Best music festivals in Spain – Summer 2019

Spain has always been known for the amount of fiesta there is. As a consequence, each year there are celebrated different summer music festivals there. Check the 4 best ones in this post for the 2019’s summer!

Since Spain is such a big country, this can be reflected in the wide musical variety of festivals that it offers. So, no matter which one is your favourite music style that Spain will have a summer festival for you this 2019.

Primavera Sound (Barcelona)

If you want to start this summer with the best entrance ever, Primavera Sound is the festival you need to go.

Since 2001 this festival has been giving to his multi-generational and international public the best music experience ever. This festival provides an amazing mix of the most alternative and modern music with different generations music legends. Although it started being  a festival focused on the rock, pop and dance scene nowadays it is quite wide in modern music styles (but also they stay loyal to its roots somehow).

This year is going to be happening from 30th of May until de Sunday 2nd of June. Some of the headliners of this year will be: Future, Interpol, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala or Mura Masa.

Bilbao BBK Live (Bilbao)

Bilbao BBK Live since 2006, it has been the best option for those who want to experience a more isolated music experience in Spain. Located at the top of Kobetamendi mountain, it brings the best international rock and pop concerts and the best deejay sets with the best landscape ever. So, you can either enjoy all the stunning views of the Bask Country with electric guitars on the background; or you can also become a night owl and get lost in the woods dancing at the best techno!

This year is going to be happening from 11 until 13 of July. Some of the headliners of this year will be: The Strokes, Weezer, and much more to be confirmed.

Sónar (Barcelona)

Sónar is not only one of the oldest festivals hold in Barcelona (since 1994) but also the reference electronic festival from Spain. This festival explores every corner of the electronic music: from the most underground sounds until the most well-known artist. Also, Sónar it is not only about listening to music, but also discovering through the different conferences and talks from the industry.

This year is going to be happening from 11 until 13 of July. Some of the headliners of this year will be: The Strokes, Weezer, and much more to be confirmed.

Rototom Sunsplash (Benicasim)

Are you looking for the best reggae experience of your life? Then Rototom Sunsplash  is your festival! It is the best festival in Spain to go if you want to embrace the whole reggae culture. There are different settings with different themes:  concerts, dancehall area, market places, conferences and even yoga classes!

This year is going to be happening from the 16th until the 22nd of August. However, there are still no artists confirmed, last year main head-liners were: Alborosie, Mellow Mood or Julian Marley.

So if you are planning to go to Spain seeking for a more musical kind of holidays, now you know! Also, if you plan to get there by taxi, you already know we can make it easier for you.

Global Fast and Furious Report: These are the countries with the biggest petrol-heads

Car enthusiasts have been around since, well, the invention of the car, and there’s always been that same competition about whose the car is best, what’s the best brand of car, who can drive the fastest, who can race the best, etc. etc.

Basically, people are obsessed with their cars – in fact, no doubt you know at least one person who has their Facebook profile picture set as a picture of their car – maybe it’s you!

Of course, here at Taxi2Airport, cars are an important part of what we do – you can’t exactly get a taxi to the airport without a car, can you? Since 2003, we’ve been offering thousands of pleasant rides every month, all over the world, to people trying to get to – or from – an airport. And all of these rides have got us thinking: which country cares the most about their cars.


To answer these questions, we collated our Global Fast and Furious Report, analyzing which countries around the world are most passionate about their cars from a number of car sales to money spent on cars and national F1 champions.


Coming out as the country with the most petrolheads is the UK, followed by France, USA, Luxembourg, and Italy comprising the top five.

Blighty came out on top, as it raced towards the top score for almost every category analyzed.

The UK made it into the top 30 for the number of road vehicles per 1000 people, which sits at 519 (not bad for a relatively small little country), it came 5th for the number of car sales (3.8% of the country bought a new car in 2017), and it scored an impressive 5.1 for the quality of the roads. Best of all, the UK came first for having the most Formula One winning drivers, with a total of 19 wins overall from UK racers.

In addition, the average price of petrol is $1.53 per litre (converted from £ to $), which is by no means the highest price we found – that was Zimbabwe with $3.34 per litre – but it is high enough to prove there is sufficient demand for petrol across the country.

Following the UK, the top 10 countries are:

2- France

3- USA

4- Luxembourg

5- Italy

6- Finland

7- Portugal

8- Switzerland

9- Germany

10- Australia

France again ranked highly for most of the categories analyzed in the report. The country ranked in fourth place in terms of national F1 wins with an impressive 12 wins in total, while the quality of their roads was deemed some of the best. Petrol prices were a staggering $1.67, proving there is considerable demand for enough petrol to race around on the great road system, and there is an average of 578 vehicles on the road for every 1000 people.

The results by continent are as below:

Europe: UK

Africa: Mauritius

South America: Chile

North America: USA

Oceania: Australia

Asia: Singapore


To compile the Global Fast and Furious Report, we used the following methodology.

We examined a variety of different factors in our research, including:

The number of road vehicles per 1000 people;

The number of passenger car sales in a year (calculated as a % of population size);

The average amount of money spent on the same specification car in each country;

Average gas price;

Road quality;

National F1 champion drivers;

We scored every country across each of these categories and then ranked the countries by this score, with a total of 30 being the highest available.

The full dataset is available upon request.