American Airlines Launches Live Baggage Tracking

Have you ever experienced luggage lost? It is definitely not a good memory after a tired flight. Luckily, American Airlines has found a solution.

The Problem

American Airlines Launches Live Baggage Tracking

American Airlines is the world’s largest airline measured by fleet size and number of passengers. It has the modest aircraft, together with a broad network of airline alliance. But there is still something missing. That is their number of lost luggage.

According to the latest statistics from US Department of Transportation, in August 2016, there were 43,632 baggage reports to American Airlines… and that’s out of 10,579,398 passengers in the period or a rate of four bags for every 1,000 travellers. Comparing to other US airlines, American Airlines ranks 10th out of 13. It is obvious that the airline’s managers want to improve its services to support passengers who lost their baggage.

The Solution

Therefore, recently American Airlines announced that they’d launched an online system which can track the location of your luggage in real time. “It’s something our customers have been asking for a really long time, and we’re excited to make this available to them,” said American Airlines spokeswoman Laura Nedbal. When visiting their website, you can find the Baggage Tracking page where after filling in your name and bag identification number or record locator, the location of your baggage is given. The system is detailed that it is able to return information on six bag-scan touch points from check-in to carousel.

American Airlines Launches Live Baggage Tracking






The service is provided for free to every passenger. It works on a smartphone, tablet and desktop, but the version on American Airlines mobile application is developing. For members of the AAdvantage frequent flyer program, the baggage data can be found on their online profile.

So, from now, when you travel with American Airlines, you can be sure where your luggage is if it arrives lately. Another good news is your airport taxi from TAXI2AIRPORT will be on time, anyway.

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