5 of The Best Trattorias in Treviso

Treviso is a bit off the beaten path as it’s often overshadowed by Venice. But, if you’re the kind of traveler that shies away from the typical tourist haunts, you’ll love visiting Treviso.

It’s full of Italian charm, and exudes that small-town, central market kind of feel. The streets are historic, the shops are quaint, and the restaurant scene is made up of hole-in-the-walls that serve classic Italian fare.

These low-key restaurants or, trattorias sometimes don’t look like much, but they serve up some intense Italian flavors. So, which ones should you visit? Here are 5 of the best Trattorias in Treviso.


Trattoria Toni del Spin


This is a local spot that has been serving meals to locals for generations. Black chalk boards hang from the ceilings so you’ll just have to look up to see what the specials are for the day. As you would expect in Italy, the wine list is superb, and also can be found hanging out on the suspended chalk boards. The pricing here is quite reasonable, but if you come during lunch time, be prepared for a crowd. Local business people often stop here in the afternoon for a meal.Try the fried mushroom pastries or the guinea fowl.





Antico Ristorante Alle Beccherie


This is the spot where tiramisu was first invented back in the 1960s. It’s one of the most famous places to eat in Treviso, but is a bit more modern than most trattorias. Make sure to check out the exclusive wine bar and taste test both the traditional and more modern dishes. You’ll get a view of the canal and a chance for romance at a candlelit table. Make sure to try the Pasta and Beans, the Salty Salad, or the Sea Urchin.





Pizzeria Trattoria ai Veneziani

This tiny little café is decorated with a classic, Venetian flare. You’ll probably see a collection of diners from romantic couples and families, to business men. The menu offers a whole lineup of classic Venetian dishes like polenta sausages, pasta and beans, spaghetti, and seafood. And of course, they have a wide selection of pizzas too.





Trattoria Vecia Borgo

The atmosphere is humble, reminiscent of an old inn. Don’t be surprised if you see the manager coming around to make sure that everything is OK! The owner and chef actually created the entire menu, which features some loved Venetian classics. You can order a simple pasta dish or pick your preferred meat. The wine list is quite expansive and also offers a selection of local brands.





Trattoria al Forno

This little spot is one of the reasons why Treviso has such a reputation for food. Make sure to try out their risotto with pumpkin and mushrooms which is creamy, yet has a slight bite. Another popular dish to experience is the pork and guinea fowl with truffle sauce. Pair this with a Toffoli wine, and you will have a truly Italian dinner.




While there are plenty of restaurants to explore in Treviso, make it a point to visit a trattoria. They are both authentic and charming while offering a true taste of Italy. When you’re planning your holiday to Italy, don’t forget to book your airport transfer.

The best five festivals in Netherlands that you can not miss

1. Amsterdam Root

Amsterdam Root is the leading non-Western music festival as well as one of the most important in the Netherlands. Every year, bands and artists are recognized worldwide. The music styles represented include fado, zoul dance, hip hop, latin jazz, rumba, flamenco among many others.

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9 Viewpoints that you need to know in Lisbon

1. Viewpoint of Santa Catarina or Adamastor (Bica)

2. Viewpoint of Torel (Campo Mártires da Pátria)

3. Viewpoint of Nosa Senhora do Monte (Graça)

4. Viewpoint of Graça

5. Elevator of Santa Justa (Baixa-Chiado)

6. Viewpoint Portas do Sol (Castelo de São Jorge)

7. Viewpoint São Pedro de Alcântara (Bairro Alto)

8. Viewpoint of Santo Estevão (Alfama)

9. Viewpoint of Santa Luzia (Alfama)

How Does Your Holiday Allowance Compare to the Rest of the World?

It’s September and for many of us that means one thing – holidays are over until Christmas. Our yearly annual leave has been used up on our summer escapes, and there are no more public bank holidays until the festive season begins. For others, we never really had much holiday leave in the first place.


As we head out of the summer season we started thinking about how different countries around the world treat bank holidays and annual leave. So we did some digging, and the results are varied and surprising.


Did you know that in the US there is no minimum annual leave allowance that employers must give their staff?


In Taxi2Airport’s native home of the Netherlands we don’t fare too well on the holiday front either, with a combined total of 29 leave days per year, meaning we didn’t even make the top 100 countries for most leave days.


If you’re looking to increase your holiday allowance head to Iran which came out on top with the most leave days, racking up an impressive 48 days of holiday through the year, based on annual leave and public holidays combined.


Also ranking highly were Turkmenistan, Kuwait and Nepal. At the bottom end of the scale was Micronesia with only 6 public holidays and no set minimum annual leave allowance.


Based on public holidays alone Nepal came out on top with 28 public holidays, while for annual minimum leave allowance Kuwait and Turkmenistan is where you can get the best deal, with employers offering a minimum annual leave allowance of 30 days.


With only 10 public holiday days and no minimum annual leave, the USA was in the bottom five countries for combined amount of leave days. While the UK also didn’t rank particularly highly, with a total of 28 leave days.


