5 Good Reasons to Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life

There’s Always a First Time For Everything

Travelling alone does not mean a lonely heart. According to a research published in the International Journal of Travel and Tourism, “solo travel” makes a leap to personal growth. Let’s read this article to find out the best 5 reasons to think about solo travelling at least once in your life.

solo trip

1. You Can Make Decision on Your Own

Sharing your itinerary with someone comes with a number of compromises that you may want to avoid. When travelling on your own, you are free from any negotiation, without having to adapt to different personalities or worrying about pleasing anyone.


2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“This thing increases their self-efficiency, which is the ability to produce the necessary actions to achieve their goals,” says the expert. On your trip, you will find yourself being able to handle unexpected situations which you’ve never thought of facing alone. Not only surviving, but also you will learn a lot from these interesting experiences outside of your comfort zone.

comf zone

3. Discover Yourself

During the trip, you can spend some time reflecting yourself and deeply see your own thoughts and emotions, without any opinions from others. Self-compassion can lead you to reconsider important aspects of your life. It is possible to achieve the similar vision just staying at home, but the trip really makes an acceleration of this process.


4. Become a More Interesting Person

Yes, because when you get home you’ll have lots of stories and anecdotes to tell. Your friends will be there to listen and to laugh at your nice misfortunes. But most of all, especially when you become a grandfather, you will have something interesting to tell your grandchildren.

5. Realize The Value of People

The absence of your loved ones makes you realize how  happy you’d be to share the experience with your important ones. It is a rediscovery of choosing what makes you happy: considering for the true value it can give, instead of the need to have.


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