Top 5 Sunny Places to Visit in December

The festive season in December is a great time for people, to travel around the world. If you are living in a cold region, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy cheap holidays in a warm and sunny place. In the following, we ae going to share our top locations to escape the holiday crowds.

Cartagena, Colombia

This port city at Colombia’s Caribbean Coast offers warm weather, stunning beaches and a fascinating history. It is surrounded by ancient stone walls, which is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, a romantic walk in the snow might be appealing, but who wouldn’t want to spend their Christmas holidays in a city like this? Furthermore, you can enjoy delicious food, from street food to upper class restaurant. Furthermore, the city becomes a festival of light in December, with festive decoration combined with local culture, making this to an unforgettable experience.

Cape Town, South Africa

In December the crowds of the peak summer have died out in Cape Town and you can enjoy this amazing city in peace. In addition, the sun is not burning anymore but it is still warm and dry with chilly evenings. Furthermore, the temperature doesn’t go below 20C during the European Winter. Once in Cape Town, you should definitely enjoy the view from the Table Mountains. With 3,500 meters above the sea level it offers an amazing look over the city. The top can be reached with the famous cableway or by hiking for the adventurous of you.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures rarely falling below 27C at day. However, there are two seasons, dry and rain. Whereas the dry season starts in December and goes until April. Here, the temperatures are also slowly rising. This means, if you want to enjoy the perfect summer weather, you should think about going early in December. The days are not unbearably hot and the nights are comfortably cool. Krabi Town offers funky bars, Western restaurants and traditional Asian markets, where you can also do some Christmas shopping.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Stretching around Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta is one of the top destinations in this country. Every year, millions of people come here to enjoy the sandy beaches and stylish restaurants in its cobblestone center. Here, you can also gaze at the historical Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church. After sunset, the city becomes even more alive. Along the cobblestone streets you can enjoy an amazing nightlife in numerous bars and clubs.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Placed at the edge of the Sahara Desert, Morocco stays warm throughout winter. Also, this happens to be the cheapest time to fly into this beautiful oriental country. For a sunny city break Marrakesh is the perfect opportunity. Here you can enjoy the market with colourful spices, culinary delicacies, fresh juices and many traditional cafes. The historical center also offers many opportunities to buy your beloved ones a Christmas present. You will be amazed by the huge offer the market has. Go and convince yourself!

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Fooienonderzoek 2018: hoeveel fooi wordt er in de taxi gegeven?

Wat moet je geven als fooi?

Een goede vraag die vaak wordt gesteld. In het restaurant, bij eten thuis laten bezorgen, op reis, en dus ook in de taxi. Nog steeds komen er met regelmaat vragen binnen bij de taxichauffeurs van Taxi2Airport over hoeveel fooi ‘normaal’ is om te geven. Het airport taxiplatform kwam twee jaar geleden al met een onderzoek naar fooien, waaruit bleek dat Nederlanders gemiddeld zo’n 5,30 euro fooi gaven in de taxi van en naar de luchthaven.

Maar hoe zit dit nu anno 2018? En hoe verhoudt de gemiddelde fooi in Nederland zich tot andere Europese landen? Taxi2Airport deed onderzoek in 37 Europese landen, om het ‘fooigedrag’ van Europeanen in kaart te brengen. Per land werd aan minimaal 60 taxichauffeurs gevraagd om in de periode van februari 2018 tot en met september 2018 de gegeven fooien bij te houden.

In totaal werden tienduizenden ritten geanalyseerd. Uit deze analyse werd een selectie gemaakt van gelijkwaardige taxiritten (op basis van afstanden naar en vanaf het vliegveld), gelijke aantallen ritten per land en ritten per regio (in Nederland).

Nederlander geeft ruim 10 procent meer fooi in de taxi

Waar Nederlanders in het vorige onderzoek van Taxi2Airport gemiddeld 5,30 euro fooi gaven, is dit bedrag inmiddels gestegen. In 2018 geven Nederlanders afgerond zo’n 5,90 euro fooi; een stijging van 10,2 procent. Afgezet tegen de gemiddelde ritprijs (57,60 euro) geven Nederlanders hiermee 10,17 procent van de ritprijs aan fooi.

Taxi fooien per provincie

Gemiddeld geven Nederlanders dus 5,86 euro fooi in de taxi. Op provinciaal niveau bestaan er echter grote verschillen in de fooien die reizigers aan de taxichauffeur geven. Zo geven mensen in Utrecht gemiddeld 2,93 euro fooi per rit, terwijl Zeeuwen 7,73 euro tippen. Ook Friezen zijn ‘gulle tippers’ met een gemiddelde fooi van 7,25 euro. Reizigers in Limburgers mogen zich ook goede fooi gevers nomen. Zij geven zo’n 7,11 euro extra aan de taxichauffeur, op weg van of naar het vliegveld.

