The Top 5 Cities For An Incredible New Year’s Eve


New York City

How would it be otherwise, New York City has to be in the top 5 Holiday Hotspots for an incredible New Year’s Eve! The atmosphere during Christmas and New Year’s Eve is like in no other city. Most famous, is the Time Square, where to see famous musicians and the ball drop, in which a 12-foot-wide crystal ball weighing nearly 12,000 pounds descends atop One Times Square. And for something completely special, consider a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor. It offers the best views of the midnight fireworks on Liberty Island.

New Year's Eve


It is the first major city where the clock strikes midnight: Sydney! It puts on the largest fireworks next to the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. More than a million people attend the waterfront show. Also it includes an air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics.

New Year's Eve

Hong Kong

Curious about one of the world’s most dramatic Skylines during new year’s eve? Stay tuned for Hong Kong! Watch the countdown fireworks over Victoria Harbour from a traditional junk. If you want to be on top of Hong Kong visit one of the highest bars in the world. The Ozone on the 118th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, formerly the highest bar in the world until the At.Mosphere in Dubai opened.

New Year's Eve


Join the party mile at the Brandenburger Gate in the capital of Germany! Berlin, known for the reputation for being a city-year-round, has something to offer for everyone. The centerpiece of the celebration is “Party Mile,” a two-kilometer stretch of bars, international food stalls, laser shows, video screens, party tents, music stages. After the fireworks it’s time to show off your dance skills, the crowds head to the city’s many dance floors, where they stay out until dawn or later.

New Year’s Eve


The Hawaiin island Ohahu offers a variety of activities in an amazing setting.  Between sunrise and sunset, you’ll have hours to explore the hottest farm to table restaurants, browse the latest designer and local fashions or check out the urban art scene in Chinatown. When the sun goes down it’s time for live music, dancing and fireworks. So put on your dacing shoes. There’s also a fireworks show at Waikiki Beach, which is a decidedly calmer affair. In West Oahu, Wet ‚n‘ Wild Hawaii hosts a daytime celebration for families, which concludes with fireworks after sunset.

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