Top 5 Activities to do in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is an exciting city.  It is the country’s economic, cultural and political capital. With more than 8 million people living in the city or the surrounding area, about half of Chile’s population lives in or close to the city. That’s why Santiago so exciting, there is something to see or do for everyone. In fact, the city offers so much in terms of culture that it can be quite overwhelming. Here are our top 5 things to do in Santiago de Chile so you know what really is worth your time.

1. Rise above Santiago!

The city is surrounded by mountains, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the city from multiple high spots. Classically, Cerro San Cristóbal is your place to go. It is a fun hike up, you can even pay the little Japanese garden a visit. Another option is Cerro Santa Lucia in the city center. Is a hill not high enough? How about the current highest building in South America, Sky Costanera? At 300m you have a 360-degree view of the city. Pretty sweet!








2. Plaza de Armas

The face of a chilean city can definitely be discovered at its Plaza de Armas. It belongs to the city like its town hall. With the Santiago being to capital, the Plaza de Armas is arguably the most impressive one. There are many walking tours starting from here. In general, it is a good location to start your Santiago experience here.




3. Bellavista, Santiago de Chile

Bellavista is Santiago’s alternative district. You can find a lot of creativity here. Museums, Art Galleries, and Performances are most prominent in this area. Make sure to relax a little and observe the area’s overall atmosphere.




4. Shopping in Santiago

Going shopping at the Costanera Center is super fun and can be combined with our activities, such going to the cinema or visiting the Sky Costanera as mentioned above. Easily accessible by subway and car, the Costanera Center is your top place to go for any sort of shopping




5. Completos

Right, Completos are not Santiago’s exclusives but you find them in the city more than in any other city: At every corner! What is a Completo though? It combines two of the best things in the world: Guacamole and Hotdogs. Make sure to eat it daily when in Santiago!

Here are the 7 Best Beaches in Lanzarote

Here are the 7 Best Beaches in Lanzarote

Trying to decide which of the Canary Islands to visit is a tough choice, and if you decide to holiday in Lanzarote, then you’ll also have many beautiful beaches to choose from. Here, the list of options is long and each beach offers something different.

From secluded coves and kid-friendly wading pools to windsurfing hot spots and party centric retreats, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve come up with the 7 best beaches in Lanzarote.


Caleton Blanco

This beach is made up of a collection of small coves with white sands and rock pools. The water in the pools often gets heated by the sun, so they make a nice place to relax. Visitors here mostly include locals and most people can be found snorkeling or scavenging for volcanic rock. There are a few fish restaurants by the harbor to get a fresh catch for lunch.

  1. Papagayo

This beach is one of the most beautiful in Lanzarote. It’s shaped like a crescent and is blessed with soft, white sand. The surrounding cliffs make it slightly sheltered, and its location in Los Ajaches nature reserve make it extra stunning. Sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming are the top activities to do here.

Playa de Famara

This beach seems to stretch endlessly along the water. The winds here really pick up fast, which makes this beach a top spot for surfers. Once you’re done catching some waves, there are plenty of bars to grab some lunch and a cold drink. It’s a great spot to hang out, especially if you are visiting with sport in mind

Playa Blanca

Considered one of the best beaches on Lanzarote for families, Playa Blanca was once an ancient fishing village. Visitors will notice the blue and yellow beach umbrellas that colorfully line the shore. Full of secluded bays and white sand, families love to relax on the beach, go snorkeling, and swim here. With a fleet of lifeguards and plenty of places for food and drink, families find this beach convenient and relaxing.

Flamingo Beach

Also a popular spot for families, this beach is located close to Playa Blanca Resort. The promenade runs along the area, giving visitors a pretty place to walk and look out over the sea. The beach is man-made so it’s great for young children as there are hardly any waves or currents to worry about. There are beach chairs and umbrellas so that visitors can lounge comfortably. And, there are plenty of nearby places to get food and drinks.

Charco del Palo

This beach is great to visit for those who are bit more open-minded and adventurous. It has been a popular nudist beach in Lanzarote for years. It’s far off the beaten tourist path and is known to provide a tranquil atmosphere. There are a lot of waves here, but the bathing pools are protected so that you can watch them from a safe distance.

Las Conchas

This sandy beach is located on the small island of La Graciosa and is surrounded by fantastic, natural scenery. It’s far away from the normal tourist track and is popular with visitors who enjoy raw nature. You won’t find any sun beds, umbrellas or public bathrooms here. The water is often too rough for swimming, but it’s still beautiful to look at from the beach.

Lanzarote is filled with great beaches. If you can’t visit them all, start with these seven and save the rest for your next trip! Don’t forget to book your taxi from Lanzarote Airport in advance.

