5 must-see beaches in Rio de Janeiro

When we think of Rio de Janeiro, we immediately imagine ourselves at beautiful beaches enjoying the sunny day. We did an incredible selection of beautiful beaches for your next trip to Rio.

Prainha (The Little Beach)


With only 150 meters of length, Prainha is a true natural sanctuary, the beach is in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes region.

It is protected by two hills of the Atlantic forest, with some of the best waves in the city for surfing and an incredibly bluish sea. Use and take advantage of the top of Mirante Restaurant, and get ready for the most incredible selfie of your life. Visit it in person and discover why it is considered one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

Grumari Beach


In the same area of environmental protection of Prainha, Grumari is a much bigger beach – almost 3 km of extension – but nature preserved as well. It provides spectacular contrast to the super blue and clear sea.

Sea, by the way, adored by the surfers, who are sunk in waves that reach ten feet high.barra

Barra da Tijuca Beach


Largest stretch beach in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca has no less than 18 km of fine sand and stream. Six of these kilometres are urbanized, with several services; the rest is more deserted – highlight the region of the Lagoon of Marapendi, a true heaven for rest. The strong waves attract surfers to the beautiful green water.

Ipanema Beach


The Ipanema Beach is one of those that deserves a visit every trip to Rio de Janeiro (as well as Copacabana Beach, of course).
Particular highlight is the Arpoador Rock, where the sunset is worthy of applause from its admirers (as it often happens, incidentally). Reasons enough to be considered one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro, right?

Joatinga Beach


It is a super exclusive beach located in the neighbourhood of Joa, between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca. The beach is quite small, its length is less than 300m and is not accessible on high tide days (between September and the beginning of December), in fact you can go but you will not be able to swim and enjoy the beach. But it is a great location for photos and to appreciate the view when the sea covers almost the entire strip of sand. But believe me, it’s a must-see!

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5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Naples



Coffee culture in Naples is hard to miss. There are cafes on nearly every street, and the locals stop off for coffee throughout the day.

People in Italy usually drink espresso shots. They’re small, so the locals tend to refuel as they go about their day.

If you’re visiting Naples and want in on the local coffee culture, there are a few places to do it.

Here are 5 of the best coffee shops for your caffeine fix in Naples.








Gran Caffe Gambrinus – Naples



This is one of the most popular coffee spots in Naples. It’s well-known but it lives up to its reputation.

It’s considered a literary café and has been a meeting place for businessmen, politicians, and intellectuals through the years.

Make sure to get the Neapolitan Espresso Coffee. It’s a classic and comes in a cup that is just as artistic as the drink itself.

If you visit one café while in Naples, make this one a priority.



Nea Café



The double entrance and baroque staircase make this café look old fashioned. But, once you get inside, it’s clear that Nea is a modern take on the classic coffee atmosphere.

There is a minimalist look, clean lines, colorful furniture, and a full wall of books.

It’s near the University of Naples Federico II, so creatives and students are known to frequent the café.

In fact, it’s a café and an art gallery in one.



Bar Nilo



It’s a family-run café that’s been around for years. The atmosphere isn’t typical of a coffee house.

The owners love football and provide an espresso on-the-go experience. They have mentioned that they don’t care to grow the business.

They’ve been slinging espressos for years with a machine-like work ethic.

While it’s not a place to read and find inspiration for coffee, it is an authentic experience.



Café Mexico



This café is another local favorite. There is more than one location so it will be easy to find one.

The atmosphere is often described as retro, and the baristas seem to really know what they’re doing.

The espresso here is served sweet so make sure to ask for a bitter version if that’s not your style.

However, if you like sweets, ask for the harem con Panna, which is Arabica bean espresso with cream on top.



Leopoldo Infante



visit This sleek café is a more modern take on a classic Naples coffee bar. The espresso is made as per tradition, but the polka dot interior gives it a trendy flair.

They are known to have delicious pastries, so make sure to visit when you’re hungry.

It’s a great place to sip some coffee while reading a book and watching the people come in and out of the café.



