7 Cool Bars to Try in Malaga

This sunny beach town is the largest on the Costa del Sol region of Spain. It’s the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and is known for its Mediterranean climate and resort offerings. The centre of Malaga is about a 25 minute taxi ride from Malaga airport, and you can ask your driver to take the scenic beachfront route and then you can get a feel for the area.

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5 Top Places to Try Surfing Near Lisbon

Lisbon is thriving with youth culture and a steady economy. It’s a popular European city and although it’s not one of the world’s most well-known surf spots, it’s a fantastic option. The ocean is just a ten-minute drive from the airport, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy transfer times. Having the ocean so close to the town makes Lisbon a unique and sought-after destination, as it allows you to spend time in the city and at the beach. If you’re visiting Lisbon, here are some of the top places to try surfing. Continue reading “5 Top Places to Try Surfing Near Lisbon”

5 Incredible Steak Restaurants in New York

NYC is known for many things, but high-end dining is at the top of the list. The steak houses in particular are some of the best in the world. If you want to visit New York and have a truly memorable dining experience, there’s a few places you need to check out. Here are five of the most incredible steak restaurants that The Big Apple has to offer.

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Get to know the 11 host cities of the 2018 World Cup

Anyone who loves football should already be in the mood to know more about the 11 host cities of the 2018 World Cup and their 12 selected stadiums.

Among the selected cities of this huge country are the capital Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Saransk, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Kazan, and Volgograd. You can learn a little about each one in our article. Continue reading “Get to know the 11 host cities of the 2018 World Cup”

5 Great Things to do with Kids in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is under a five-hour flight from the UK. With fantastic weather all-year-round, this resort destination is a top getaway.

Families are especially fond of the Canary Islands, as they are packed with activities that kids love. If you’re planning your next family vacation to Gran Canaria, here are 5 great activities to get you started on planning the perfect itinerary. Your kids will love them!

Sioux City

Located in Playa Del Aguila, this theme park is themed on cowboys and Indians. Parents may appreciate the park more than the little ones, but they will certainly be entertained by their visit. It looks like a real western town from the old movies and visitors can stop by the saloon or the county jail. You’ll probably spot some ‘real’ cowboys, and may even get to see a shoot out. Families can go horseback riding, see live performances and partake in the BBQ that happens on Friday.


Visit Aqualand

This water park has a water slide of every size so that every visitor can enjoy a thrill. Try the Mamut slide where the family can split up on rafts and try to out-scream each other during the drop-offs. Adrenalin lovers can also try the Aquamania and CrazyRace rides. For those who want a more mellow experience, try the wave pool at Discovery Beach or the lazy Pirate’s River. If you are bringing along young children, you can take them to Children’s Paradise, which is a smaller, safer version of the water park.


Angry Birds Activity Park

Just the name will have your kids waiting by the door and ready to go. This park is essentially a giant playground located in the Puerto Rico area. There are zip lines, climbing frames, scooters, crazy golf, and go-karts to try. There is something to do here for all ages, but young teens seem to have the best time. It can get pretty hot during the day so try to come early if you can.

Camel Safari

The region of Maspalomas is full of protected sand dunes. They make a great subject for parents with photography skills. They also make a great outing for families who want to have a real desert experience. Camel rides are available for families with children three and up. Parents can ride with their young children and the treks take about half an hour. Teens can take the ride without a parent and if you are able to sneak away from the kids all together, longer camel rides can be arranged.

Guayadeque National Park

This may be best for kids that are slightly on the older side. The park is often referred to as ‘the village of caves,’ most of which have been converted into homes and even a restaurant. In fact, this eatery is one of the top attractions as the chairs and tables are carved right into the surrounding oak trees. The area is also a great spot to view the natural scenery.


Gran Canaria is a great spot for a family vacation. While this list offers five great activities for kids, there are plenty more to choose from.