Traditional New Year’s Eve Celebrations all around the World

New Year’s Eve is one of those exciting holidays with parties and having fun. But it becomes even more interesting if you decide to travel to places where rituals, customs and symbols are very different from yours.

Here is the most extraordinary New Year’s Eve traditions all over the world.

Shanghai : The hanging desires

for their New Year’s Eve, Chinese people write poetic greetings hanging everywhere.



Kurdistan : Spring’s renewal

Jumping over a fire to have more strength and drive evil away: it is a Kurdish rite for the celebration of their New Year (in March).




Tibet : Anti demons masks

The Tibetan New Year falls between January and March: that day the monks camouflage to drive away evil spirits.





Romania : The Goat’s Festival

In the Romanian village of Mănăstirea Humorului a group of boys got in costume for the masquerade of the Goats: local custom with which to mark the New Year is celebrated death and rebirth by staging up to 30 figures. The goat, symbol of wealth and good fortune, is represented by a wooden mask placed on a BA stone. Surrounded by characters like the old, the devil or the priest, the animal dance until they die. Then, his later awakens to a new life.


Mongolia : The Sport’s Festival

In Mongolia, the Lunar New Year is greeted with traditional wrestling competitions.




Japan : Written Greetings

There, the tradition is expected that in the first days of the new year take place races calligraphy for children. In Japan, the New Year is announced from 108 gong strokes.



Hong Kong : Moving Meditation

Shaolin monks perform during the Chinese New Lunar Year




Perù – Gift to the Sun

In Cuzco, Peru, on June 24, the people celebrate the New Inca Year.




Thailand – Lucky Showers


The new year, in Thailand, is celebrated in April. Here, in Bangkok, it is celebrated with gallons of water splashing.




Taiwan : Prayers in a Lantern

In Taiwan, for the Lunar New Year, paper lanterns in which some prayers have been written are released into the sky.




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