5 Places with The Same Name But Completely Differents

Did you know that all around the world you can find different places but with the same name?  At Taxi2airport we want to show you some examples.

Let’s go to some random places with the same name!




















Thinking about the upcoming Easter holidays?

Counting the days to escape from your work routine?

At Taxi2airport we recommend you to travel. Why? You travel to break and to take distance from your daily routine, to know and experience first hand new cultures, to see “that” temple or monument that you only admired in photos. You also travel to meet people and to get to know yourself.

 Get up every day in a different place, make concessions with the food, the forms of transportation, the schedules, the times and anything else. Traveling allows us to reconcile our culture with that of the other. Travel is to show your face more friendly, is to talk with people with whom one never imagined. Get away from your comfort zone and the sofa at home.

The world is too beautiful to stay at home, don’t you think? There are places that must be seen and enjoyed in person. Although we have seen them hundreds of times in photos, magazines or documentaries.

If you want to discover some places that we have mentioned, just book a flight and a taxi with us!

The Benefits Of Traveling Around The World

Have you ever thought about the benefits of traveling? At Taxi2airport we want to explain you why you should travel at least 1 time per 2 months. Let’s continue reading 😉



People are exited when the holidays are approaching, because this can mean travel. The excitement of choosing the destination, buying airline tickets, preparing the suitcase and waiting for the trip in general usually cause a lot of joy.

The experiences during travel make us segregate different hormones of happiness, such as endorphins. When we are away from home and we forget our concerns and labor and family obligations. During a trip we carry out activities that we like and that encourage us to interact with other people.




When work is something that really overwhelms us, traveling is not always with the purpose of knowing new places, but simply to get away as much as possible from the negative things of our life.

When we are going on a trip, we disconnect from all these daily anxieties and focus on living in the present, relaxing in the pool, visiting paradisiacal beaches, touching the beauty of the landscape … We focus on the moment and we are not waiting for any meeting or comply with work routines.






When you travel, you have a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and different places. In life, one of the most important social skills is to learn how to interact and communicate with other people, even if we are totally different.

Not only you will be traveling to improve communication skills, but in addition to have confidence in yourself, thanks to this communication you can communicate your ideas and opinions clearly in your expressions even if other people are from different cultures. Surely they will understand you perfectly.



Traveling gives you the possibility to meet new people, traditions and gastronomy that you did not even know about it. There are hidden parts of our world that are completely different from the “reality” that you are not used to. Therefore, it is important that when we reach our destination we respect and care for everything around us as if it is ours.



Living unique experiences in environments, other than those that we are used to, provide us with learning and knowledge that improve us as people. It gives us another insight into things, about relationships, about religion and about how different cultures deal with life.


Let’s travel and book a taxi with us 😉

Typical Spanish Food you Should Try

Avez – vous déjà en Espagne Été? Avez – vous déjà Essayé Délicieuse cuisine espagnole Leur? Si vous le Quelques jours Avez leave et vous ne pas aller Savez where; Madrid òû Barcelone Sont un bon choix.

Ici vous Quelques exemples des plats les Avez ainsi Importants Que vous devriez essayer:


«Paella» is l’ONU des plats les plus de famouse en Espagne, de la Communaute les originaires de Valence. paella de Valence is faité Avec des Traditionnels Qui ingrédients PEUVENT VARIER, le maïs le riz incluent habituellement, le poulet, le lapin, les haricots, le sel, la tomate, l’huile d’olive, Safran et artichaut le riz Que AFIN is incorporé may Presenter sa couleur Caracteristique jaunâtre.



Gaspacho is Une soupe froide d’eau composee Principalement du pain, de la tomate, l’ail, le concombre, le poivron et les oignons, du sel à ajouter nous les disciples Combien, l’huile d’olive et le vinaigre. Sa couleur rouge Déterminée par Caracteristique is la tomate et le poivre.


