Unveiled the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The answer to one of the questions that people have thought about for years…

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle would be resolved:


Ships and planes, over time, would have disappeared because of a particular weather phenomenon. The conditional, however, is a must because, despite the news about it had a big echo, remain in doubt.

According to a group of scientists, led by Dr. Steve Miller, meteorologist at Colorado State University, in the Atlantic Ocean portion closest to the Caribbean and the Americas, which would have occurred in the past mysterious accidents, they would form the “hexagonal clouds”. A┬ákind of “killer” barrier of clouds at the bottom of this layer, in fact, the wind speed on the sea would come to exceed 270 km / h.

Ships and planes that were accidentally in this area would be faced with waves of up to 15 meters and strong winds. Equal to those that are unleashed during the most violent hurricanes.






“This type of hexagonal clouds are, essentially, air bombs,” explained Dr. Cerveny of Arizona State University.


The clouds, according to the expert, form the micro-explosions of jets of air down from the cloud, which then would affect the ocean, forming huge waves.


A similar phenomenon has been observed in the North Sea, in Europe. Although, according to supporters of the myth, it is not possible to compare what is happening in locations as distant and diverse on the planet.


Then it assumed that the disappearance of ships and aircraft had something to do with the paranormal or UFO. And it was, in any case, inexplicable.

Today, however, we know that in that area we are so glad accidents and shipwrecks but not more than other areas of the world.

Lately, also, there is no news of vessels or aircraft disappeared into thin air. Therefore, as we read in Science Alert, “there is no mystery to be solved. The real news is not the solution to a long-standing myth, but the potential discovery of a new atmospheric phenomenon”. That could be, perhaps, even more interesting.



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