Algeria: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit

You might not have thought about it before but Algeria could be the special place you were looking for. Here are 3 reasons why you should give it a go:


Beautiful and diverse landscapes:


Algeria is the largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean Basin. Therefore its’ geography is as diverse as the climates present in its’ lands. From the azure-blue beaches of Bejaïa to the red desert of Djanet, Algeria is divided from the mildness of the Mediterranean Sea and the dryness of the Sahara Desert which covers around 80% of the country. In between, the Atlas Mountains reign with Mount Tahat as the highest point of the country (3003 meters).


Although Algeria is a real oasis of calm for nature lovers, those who prefer the buzzing atmosphere of city centres will also be pleased. Algiers, the country capital, is for sure one of the best starting point you could choose for your trip. “The white city” or “Algiers the White” is one of the pearl of Maghreb and is called that way for its beautiful glistening white buildings. Although it is a modern city you can have a taste of tradition by visiting the famous Casbah which is one of the oldest neighbourhood in Algiers. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as it was first settled during Antiquity. Of course, there are also other stunning crossing points that you could add to your path : Oran “The radiant”, Annaba, Constantine, Batna and the list is long…

Marvellous cuisine:

Morocco is not the only country in Maghreb to provide a rich and delicious food. Indeed, like its neighbour, Algeria also has its own specialities. Each region or “wilaya” offer its own range of dishes and way to cook them: from Biskra’s doubara to Algier’s tcharek msaker and, of course, the national couscous, Algeria is a place where refined palates will be stimulated.


Fascinating past:

Algeria is well known for its Roman and Berber vestiges all around the country. These two eras are well represented by Timgad, a Roman-Berber town in the North-East of the country. Timgad was a former military colony founded by Emperor Trajan around AD 100. Since 1982 the city is part of UNESCO World Heritage which enabled Algerian authorities to keep the site intact. Berber influences are also palpable depending on the region you will visit. The Aures, or Kabylie proudly keep a solid link with their Berber past bearing the marks of Juba, Massinissa, Jugurta and other illustrious kings and princes. The French colonial occupation also left a mark on the Algerian culture starting with the language. Indeed, French is spoken almost everywhere in Algeria although Algiers is still the best place to discuss in French.


For those reasons, and many others you will discover while visiting, Algeria is for sure a place to consider for your next trip! And “1, 2, 3, viva l’Algérie!”.

5 Reasons Why Iceland Is More Incredible Than You Think

Iceland, this amazing country, with its stunning beauty, unimaginable landscapes, and wonderful aurora borealis, is an unique and rare place that you will not find anywhere else. The perfect one if you want to revitalize yourself and to feel unequalled emotions.

Moreover, WOW Air is now offering very low-cost flights to this destination and this is an additional reason to pack your suitcases and book the first flight to ICELAND.



You feel at home

Everybody in Iceland speaks fluently English. The quality of life is exemplary, this is the country where the life expectancy is the best of the world for men and almost the best for women. Icelanders are the happiest people of the world. This is also the country which fights against the inequalities between men and women, with the highest rate of active women of the globe.

You will also encounter savage horses and sheep’s in the plains, eat traditional and healthy dinners, meet friendly and happy people with great family values and enjoy preserved landscapes.



You can do sports, a lot!

This is the opportunity to recharge the batteries! Do whatever you want: running in the paths, cycling and hiking in the mountains, climbing or even horseback riding on the beach! Do any activities which allow you to breath the clean air! And by the way, if you like scuba diving, you can also swim in Iceland’s Lake Þingvallavatn which is the gap between the tectonic plates of the continent North American and Eurasian. The lake is filled with glacier run-off water and there is a high visibility up to 200 meters, which will provide you with an amazing sight of the lake’s underwater life.