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Germany in 2017


It is Christmas time again. Winter Cheer. Gemütlichkeit. At this time of the year, you can finally enjoy some sizzling sausages and Glühwein (mulled wine). Nowhere in the world you find Christmas markets as enchanting as in Germany. Do you not know which destinations to go to yet? This blog is going to to help you decided by introducing the top 5 Christmas markets in Germany.

1. Nürnberg – Christmas Market





Dating back to the year of 1628, this Christmas market is undeniably one of the most famous ones in Germany. For a reason! At the largest square, the Hauptmarkt, you can find hand-crafted goods as mass-produced wares are strictly forbidden. Other highlights involve a giant Christmas angel enlightening the market.

2. Dresden







The Streizelmarkt in Dresden is your place to go if you want to taste a the original  German Stollen. This market is the arguably oldest of them all. Other world records include the world’s tallest Nutcracker AND tallest Christmas pyramid.



3. Cologne





Undeniably providing the most impressive backdrop with the ancient Cologne Cathedral, the impressing, 157m high Gothic building guards over the visitors. The city offers a variety of different markets including a „pink market“ dedicated to the gay community. Located in a central location, you can reach the city easily from London or Paris by train.

4. Berlin – Christmas Market




The German capital is Germany’s most populated city – and with over 60 different markets also home to most Christmas market. It definitely offers something for everyone. From Elegant and classic at the Gendarmenmarkt to modern at the Sony Center.

5. Hamburg





For the all the Northern Lights it was a close call between the Lübeck and Hamburg Christmas market. The market the beautiful city of Hamburg located at the River Elb, however, leaves its visitors speechless when a flying Santa clause in his sledge over the main market right in front of the city hall. Just a stone-throw further north at the Jungfernstieg, there is another Christmas market at the Binnenalster. Little tip: „Hamburg’s geilster Weihnachtsmarkt“ is located at St. Pauli – reflecting the district’s reputation as the naughtiest part of the city.

Top 10 Christmas Destinations

New York (United States)

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities to spend Christmas in. It counts on a little help from nature because it usually snows during these days, which gives a greater magic to Christmas.

Lapland (Finland)

Finland breathes Christmas mainly because it is know to be where Santa Claus is from. The city is known as the city of the birth father. You can also enjoy the magic of Christmas at Santa Claus Village and at Santa Park which are both theme parks that recreate Christmas scenery.

Gramado (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

The many attractions that the city has during this time attract thousands of visitors every year, the event is called “Natal Luz”, begins in late October and ends in early January.

Frankfurt (Germany)

Christmas is breathed a little all over Germany, the Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the oldest and most popular in Germany with more than 600 years of history.

 Amsterdam (Holland)

The legend of Santa Claus or Sinterklaas is very strong in the capital of the Netherlands. Today, the city attracts thousands of visitors at this time of year mainly due to the Christmas atmosphere.

Quebec (Canada)

Canada has a beautiful Christmas, with landscapes formed by snow white and beautiful Christmas decoration, which reminds us of a movie scenario.

 Sydney (Australia)

Christmas in Sydney is lived in the middle of summer, there are several Christmas festivals and thousands of colored lights throughout the city.

 London (England)

The city of London is well-known for its wonderful Christmas lighting, especially the Winter Wonderland, a market held in Hyde Park.

 Paris (France)

A city that gets even more magical during Christmas, from lighting to the Christmas Market. You also have the opportunity to live Christmas at Disneyland.


In Tokyo you find fascinating Christmas lights, Japanese non-Christians can recreate the Christmas spirit in the city and Starlight Garden is covered with thousands of lights.

A Slice of Christmas: The Best Christmas Cakes from Around the World

The decorations are up, the advent calendars have been opened and the Christmas music is playing. The festive season is well and truly here, and with just a few weeks until the big day we are already getting excited for a delicious Christmas dinner.

Here at Taxi2Airport, one of our favourite elements of the Christmas season is the food-filled celebrations (you should see our treats table in the office), and as we work with clients and customers from all around the world we are always fascinated to learn about how Christmas food varies from country to country.

When speaking with our friends, colleagues and customers from across the globe we were particularly interested to hear about the varying sweet treats that are enjoyed around the world during the Christmas season – from bolo rei de natal in Portugal to rum cake in Jamaica to kersttulband in our hometown of the Netherlands.

After devouring the details of the many delicious Christmas cakes around the world we decided to create a guide to the most-loved Christmas cakes across different countries.

Not only is our decadent infographic of Christmas cakes a feast for the eyes, but we have also sourced recipes for making all of the global goodies included in our Christmas cakes guide, so you can add an international twist to your Christmas celebrations this year.

Have a look at our infographic for some delicious Christmas inspiration and find all the recipes you need in the recipe guide below.

Merry Christmas!

Recipes for Christmas Cakes Around the World

Stollen, Germany & Austria

Whip up this fruit bread using this tasty recipe from The Spruce.

Pan de Pascua, Chile

Treat your guests this Christmas to some Chilean sweet bread using this delicious recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy.

