolate con churros”. A typical Spanish breakfast, especially in winter. Who would not warm up that way when it’s cold outside?


Australian Breakfast

The Australian breakfast is quite similar to English, but still offers some specialties, such as a kind of corn torrija (similar to the French pain perdu).


Iranian Breakfast

A breakfast that is a feast for the palate. It’s called Haleem and is the most popular and traditional breakfast in Iran. It serves in a bowl and is characterized by meat (lamb or chicken), cinnamon, melted butter, sugar and salt. It can be eaten cold or hot, according to taste.


Japanese Breakfast

For many Westerners the Japanese breakfast is a totally new experience. Far from sweet or salty taste of the breakfasts that we usually see in Europe, the Japanese consists of a soup, a bowl of rice, vegetables and fish.


German Breakfast

The German breakfast changes from region to region. We will show the most usual version: sausages, yoghurt and cheese. Interesting is the variety of bread, cereals and pastries to put on the table.

If you are already hungry, and can not wait to try one of these international breakfasts, book now on your next trip to an exotic destination in the world, and add one more breakfast at this list!