Coffee in Naples is a must. If you really want to experience the local culture, time spent in a coffee shop is even better than visiting the tourist attractions.  Plus, a little caffeine is a great way to start your day.









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5 Incredible Places to Eat in Palma



5 Incredible Places to Eat in Palma

The culinary landscape in Palma is always evolving. Fine dining restaurants come and go, local favorites become famous, and experimental dining options pop up.

If you’re visiting Palma, you’ll want to experience the dining scene for yourself. While you may not get around to every incredible restaurant, here are the top five to start with.




Visitors typically come to this restaurant for the authentic Pintxos. It’s always busy and crowded because it is such a small space.

While the food is top notch, the atmosphere is quite laid back. There is a cold bar for guests to choose their own options. And, the warm dishes and tapas are always a favorite. Both vegetarians and meat eaters can enjoy the fare here.

They have an extensive tapas list with items such as cod fritters, chorizo cooked in cider, and grilled octopus.

Make sure to try the fried camembert with onion and oxtail. And, when you’re done, don’t forget to visit the dessert menu which has all of the classics like crème brulee and tiramisu.








Celler Sa Premsa

This antiquated wine cellar has been turned into one of the top dining options in Palma. Many of the original wine barrels are used for decoration; really setting the scene.

It’s been around since the late 1950s and offers a traditional, dimly lit dining experience. The menu is full of traditional favorites but make sure to sample the suckling pig.




Located at the top of Palma’s Nakar Hotel, this restaurant and bar offers

the best views of Palma.

The cuisine is a modern spin on classic Mallorcan favorites. Chef, Miquel Calent is responsible for the exquisite dishes. And, diners wouldn’t expect any less than perfection from this famous chef.

A seat at one of the terrace tables will offer views of the Bay of Palma, Bellver Castle, and the cathedral.

With three of their own produce gardens, the restaurant provides organic fruits and vegetables to their dishes.

If visiting, try the fish tartar, the pork loin with sweet potatoes and chocolate sauce, and the veal cheeks with potato puree. 



Marc Fosh

If you want to get away from the tourist traps, Marc Fosh is the spot. It’s been called modern, edgy, and chic.

They serve Mediterranean dishes and most of the ingredients are sourced from local marketplaces. It’s located inside Hotel Convent de la Missi, which was built in the 17th century and in the heart of Palma.

Make sure to try the smoked eel tortellini.



Quina Creu

This is one of the most sophisticated and artistic bistro bars in Palma. The waiters are dressed in all back, the walls are filled with books, and you can dine while watching films on the projector.

The crowd here is usually young and trendy, which makes sense given the décor.

The menu features salads like goat cheese with basil mustard dressing, and main dishes like sea bass filet in pumpkin cream.

Make sure to try the cod fillet with quince gratin and aioli.





Palma is a hub for cuisine in Spain. The experience wouldn’t be complete without making a point to sample the offerings. From fine dining to quirky bistros, there’s something for everyone here in Palma. If you are planning on visiting Palma, don’t forget to arrange your taxi in advance.

7 of the Best Restaurants in Copenhagen you have to check out





Copenhagen may not be the first place you think of when looking for a foodie adventure.

However, their culinary scene is nothing to be ignored. In fact, Copenhagen used to be a popular destination for restaurant lovers. But, the buzz has seemed to die down.

Now, this Scandinavian city is back on the scene with world-class eateries and crafty concoctions.

Heading to Copenhagen? Here are seven of the best restaurants to add to your itinerary.










This restaurant is topping lists all over the world. It’s has a three-star Michelin rating and offers views that are nearly as good as the food.

Sitting on the 8th floor, visitors can look out over the greenery and copper roofs of the downtown buildings.

Guests can experience a set menu that is paired with wines. Everything comes perfectly paired for the season.

The chefs here say that they create food that ignites all of the senses. An experience that really can’t be missed when in Copenhagen.







This restaurant is a bit out of the way, but it’s unique atmosphere and food makes it worth it.

The restaurant revolves around their outdoor garden, which grows many of their daily ingredients. Guests are invited to sit by the lavender patches and warm themselves by the bonfires each evening.