Have a look at our infographic below to see how your country’s holiday allowance and public bank holidays compares to the rest of the world.

Holiday allowances

For those lucky folk who do still have some holiday days to take, remember if you need airport transfers we’re here to help!

The 6 Places to Visit in Argentina

1.Buenos Aires (Capital of Argentina)





The capital of Argentina and she is one of the cities considered “more European” in Latin America and Tango is a world reference.



2. Mendoza





It is the wine capital of Argentina and considered the Argentine oasis. You can not miss San Martin Park for a pleasant morning walk. Mendoza is the best base to explore the Aconcagua Provincial Park.



3. Ushuaia







It is known as “La Ciudad del Fin del Mundo” and a must-see destination.



4. Puerto Madryn





Region known as the Atlantic Patagonia, is a good point on your trip in a wonderful place.



5. Salta






You can start your trip through Cerro San Sebastian, where you will find a very beautiful view.



6. Cataracts of Iguaçu






It is considered a marvel in nature and a must for anyone visiting Argentina.


Best Surfing Spots in Portugal

Beach of the Casino (Espinho)

Close to Porto, a beach that reaches as far as the view can see, perfect waves for all levels of surfers and incessant throughout the day.

North Beach (Nazaré)

It is a reference beach in the world, since in 2011 was established the world record of the largest wave ever surfed, of more than 34 meters. The turbulent and brave sea and the strong waves make this beach a perfect place for those surfers with more experience.

Big beach (Guincho)

With clear and crystalline water, Grande do Guincho beach is considered one of the largest beaches in the country, with a high number of vacationers, being part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It is also sought by Surfers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers, where world championships of these same modalities are realized.

Supertubos Beach (Peniche)

It is famous worldwide for its tubular waves, considered the best “tubes” in European seas. It is located south of Peniche Peninsula.

Arrifana Beach (Vicentina Coast)

This is one of the beaches of the village of Aljezur which is considered as one of the best beaches for surfing and also much used by young and foreigners who seek the beauty of the place and the waves for sports.

Amado Beach (Vicentina Coast)

It is considered one of the best Portuguese beaches for surfing, and is often the scene of international competitions.

Ribeira de I’ilhas (Ericeira)

A little further in the center of the country’s coast, we find these wild, blue beaches perfect for catching waves on more than 8km of coastline. It is one of the earliest surfing reserves in the world, and one of the hottest names on surfing scripts around the globe.

Paúl do Mar (Madeira)

On this beach, the world surfing championship was held in 2001. It is a quiet and wild area, and this is one of the charms of the beach, which satisfies all the wishes of a good surfer: big waves, enough space and little crowding.

Best Ibiza Beaches

Ibiza is known for its night life, however it also has some of the best beaches in Europe. With over 40 beaches and coves, the 5 best ones have been selected for you that you have to visit while in Ibiza.

Agua Blanca


Originally Agua Blanca was known to be a nudist beach, however through the years it has become one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. It is located on the east of the island and has two very nice restaurants where you can go eat with your friends and family. The name translated means white waters and the sea is beautiful and crystal clear. If you are in to play beach paddle this is a great beach to do so.

Cala comte


Located in the the south of the west of the island. Cala Comte is a fabulous beach that has two side two it. In the middle of both sides there is a very nice beach restaurant called Sunset ashram which has very nice food, drinks and music around sunset time. The sunsets in Cala Comte are one of the best because the sun sets right infant of you into the sea. The water is turquoise and very nice you only have to watch out for the occasional jellyfish.

Cala salda


Also located in the south west area of Ibiza, Cala Salada is one of the more popular beaches there is. It is surrounded by a forrest however it is easily accessible. During the summer months (June-October) From 10:00-18:00 the road is closed as there are too many people going there. So either you need to park and then take the bus down, or you can take a water taxi from Sant Antoni. It is definitely worth the trouble because Cala Salada has crystal clear water, it is sandy and shallow so it is easy to go there with children as well. The name means salty cove because it is one of the beaches with the highest volume of salt in the water.

Cala d´hort 


Cala d´hort is located in the south of the island. Unless you live in this area, this is one of the furthest beaches you can drive to. however it is worth is because of the tranquil setting that it is located in. It is also in front of the the famous, mysterious island that is Es Vedra, which gives it an extra special vibe. The beach itself is half sandy and half with pebbles, so if you want to sit in the sandy side then it is better to arrive early as in the summer it can get very busy.



Benirras used to be known as a “hippy” beach, however now it is one of the most popular beaches.  the beach has rocks on either side which  is also nice to sit on and then go in the snorkelling from there. out at sea in the middle of the water is the rock formation know as “ the finder of god”. Sunday is the day to go because the ibiza drummers come down to the beach to perform the “drum down the sunset” which is an iconic ritual of Benirras every Sunday. Unfortunately due to the drumming it is packed with people and parking is very hard. therefore you would need to park your car and take the bus down to the beach.