Top 5 Spots in Croatia

Are you planning on visiting Croatia?

The beautiful country located along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea holds over a thousand islands and a range of different landscapes. From mountainscapes to seascapes it is considered an Eastern European gem. This article highlights just a few of the remarkable places to visit in the stunning country.


The traditional city of wine making, fishing and shipbuilding, Pula is a city full of culture. Most famous is the arena once used during Roman times. Other monuments include the temple of Augustus with its long pillars. A nice place to take pictures is the arch of the Sergii, a triumphal arch commemorating three brothers who fought successfully in the Battle of Actium. Additionally, Pula has many beautiful beaches for relaxation and swimming. The city also holds an annual film festival, one of the oldest film festivals in the world attracting celebrities from across the globe.


Korcula is the sixth biggest Island in Croatia known for its dense pine forests. People refer to it as Little Dubrovnik due to its medieval style architecture churches and squares. It is one of Croatia’s least visited islands as it is far from the mainland however this does mean it is therefore not so crowded. It is believed that explorer Marco Polo was born on the island although it remains a mystery, the Marco Polo house is worth a visit. When visiting Korcula you can climb the Revelin tower for beautiful views or visit the St. Mark’s Cathedral built in the 15th and 16th century. Opposite the cathedral is the town’s museum. If you are lucky, in the summer you may catch the performance of the famous Moreska Sword Dance, a dance that displays the war between the Christians and the Moorish, telling the tale of a stolen bride.


Rovinj, known for its cobblestone allies that lead to a range of sights. Enjoy the restaurants on the water’s edge and uncrowded beaches, 13 to be precise. Here, you can visit the Rovinj heritage museum dedicated to the work of local artists displaying a variety of cultures and eras. The Lim Fjord, a ten-kilometer-long river canyon is the ideal spot to go hiking or biking. If you look hard enough on a clear day you can see the alps towards the north.


The city holds a rich history and is home to one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings, the Octagonal cathedral, still in a marvelous state. More popular is the Diocletian’s palace built out of white stone in the 4th century. When exploring north of the town there is an archeological museum displaying jewelry and artifacts dating back to the Iron Age.

Plitvice National Park

Visit one of the oldest and largest national parks in the country, a UNESCO world heritage site where 16 lakes come together. There are walking tours however you can also explore on your own. It is advised to stay 1-3 days for the full experience. The national park holds unique species of animals and is beautiful throughout the seasons, each with its own touch of magnificence.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Across the World.

February the 14th, a day that is often promised to be filled with sweets, flowers and a lot of love. Valentine’s Day is a historic and popular celebration. The iconic signing in one of Saint Valentine’s last letters, ‘From your Valentine’ is what inspired today’s romantic holiday. Let’s explore the different interpretations on the day of love and how it is uniquely celebrated across the globe.


It was in the 70’s when Valentine’s Day started to be celebrated in Japan. Against the traditional norm of men expressing their love for women, it was turned completely upside down. February the 14th became the day where women would convey their love towards their partner in the form of chocolates. Keep in mind, the status of the relationship could be interpreted from the gifts. Giri-choco is known as the obligation chocolate largely given towards friends and co-workers whereas Honmei-choco is given to a boyfriend, husband or true lover. Many Japanese women have started making their own chocolate, believing their efforts will show their true affection on this special day.


Across Latin America, Valentine’s day is more commonly known as El Dia del Amor y La Amistad, which translates into the day of love and friendship. People use this day to socialize in public areas however many also make several house visits to dear friends, in a way to toast towards a long-lasting friendship. This day is celebrated in the third week of September and was initially established in 1961 due to Septembers’ lack of holidays and to pump up the country’s economy.

South Africa

In South Africa, women literally wear their hearts on their sleeves.  This tradition derives from Lupercalia, an ancient Roman fertility festival.  The idea is to pin who you admire onto your shirt sleeve. This is a way for south African men to find out who their not so secret admirers are.

South Korea

On the 14th of February women give chocolates to men, and this is returned on White Day in March where it is the men’s turn to express love in the form of chocolates towards the ladies. Here’s the catch: every 14th of the month is a day dedicated to love in this order: Candle Day, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Black Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Silver Day, Green Day, Music Day, Wine Day, Movie Day, and Hug Day. One of the most compelling days is Black Day in April where all singles rejected from the two previous months come together to eat black bean-paste noodles known as Jjajyangmyeon.


In the past, many marriages were arranged. Often these marriages would be arranged by a matchmaker which dates to Pagan times where matchmaking took place at festivals. Today there is Willie Daly, one of the remaining matchmakers in Ireland. He lives in the town of Lisdoonvarna renowned for its traditional match-making. It is also in Lisdoonvarna where an annual week-long matchmaking festival is held. People from across the country gather to enjoy food, drinks and music. Daly attends this yearly festivity, providing his expertise, claiming that a mere touch of his magical book will result in falling in love within the coming half year. Already in love? Well it will happen all over again.


The country celebrates February the 14th with a unique flair. It is common to send your loved one little white flowers known as Snowdrops. A popular tradition are the Lover’s Cards where an amusing text, sometimes in the form of a poem is written to your lover. The letter is then signed with dots according to the number of letters in your name. If the identity of the sender is guessed correctly by the receiver, the sender owes them an Easter egg. If the receiver of the letter is unable to guess within three tries then the sender is owed the egg.

All in all, the day of love is experienced in countless unique ways. Hope you have a wonderful one.

Have a good one!

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Planning a ski vacation? Don’t miss our list of the best ski resorts. Europe serves up some of the best skiing on the planet!




1. Moritz, Switzerland (style, elegance and class)

What’s cool: This amazing paradise offers us an average 322 days a year. Every winter it hosts the “White Turf” horse race. But the strong point is the word-class hotels and restaurants, chic shopping and leisure sports (skiing, snowboarding, and hiking). This makes it a destination for elite reputation.

The best things to visit: The Segantini Museum: dedicated to Giovanni Segantini and the glacier landscape.





2.    Kitzbühel Resorts, Austria

What’s cool: Just two hours from Munich. Kitzbühel Resort, situated at the Kitzbüheler Ache river, is a large valley town with most of its center car-free, and with a large selection of up-market shops and cafes. It also includes eight renowned ski schools and some of the most demanding courses on the World Cup circuit.

The best things to visit: St. Catherine’s Church: built 1360–1365, High Gothic church in the heart of the town, Protestant Christ’s Church in Kitzbühel, Museum Kitzbühel – Collection Alfons Walde.




3.    Val d’Isère, France

What’s cool: French National Ski School, Val d’Isere boasts tremendous skiing to complement its lively shopping and nightlife scene. While the schools appeal to beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, it will also find more than enough challenging runs to keep them satisfied.

The best things to do: The central resort area close to the action. We like the chic atmosphere at Le Savioe or the more family-oriented Hôtel Le Brussel’s, which has a pool, spa, and sun terrace beside the nursery slopes.





4.    Cortina d’Ampezzo Resort, Italy

What’s cool: This 1,000-year-old town carved into the valley of the Boîte river. Just two hours from Venice continues to attract the likes of George Clooney and Naomi Campbell.

The best things to: Ski Tour from Cortina d’Ampezzo: Tofana, Dolomiti Ski Tour: Super 8 Lagazuoi and 5 Torri from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Centro Storico.



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