The Best and Worst Airports In The World

Heaven or hell at the airport? Travelers have rated for a ranking of airports worldwide, declarations of love and complaints included. But whoever flies is forced to leave intermediate airports. From meditation experiences, gardens, amazing restaurants and panoramic aquariums to border experiences with endless queues, lousy staff, filthy toilets, and the feeling of being in the wrong place you can find everything at these airports.

The travel portal “Sleeping in Airports” has enabled again its users to rate airports in categories. Now the ranking for 2016 has been published.

The best 3 airport worldwide


3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND), Japan:

Tokyo Airport is a Japanese-style theme park. Particular emphasis is placed on the peace and competence of the staff. Overall, Haneda excelled “with its remarkable ability to soothe even the most stressed travelers.” Helpful: extreme cleanliness and efficiency, plenty of resting places and an atmosphere of security.



2. Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN), Südkorea

He had taken an extra long stay at the airport to enjoy all the advantages in peace while traveling, a business traveler explained, who voted for Seoul:  Not only that, a long list, including a cultural center, a cinema, gardens, an ice rink and a free city tour offer waits for you at the airport.


1. Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN), Singapur

Undoubtedly, however, 2016 Singapore is also at the top. For 20 years, no airport has approached the ranking. It feels like an amusement park. Five gardens, a fish spa, game consoles, free cinema tours and city tours contribute to the entertainment. The quality of the local and shops is high, at normal prices. Efficiency and luxury are here not a contradiction.

The voters were thrilled about the rich Saudi Arabia. The worst airport in the ranking is the Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Aiport (JED), Saudi-Arabien. Its airport has even managed to climb from the previous second place to the negative peak position. The reasons for the bad ranking are: a lack of cleanliness, poor and arrogant staff, lack of service and indescribable queues. As in Uzbekistan, free wifi is the only salvation.



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