The Top 5 Secret Travel Destinations

Mother nature give us thousands of really beautiful places, but not all of them are famous and well-attended by tourists and travellers. So for your next holiday visit secret travel destinations that most people never heard!

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand







Soak your feet in the hot springs of Rotorua, a New Zealand city known for its geysers, thermal springs, and bubbling mud pools. It’s nicknamed the “Sulphur City“ Rotorua has the nickname Sulphur City, because of the hydrogen sulphide emissions, which gives Rotorua a “rotten eggs” smell, as well as rotten-rua combining its legitimate name and the rotten smell prevalent.  Travellers can also partake in water sports in the region’s many lakes.

Marble Caes, Chile




Another secret travel destination is the breathtaking Marble Caves, which are located on a peninsula bordering Lake Genreal Carrera in Chile are an amazing network where thousands of years of waves washing up against calcium carbonate gave formed swirling marble platterns on cavern walls. There are ferries from Chile Chico that will take you to and through the Marble cave and its tunnels. The caves are based on a lake, and the only way to reach them is by ferry

Namaqualand, Namibia and South Africa



600 miles in Namibia and South Africa full with orange and white daisies, creating one of the most surreal landscapes in the world. Every spring the area suddenlfy changes in a beautiful orange sea of flowers. And the flowers do not have to be approached by car alone. There are hiking and cycling routes that allow close scrutiny of the flower route’s indigenous flora.

Semuc Champney, Guatamela

Semuc Champey

Guatemala’s Semuc Champey is a paradise for those in search of turquoise waters hidden amidst a lush landscape. Though the ride there can be bumpy, once you arrive, you’ll find a limestone bridge with a series of natural pools that provide cool waters ideal for swimming.

Pink Hutt Lagoon, Australia


Depending on the weather the flat lagoon shows it’s beautiful in the color of red and pink. The reason for the amazing colorings is the sea weed Dunaliella salina. During the flowering time the weed sets the dye Betacarotene free. This dye stains the salt crystals in the sea water. Dunaliella salina is probably one of the most salt-tolerant plants ever and survives even in water with a salinity of 35 percent Betacarotene.

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