Hoogte taxi fooi in 37 Europese landen

In euro’s – Van alle onderzochte landen geven Britten de hoogste fooi in de taxi. Gemiddeld wordt (omgerekend) 7,95 euro fooi gegeven in de Britse taxi’s. Ook Finnen (7,36 euro), Zwitsers (7,10 euro) en Zweden (7 euro) geven gemiddeld hoge fooien aan hun taxichauffeur.

Taxichauffeurs in Macedonië hebben, van alle onderzochte landen, het minst geluk als het aankomt op fooien. De gemiddelde fooi ligt in Macedonië het laagst met 99 eurocent. Ook in Rusland (1,10 euro), Georgië (1,10 euro), Bosnië & Herzegovina (1,25 euro) en Servië (1,47 euro) krijgen taxichauffeurs relatief lage fooien die rond een euro schommelen.

In percentages – Wanneer de fooien worden afgewogen tegen de ritprijs, zijn het Spaanse taxichauffeurs die procentueel de hoogste fooien krijgen (11,44 procent van de ritprijs). Russische chauffeurs krijgen, met een gemiddelde van zo’n 2 procent, het laagste fooi percentage van alle onderzochte Europese landen.

Nederland staat, met het op-drie-na hoogste percentage van 10,17 procent, ook goed aangeschreven als ‘fooi paradijs’ voor taxichauffeurs.

Taxi2airport verrichtte het onderzoek in de volgende landen:
Rusland, Litouwen, Griekenland, Duitsland, Georgië, Kroatië, Macedonië, Polen, Italië, Ijsland, Ierland, Roemenië, Noorwegen, Spanje, Portugal, Servië, Letland, Bosnië en Herzegovina, Slowakije, Hongarije, Luxemburg, Tsjechië, Belarus, Malta, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Oostenrijk, België, Turkije, Bulgarije, Cyprus, Zweden, Estland, Nederland, Zwitserland, Finland, Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Per land werd aan 60 taxichauffeurs gevraagd om in de periode februari 2018 tot en met september 2018 de gegeven fooien bij te houden. In totaal werden tienduizenden taxiritten naar en vanaf het vliegveld geanalyseerd.

5 Beautiful Bakeries in Paris

Whether you’re flying to Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly airport, the first thing you should do when you arrive in France’s capital to is sample the best pastries available! Bakeries can be just as beautiful as the goods they produce. And, when it comes to Paris, this is certainly the case. Sampling the delicacies while visiting this romantic city is a must, but choosing the most beautiful bakeries should be a priority too. Here are some of the most stunning bakeries in the city to venture to when hunger calls.



Eat baked goods like royalty in this famous bakery. Angelina is actually renowned for its hot chocolate, and you’ll probably see long lines of people waiting to try it. Once you get inside, you’ll find that the bakery is massive and so luxurious that you’d think it was meant for royalty. The walls are painted in gold and the dessert displays look straight out of a magazine. They are famous for their Mont Blanc, (a chestnut dessert) so make sure to give it a try.

Jacques Genin


This cute cafe is cozy and elegant with some fantastic desserts. The stone walls, exposed brick beams, and wooden floors make this place chic and gorgeous all at once. They serve delicious hot chocolate which should be accompanied by one of their chocolate tarts. Their eclairs, lemon tart, and caramel tart are said to be out-of-this-world too. No matter what you order, you’ll be treated to some free, homemade chocolates too.


This bakery may be touristy, but it’s so beautiful that it’s worth the crowds. Laduree is located right in the middle of the city’s most famous street, Champs-Élysées, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. The lines are long but the elegant decor give you something to marvel at while you wait. They have some of the most famous macarons in Paris, and they are definitely worth a try. As you shop for baked goods take note of the gold furnishings, chandeliers, and museum-esque statues. The seating area features tufted, golden chairs, antique artwork, and ornate trim work on the walls. It feels like old-world Paris and makes a great setting to enjoy their artful baked goods.

Hugo et Victor

This bakery and sweets shop looks like it should sell fine jewelry rather than desserts. It is extremely elegant and features perfectly assembled rows of glistening baked goods. Most of the desserts can be found behind display cases, looking almost too good to eat. Each piece looks like a work of art, and there’s a policy that no one can take photos (it’s a pretty exclusive experience.) Try the choux puffs which are filled with rich praline butter.

Pierre Herme


If you want to earn bragging rights while in Paris, visit this bakery. It’s famous for its macarons and ispahan croissant. The pastry chef here is famous for creating artistic pieces that taste as delicious as they look. There are a few locations around the city but each has an elegant, yet modern decor. The buzz around this place is that their macarons are some of the city’s best. But, don’t forget to try the different styles of croissants (they’re all so tasty you may have difficulties choosing a favorite.)

If you want to eat your way around Paris, start with the bakeries. They are beautiful enough to be considered tourist attractions, with or without the baked goods. If you enjoyed this, then make sure you read our guide to the best cafes in Paris.

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