Lake Þingvallavatn


It is the best place to go for an adventure

You can go camping in the east-side where you will enjoy crowd-free landscapes, with ice-capped volcanoes, hot springs, windswept villages and towering waterfalls. There, you will feel like a proper explorer in country sides which look just as good as the ones in The Game of Thrones! “Producers used artificial snow in season one, but have relied on the wilds of Iceland ever since,” writes Oliver Smith, Telegraph Travel’s resident GoT superfan.

You can also visit the Langjokull glacier in a manmade tunnel that goes deep into the ice. Amazing!


You will see things you cannot find elsewhere

Iceland, thanks to its geographic location, offers you exceptional phenomenon. You will experience a descend into the Thrihnukagigur volcano what it’s like going down through the roof of a fire-colored cathedral.

Iceland volcano

Jokulsarlon beach is the place where you can see a black-sand beach filled with small icebergs everywhere.

Iceland's iceberg

It is also the land where the sun shines at midnight between June and August and where the days are not limited by nightfall and Europe’s best place for whale watching!





Iceland’s northern lights are certainly the most beautiful lights you will ever see

Iceland is one of the few places where you can see these amazing lights during the night, also thanks to a non-polluted sky. You might need to wait a long time outside in the cold, but when it happens it is surreal and beautiful.

Iceland's nothern lights


Are you convinced? Don’t forget to book a taxi with us and go to Iceland 😉

How to get over your post-vacation blues

Yes, post-vacation blues are real. Travelling is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences, and leaving home for your travels is easy, but returning home after your trip is the tough part.

Anyone who has returned from a satisfying vacation knows what I am talking about. The first time I experienced this was a few years ago and I thought I was the only one, but then I talked to some people who just came back from their trips, and it turns out that post-travel depression is not so rare. I have been through it countless times now, so trust me when I say I know exactly what you are going through!

post-vacation blues

After a journey filled with mind-blowing adventures, you have to go back to the exact same old spot that you left – sitting on the couch at home with nothing to do. The reunions with all your friends and family are over, all the stories are told, and now all you are left with is staring at the horizon, dreaming, and wishing for another opportunity to get away again.

post-vacation blues

Post-travel blues can leave you feeling down, exhausted and unmotivated (if not all three). Having to go back to the routine of daily life can be a source of extreme distress and discomfort. However unpleasant it may be, with a few simple tips and tricks, post-vacation depression can be overcome, and you can dive back into a productive routine and wait for your next journey with great anticipation. You just need a little determination, and a little self-care. Here are a few tips on how to get over the depression and get back to your usual awesome self.

post-vacation blues

Maximize the positivities of your trip

You should try to view this longing for travelling as a positive thing. Rather than feeling bitter that you are back home, you should try to appreciate the moments and memories you have collected throughout your journey. While you were away, you pushed yourself outside your usual comfort zone, made friends with people from all around the world, tasted a lot of new foods and drinks, and in general, you realize that you have grown as a person. Your experiences abroad have provided you with new lenses to view the world. Now you are always able to reflect back on your experiences and apply them to different parts of your life. You can even use your fabulous adventures to fill your daily life at home with the same inspiration and excitement you felt while you were away. Ignore the post-vacation blues! Be grateful that you got the chance to travel and experience your vacation. Remember that many people cannot afford to do that or are limited by other life factors.

post-vacation blues


Jump back into the swing of things

Whether you were away for a long journey or just for a few weeks, going back to your routines will not be easy. When planning your trip, make sure to book a couple of extra days at the end so that you have time to rest and process all the things that you just experienced during your travels, and recover and prepare yourself for the adjustment period you will have to go through after returning from your trip. It is a good idea to make a list including all the things you want to focus on and complete, which will be helpful in going back to where you were before your trip. Connecting again with friends and catching up with them will help you escape from the post-vacation blues, and shift back to your normal daily life more easily. Also, that way you will get a chance to relive your trip by sharing with them all of your awesome experiences.