A glass of wine while enjoying a seasonal menu selection is amplified by the natural views.




Slurp Ramen Joint



A steamy bowl of Ramen is always a good idea in chilly Copenhagen. The menu here is simple but the flavor is extraordinary.

Guests can also dine on authentic Japanese appetizers like Gyoza and Edamame.

This isn’t the fanciest restaurant in Copenhagen, but this is part of its appeal.



Marchal in Copenhagen



This restaurant offers traditional Danish and French cuisine with a modern twist.

It’s Michelin-star rated so guests can expect a high-quality dining experience.

Salted mackerel and chateaubriand are must-haves from the menu. This experience is definitely extravagant, so make sure to dress well for your dinner here.







If you’re craving Asian food, Goomi is the place to go.

They have a whole mix of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes. It’s known for great value and a laid-back atmosphere.

While it’s not the chicest restaurant in the city, it certainly offers an authentic experience and taste.

The food is presented artistically and the noodles are a favorite so make sure to give them a try.



Noma – Copenhagen



We had to add this one to the list since it’s been considered THE best restaurant in the world.

The food here borders on art and is completely unique, yet delicious. It may be difficult to get a table so make sure to make your plans well in advance.

And, since it has been dubbed the world’s best restaurant, don’t be surprised that the prices are very high.

This restaurant is located on the canal and offers Nordic cuisine that has been Michelin-star rated.

It’s the sibling of Noma, so you can expect top-notch food and experience.

Much of the menu revolves around fermenting, pickling, and foraging for ingredients. Sharing style dishes are recommended so try and bring a group along for the experience.





Copenhagen has a dining scene that is certainly making a comeback. Whether you want Michelin Star experiences or local eateries, you’ll find something in this food-loving city.

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Barcelona for Kids – 5 Top Tips

You’ve already decided that Barcelona is a great destination to travel with kids.

That’s great! You couldn’t be more right. Barcelona has a ton of great activities for children.

While you’re doing your planning, here are a few tips to keep in mind. They will help your trip to Barcelona with the kids go smoothly.


Go on a Food Tour First Thing


It can be overwhelming to find a restaurant in a new city. And, when both you and the kids are hungry, the situation can escalate quickly. By doing a food tour on the first day, you can learn all about the best places to eat.

The kids will be motivated to keep up with the tour as they get to snack their way through the day. Afterwards, you’ll know exactly where to go when hunger strikes.


   Visit the Chocolate Museum


What child doesn’t love chocolate? This museum will be a treat that both you and your kids will enjoy. You’ll learn all about how chocolate is made while checking out the chocolate sculptures around the museum.

There’s a café on site so you’ll be able to satisfy the chocolate cravings that naturally creep up during the tour.



Bring Snacks


While Barcelona has no shortage of restaurants, during the siesta, things close down. You don’t want to be on the hunt for a hearty meal during this time in the afternoon.

If you’re out sightseeing, it’s likely that you’ll lose track of time. This could leave you and the kids in a tough spot when it comes to food. Head to the local market beforehand and stock up on snacks to keep the kids going through the siesta each day


Visit Barceloneta Beach


There’s a few beaches in Barcelona to choose from. However, Barceloneta is the best for families.

It’s the most popular beach in the city and is centrally located near Las Ramblas. There are plenty of restaurants nearby to grab a snack when the kids get hungry. While the water is not always warm enough to take a dip, the kids will love the vast expanse of sand to play in.







Visit in Fall



Fall is arguably the best time to visit Barcelona with the family. You’ll be able to explore the city without the crowds, and whilst enjoying a cool breeze rather than the baking sun which summer brings. It’s a great time to take the kids to a football game, especially if they get a kick out of sports.

Later on in the season you may be able to find bonfires and you’ll probably stumble upon freshly roasted chestnuts and potatoes to snack on too.

Pair the snacks and warm weather with impromptu art exhibits and sunsets and you have a pretty great family trip ahead of you.

Barcelona is a great place to take the whole family. Both parents and kids may even fall in love with the same attractions. If you keep these five tips in mind, you’re bound to have a great family vacation that will go down in history as one of the best.

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