Tortilla de patata

«La tortilla patata» is Une omelette Avec des oignons, de l’ONU de terre ne pommes Que vous œufs manger Avec du can douleur. De plus, les CE font aussi des Espagnols plat D’une Manière de Différente.

cuisine espagnole


“Patatas bravas” des pommes de Sont terre d’Une sauce accompagnées de chaude, sauce better Une Connue sous le nom «salsa brava ». CÉS Pommes de terre frittes Être PEUVENT, Bouillis DANS L’EAU, Dans l’huile cuit et same Dans CERTAINS CAS, au quatre circuits. ILS compartiments et Des Sont, bien Qu’Il Habituellement y AIT versions Aujourd’hui Ou sont de Patatas Bravas. Thousand

cuisine espagnole


Est un petit-déjeuner typique catalan Qui se composent de douleur, tomate râpé, huile d’olive et le sel. Aussi personnes crèche CERTAINES avant de déjeuner Comme un apéritif.


Pour un désert collation OU Une, vous essayer can “churros con chocolate” qui est la base Une pâte à de farine de blé cuit Dans l’huile, la pomme de un repas de prêta Qu’ils «le Frutas sarten».

Nous esperons vous allez visiter Que l’Espagne et bientôt their de déguster la plats Meilleurs cuisine espagnole.

Ne pas oublier nous Que de beaucoup Avons à pilotes Barcelone , Madrid et le Reste de l’Espagne pour Vous à Votre destination Amener.

The Best 4 Places to Travel in March

Want to skip rainy spring? There’s more to traveling in March than package trips to beach resorts for thirsty spring breakers!


The Island cluster in the indian ocean has become a honeymoon mainstay, because it offers year-round temperatures and suffers rarely from rain outside monsoon season in November. Furthermore, the best season to go to the Maldives is from January trough March. The water is than turquoise blue and the sky sapphire-blue!


Palm Desert (California)

Coachella is calling! Almost thousands of people will descend to this California Town for the Coachella Music Festival. The best time to visit Palm Springs is between January and April when the weather is the most hospitable. Additionally, the weather is perfect for enjoying golfing, pool lounging and hiking.

Palm Desert


While the weather isn’t as warm as what you’ll find in the summer, spring has fewer crowds, which translates to cheaper airfare and lower hotel rates. Also, Tivoli Gardens re-opens following a three month-long closure. Furthermore, Copenhagen is famous for is top Restaurants. It is now cementing its reputation for top-tier food with 13 Michelin-starred spots. During springtime you can find easily a table at these spots.



Every year on March 17th the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick’s Day. Pace yourself to enjoy the city’s four-day long celebration of the national saint. Also, huge street parties, craft beer and live music will brighten up your stay!


Work and travel: How to Make Money While Traveling

Can you imagine traveling and working at the same time? In Taxi2airport we want to give you some ideas of different jobs which you can get easily when you are abroad. Let’s travel and work 😉


1. Work on a yatch 

If you like the sea, you can easily find jobs on yatchs and gain a lot of money. There are some websites where you can find a lot of offers around the world. For example: Jobs on Yachts, Superyatch Jobs, The Crew Network. Why not? 😉


2. Work as a tour guide

You can get a diploma easily as a tour guide. What’s more, you can use your love to travel and show people how incredible a city could be. There are a lot of tour companies looking for new people to hire all around the world.



3. Work as an Au Pair 

Working as an au pair is one of the best ways to get a temporary job abroad, earn extra money and, at the same time, improve our knowledge of the language and culture of a host country.



4. Work in a hostel

Working in hostels in exchange for accommodation and food can be one of the best options to reduce the costs in a long trip, along with other “classics” such as using social networking (Couchsurfing, BeWelcome or HospitalyClub).

Moreover, there is another website called World Packers which is Brazilian where they give you accomodation and food in changing for a few hours of work a day.




5. Work  in a restaurant

You can work as a dishwasher, waiter, chef.. because it is easily to get and sometimes you don’t need experience. Also, you can meet a lot of new people, discover their culture and at the same time you make money.




6. Work as a teacher

Teaching a language is one of the most economical ways to travel, and it is not as complicated as it sounds. Think that you have the advantage of being native in a language, and that in the world is full of people who want to learn it.


You can put ads on the internet or look for schools that require native speakers, the point is that it is a good choice and depends more on your desire and willingness to share and transmit knowledge.