post-vacation blues

Organize your photos

Another way to take your mind off the post-vacation blues is not to make the mistake of waiting too long before you go through, edit and share your travel photos or otherwise, there is a high risk that you might forget the rich details of your trip. As you look through your pictures, each one of them reminds you of different emotions and stories attached to it. Make sure to take a few hours to organize your snaps! You can also print out photos and put them up in your home and office. Relive the best moments of your vacation by making a photo album that serves as an all-time reminder of your epic travels.

post-vacation blues

Infuse your daily life with elements of your trip

While you are not able to travel to different spots around the globe every week, you can incorporate the best bits of your adventure abroad into your life back home. This is also a great way to get over the post-vacation blues. If you were really impressed by the cuisine on your travels, relive some of your trip’s best meals by learning how to cook dishes from that culture at home. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs you heard while you were away, and play the music of the country you miss. If you enjoyed hearing and speaking a certain foreign language, commit to taking language classes or learning the language by yourself at home. By merging experiences from your travels with your regular life, you can keep the excitement of all your discoveries no matter where in the world you are!

post-vacation blues

Keep on travelling!

Keep your travel buzz going by planning your next travel adventure. Planning your next trip will take your mind off feeling depressed after being back home, and will brighten up your day and get you excited knowing that something just as fun is in your future. There is no better way to cure the post-vacation blues than to pull out a map, and begin researching the places you would like to visit and the things you would like to see and do. This will keep your spirit up and help you stay focused on the future rather than being stuck in the past.

post-vacation blues

Try to turn your travels into a beautiful chapter of your life that is full of wonderful memories, and let it shape who you are, how you act, and determine what you are going to do with the next chapter of your life.

The Ultimate Airport Layover Guide You Must Read

Do you have a long airport layover coming up? When booking your trip the thought of a 12-hour layover may fill you with dread, but a long layover needn’t be a nightmare – in fact with many airport’s cosy sleep pods and cabins it can literally be a dream.

It’s not only places to relax or catch some ZZZs which airports have introduced to help with long layovers, there’s also plenty of entertainment options available from museums to bowling alleys to aquariums! And of course, most airports these days provide free wi-fi and charging stations so you can stay connected with the rest of the world during your layover.

Some airports are better equipped than others of course. So to help you plan your layover we have put together an ultimate airport layover guide providing you with information on what you can expect on your airport layover in the 50 busiest airports in the world.

Wi-fi and Charging Stations

As we become ever more connected to our technology, most airports in recent times have realised the importance of providing free wi-fi and charging stations for our electronics. Almost all of the 50 busiest airports include free wi-fi and power sockets. Some exceptions include O’Hare International in Chicago, JFK in New York, and London Gatwick who charge for wi-fi or provide limited access. Airports which don’t provide charging stations include Miami International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. If you’re heading to an airport which doesn’t provide power stations it is a good idea to invest in a portable charger to keep you powered up.

Rest and Relaxation

Airports are increasingly providing various sleep pods, nap zones, rest cabins – the name varies but essentially it is somewhere to catch some ZZZs on a long layover. Many airports even have a hotel within the terminal where you can bunk down for the night, including Indira Gandhi International Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam Airport – which has two transit hotels.

As well as places to catch up on your sleep, airports offer plenty of other relaxation options including yoga rooms, massage parlours and zen gardens. One of the best airports for relaxation facilities is Amsterdam Schiphol which has two transit hotels, massage chairs, a spa, a barbers and relaxation gardens. Another well-equipped airport for resting between flights is Dubai International Airport, which offers massages, snooze zones, a fitness suite, spa, transit hotel and gardens.


If you’re too excited for your travels to spend your layover snoozing, there’s an interesting array of entertainment facilities available across the 50 busiest airports. From casinos to museums to games arcades and art workshops – some airports are almost a holiday in themselves. Some of the most action packed airports are Munich Airport which includes a micro-brewery, simulation golf, casino and aviation museum, and Singapore Changi Airport which includes art workshops, movie screenings, a games area and a butterfly garden.

Have a look at our full guide below to find all of the facilities available in each airport, and make your long layover something to look forward to.


ultimate airport layover guide