6 cheap destinations to travel around europe in 2018

In Europe, there are many destinations to visit on a small budget. There is something for everyone! Sun, beaches, warm or cold weather, historic and modern cities. You can be sure that there are many things to do and discover in Europe, in many countries and cities at a fair price.

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The Best Places to Travel in June

In June the climate in the Northern Hemisphere begins to warm up, and people start to get more excited about traveling, whether it’s sunbathing and enjoying the beaches or just strolling around and getting to know the cities, museums and tourist attractions.

This period is also suitable for travel because many destinations are still not very expensive nor as full as in the high season, which is the summer. Continue reading “The Best Places to Travel in June”

Best places to see the Northern light

Seeing the Northern light is definitely something on the bucket list. The Northern lights are bright “dancing” lights of the aurora and are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. The Northern lights appear is many colors, however, pale green and pink are the most common. There are several different countries where the northern lights are visible.

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5 magical places in Ireland that you need to know

Ireland is one of the countries with the most stunning scenery, with incredible architecture, medieval castles, natural landscapes that look like paintings.

The country also has traditional celebrations throughout the year, organized by its people who are considered very cheerful and receptive with tourists.

Many people find Ireland’s strongest spot to be their famous beers, but this article will show you that the country is a charming place that provides a number of unique experiences for everyone who visits.

Burren National Park

A unique place with a collection of phenomenal rocks certainly is one of Ireland’s magical places. It is located in County Clare, its enormous biodiversity makes it quite the place to visit. The rock formations are famous all over the country, which protect the park very well.


If you’re one of those who loves history, you’re going to go crazy for this one.

The medieval capital of Ireland makes anyone feel directly transported into the past. Wonderful castles and monuments are scattered throughout the city. The most visited spot is the imposing Castle Kilkenny, where it is possible to make a monitored visit inside and admire its valuable works.

Giant’s Causeway

One of the magical places in Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway was formed through volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago in the region, today it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

More than 40,000 columns stand on the Irish coast, towards the sea and turn into an amazing landscape.


The second largest Irish city, deserves your visit to see the incredible attractions there.

The renowned architecture, turns Cork into a magical place, with an air of ancestors everywhere.

Shandon Church is one of the most amazing buildings, with its clock tower and bells that can be touched by even the tourists.

The colorful houses of the village are also enthralling, giving the appearance of a true fairy tale.


It is considered the largest Island in the entire country and has approximately three thousand inhabitants. The options for tourists are endless, such as trails, forests, castles and stunning natural landscapes.

The Island is also famous for its horseback riding, available to tourists.

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