Discover The Differences Between British and American English

English is an universal language but there are some words that change depending if you are in the United Kingdom or the United States. Although the British academically has presumed to be the most correct, but the truth is that there are not better or worse. With their small differences, they are equally valid.

There are quite a few differences between American and British English:

  • Vocabulary level: certain words used in Great Britain are not used in the United States, such as biscuit, football, caravan, holiday, car, etc.
  • Pronunciation: certain letters are not pronounced in the same way, the “r” and “t” for example.
  • Orthographic level: and certain grammatical rules.
  • Conjugation: irregular verbs are very common in Great Britain, while in the United States regular verbs have a greater presence.
  • Expressions: new Anglo-American expressions are born every year.

Most of the differences between British and American English are pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling. However, there are also some discrepancies in grammar.

Here you have some vocabulary examples:









































































It is important to remember that the differences have nothing to do with the veracity or superiority of one modality of the language in relation to another.

What is certain, is that today in terms of reach, American English is more popular than British English – understand pop culture and the business world at a global level.

On the other hand, South African English, New Zealand and Australia have become real “hits” lately, especially the “Aussies”, which have conquered the big screen with renowned actors like Kate Blanchet, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Mia Wasikowska and Chris Hemsworth.

At Taxi2airport we hope that our blog of differences between British and American English has been useful for you:)

Layover At The Airport? Get A Free City Tour At These 5 Airports

The airplane is the fastest way of transportation from one place to another one. Nevertheless, traveling with planes often takes an entire day: transfer times to and from the airport often take several hours, for the check-in you have to be at least an hour before starting. Especially, if you have an unfavorable connection, it comes to a quite long layover at the airport.

In addition, too much air-conditioner, uncomfortable seats and completely overpriced snacks and drinks are only a few annoyances.

We show you 5 airports which have turned the whole idea and offering small city tours for free!



On the one hand, the Singapore’s Changi airport has so many cool features (a butterfly garden, a video gaming room, free massage chairs) that we wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to leave its air-conditioned comfort. On the other hand, Singapore’s airport offers two free city tours for people who have more than six hours to stay at the airport.








You can book this tour before immigration, head to either Transfer Lounge F in Terminal 2 or Transfer Lounge A in Terminal 3. The free city tours shows a lot of all the downtown highlights and exploring cool neighborhoods. There are four Heritage and two City Sights tours per day. Heritages are during the morning and afternoon, and City Sights in the evening.






The Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the busiest airport in the whole country. If your Layover at this airport and is longer than six hours, you can sign up for the free city tour, which give travelers a quick tour of Istanbul and it’s Highlights.  You can discover most iconic landmarks, including Hippodrome Square, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace.








When you arrive, look for the Hotel Desk in the international arrivals hall. (It’s next to the Starbucks.) There, you can sign up for one of the five daily tour departures, but you will need to be there at least half an hour before the next one starts.



A the Tokyo Narita Airport you have the choice between Sightseeing and Shopping. If you opt to go out with a guide on a cultural tour, you can explore the towns of Tako or Shibayama, go on a forest walk, or visit the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences; on-your-own travelers can shop at one of two malls that are accessible from the airport via train.





If you’re staying at the Schiphol Airport and flying with the national carrier KLM. You can sign up for the „Layover with a local“ city tour, if you have a layover of six hours or more. Fill out a quick questionnaire about your interests (fashion, food, tech, etc) and KLM will pair you up with an English-speaking local with similar likes, give you free bus tickets into town and back to the airport, and pay for the first round of drinks when you meet your new pal at a bar in central Amsterdam.







How cool is that? Book a trip which includes a layover at Amsterdam Schiphol. Furthermore, you will receive an email from KLM and get information about the free city tour.





The Airline Quatar Airways offers three free tours of Doha. If you ever have a layover at the Doha Airport in Quatar get a free city tour. From major attractions like the Zaha Hadid-designed Museum of Islamic Art, to the Souk Watif, or the Katara Cultural Village. The tours come with a complimentary visa, meaning that you will get back afterwards into the airport.