La Bûche de Nöel, France

Enjoy a French delicacy this Christmas with another inspiring recipe from The Spruce.

Panettone, Italy

Indulge in the Italian classic with a little help from Brown Eyed Baker.

Rum Cake, Jamaica

For a boozy treat, try out the traditional Jamaican rum cake with a handy how-to from Cooking the Globe.

Japanese Christmas Cake, Japan

The Japanese Christmas cake is a light sponge with strawberries and cream. Bake one this Christmas using this recipe from Cooking with Dog.

Makowiec, Poland

This Polish sweet bread roll will be a real treat for your friends and family this Christmas. Magda’s Cauldron has a great recipe to follow.

Bolo Rei de Natal, Portugal

This fruity festive bread from Portugal is something the whole family will love. Family Foodie have the perfect recipe to help you whip it up.

Rosca de Reyes, Spain and Mexico

Popular in both Spain and Mexico this cake is a delicious ring-shaped sweet pastry with a cream centre. Try it using the recipe from Lavender and Lovage.

Christmas Cake, UK

The classic Christmas cake is a staple of the British Christmas dinner. If you haven’t made one before, BBC Good Food have a great recipe to follow.

Cozonac cu Nuca, Romania

A sweet and nutty bread from Romania, Cozonac cu Nuca would be a delicious addition to Christmas this year. Check out this recipe from Jo Cooks.

Vinarterta, Iceland

An Icelandic favourite, why not try it out this year using this fabulous recipe from Port and Fin.

Kransekake, Norway

This almond flavoured cake tower is loved in Norwegian celebrations. Make one yourself with this easy recipe from A Simple Homestead.

Saffransbullar, Sweden

This Swedish treat is a sweet saffron bread, offering a unique taste. Have a taste using this lovely recipe from Hilah Cooking.

Joulutorttu, Finland

These Finnish pasty tarts are presented in the shape of a windmill, and would be a fun addition to the Christmas table this year. Check out how to make them at Cake, Crumbs, Beach, Sand.

Drømmekage, Denmark

A tasty sponge cake with a caramelised coconut topping – yum! Try it out with some help from Adore Foods.

Kersttulband, Netherlands

A favourite with the Taxi2Airport office, this Dutch treat is a rich pound cake decorated with cherries. Discover it for yourself with this recipe from The Dutch Table.

Cougnou, Belgium

This sweet bread from Belgium is known as ‘bread of Jesus’ and is shaped to look like a baby. Try out the traditional treat with this recipe from Smile Caroline.

Chräbeli, Switzerland

This Swiss favourite is a small aniseed cookie. Nettle and Quince have a great recipe for making your own this Christmas.

Vánočka, Czech Republic

Enjoy this sweet braided bread from the Czech Republic, using this brilliant recipe by What Sarah Bakes.

Štedrák, Slovakia

Give your Christmas a Slovakian twist this year with this hearty cake. Have a look at Slovak Cooking for the recipe.

Šakotis, Lithuania

A very festive treat. This is a tree shaped cake made by rotating batter over an open fire. Not the easiest to replicate but if you want to try, The Spruce have a fab recipe.

Piparkūkas, Latvia

These spicy biscuits just take like Christmas! See for yourself with this recipe from Femme Au Foyer.

Piparkoogid, Estonia

These aromatic cookies are similar to ginger snaps. Indulge in the Estonian treat using this recipe from The Star.

Perekladanets, Ukraine

Delight your guests this Christmas with a unique Ukrainian treat. The Spruce have the recipe with everything you need.

Beigli, Hungary

Have Christmas Hungarian style this year by serving up this walnut and poppy seed pastry. Get the recipe on Budapest Moms.

Potica, Slovenia

Treat yourself and your loved ones with to this nutty Slovenian cake this year. Slovenia Incognita have a brilliant recipe to try out.

Fritule, Croatia

These fried pasty ball are sure to go down well with your guests. You can get the recipe on Chasing the Donkey.

Česnica, Serbia

A traditional bread from Serbia – try it out with this useful recipe from Snap Guide.

Koledna Pitka, Bulgaria

Brighten up the Christmas table with this honey bread shaped into cheerful designs. Have a look at Tara’s Multicultural Table for the recipe.

Baklava, Albania

You might have tried baklava at the Christmas markets, but why not make your own with this simple recipe from My Albanian Food.

Melomakarona, Greece

These tasty Greek honey cookies will be a big hit. Get the recipe from My Greek Dish.

Pan Dulce, Argentina

In Argentina the traditional pan dulce fruit and nut filled bread is popular. Have a taste with this recipe from Rebecca’s International Kitchen.

Pavlova, New Zealand

You may have tried pavlova before, but did you know it was a popular Christmas dish in New Zealand. Make your own using this tasty recipe from Mismatched Passports.