6 Useful Tips to Survive the Cold During the Winter Season

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t tolerate cold?


At Taxi2airport we only want the best for you! That’s why we will give you some advices to withstand the cold.






Warm drinks will help you a lot to fight against the cold, feel better and sleep well. We strongly recommend you to take 10 minutes off before going to sleep and drink tea or warm water!



If you want to get warm we recommend you to practise sport. You can do some fitness, running or riding a bike, because this will help your organism to increase your beating and your body temperature.



The food always gives energy to our body for combating the cold. The temperature of the food is not so important when you are trying to increase the warmth of your body. We recommend you to eat soups, fish, eggs and yogurt because it helps a lot to maintain a temperature. They hydrate and help to have the body high of defenses.



Sleeping 8 hours per day will get your hormones in shape. Furthermore, the lack of rest, causes increase of fats, increases the production of “ghrelin” which is an hormone that increases appetite. Don’t watch TV until 1:00AM, but go to sleep earlier in order to have energy the following day.



Receiving massages one time per month would help you a lot to increase your circulation, which boosts immunity by nourishing cells with more oxygen and blood. Your body will be relax and not rest.




When you go to bed, the sheets are cold and you have the same sensation as if you are in the North Pole. We recommend you to sleep with someone and receive hugs and kisses.  Apart from that, dressing many layers would help too.




At taxi2airport we hope that this list of tips would help you to withstand the cold!

Sustainable Tips to Travel 100% Green : A New Way to Travel

Sustainable tourism means traveling green

This is a type of tourism promoted by operators who pay attention to the relationship between tourism and nature. Adopt these sustainable and operational strategies in order to ensure that this relationship will be in harmony and respect.

Here is a practical guide for those who are planning their holidays:

The current world that is in a financial crisis and affects all sectors of our lives, has spared the international tourism field.

 According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the International tourism has increased with 48% in 2014 than it did back in 2013. The international tourist arrivals reached an amount of one billion people.

A great result for the economy but a real problem for the environment and our planet.

However, it is possible to improve the situation: people need to consider it as an important opportunity to change habits and travel in a more sustainable way.



What is sustainable tourism

Ecotourism is defined by the International Ecotourism Society as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the wellness of the local people”. To sum up we can quote what sustainable lifestyle expert Alastair Fuad-Luke says in his book: “ecotourists are travelers who love to have fun, not to destroy the environment.”



Choosing YOUR destination

Where can we be eco-friendlier? We could plan a responsible travel in one of the more environment respectful countries, according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI).

In 2014 the top ten countries were: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Norway.

For those who love the metropolitan tourism; the eco-friendliest city in the world is Frankfurt, followed by London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Hong Kong, Madrid and Singapore.

Finally, eco-tourists should go to the UNESCO’s world heritage sites in order to help preserving them, particularly the ones which are in danger.



Sustainable tourism in the world

Making ecotourism in large parks and green areas is relatively easy. But you can even organize sustainable holidays in cities and the most popular destinations of the world. We give you some examples:



It is not only a place where you can see the history of a revolution. You can also see how they produce local bio-products, such as honey.

Cuba has not been able to afford pesticides and has a natural environment that encourages bees. The memory of these precious insects have never been occurred. The bees are in good health which makes the production of honey the country’s key export.



New York


The Big Apple is no shortage of travelers … but can you do sustainable tourism in New York? The offer of the city is so large, that the answer can only be yes. According to some, it is also possible to calibrate a sustainable route specifically for the little ones.

Back in July 2015, New York reduced the impact of “street waste” and banned their containers for food and beverages that are packed in polystyrene packages. They only admitting those that are packed in bio-plastic.

Means of transport

Choosing the right transport is fundamental. The greenest way is travelling by train. However, there are some airline companies that increase their ticket price in order to compensate the CO2 emissions. Once you arrive at your destination you can travel by public transports, by bike or…just go walking!




More and more hotels all over the world are trying to reduce their impact and certify their commitment towards the environment.

The most popular certifications at an international level are : Ecolabel, Green Key, Green Globe and the sustainable tourism eco-certification program.




The International Union for Conservation of Nature suggests how to travel in a green way. We will tell you our best tips:

  • Visit areas with high natural and cultural values;
  • Bring light luggage;
  • Plan the route;
  • Adapt with local cultures;
  • Choose sustainable hotels;
  • Take trains and coaches into account instead of airplanes;
  • Try some local food;
  • Avoid to buy souvenirs made of endangered plants;
  • Try to bother animals as less as possible when you are taking pictures in unexplored areas;
  • Keep in touch with the local environmental associations after returning home.

And if that is not enough, you can take a look at the following list of the most sustainable cities in the world. Check the list.

Whatever your choice will be, you can book all your transfers from and to the airports at our website.

Places You Should Visit in Amsterdam

Have you ever been in Amsterdam? At Taxi2airport we want you to discover all beautiful and different places to go. Let’s have a look 😉


Our first recommendation is to take a free boat at Amsterdam Central Station to NDSM-Werf. Here you can find a restaurant that is called Pllek which is constructed of industrial raw materials (shipping containers) in front of the watercourse.




Do you want to try the traditional Dutch cuisine? Go to an original Dutch restaurant which is called Moeders where you can find pictures of mothers on their wall. Apart from the Dutch cuisine, you can also choose other things from their international menu.




In the West of Amsterdam there is a modern brewery that is called Bouwerij ‘IJ. It is next to a windmill producing organic blonde & dark beers & running short tours. We recommend you to ask for a tester and they will bring you five different beers to try.





The Vondelpark is a very famous public urban park of 47 hectares in Amsterdam. It is situated in the vibran center of the Dutch city, close to Leidseplein and the Museumplein. In this park you can always find something to do like reading, cycling, skating or just chilling…




De Pijp which translates to “The Pipe” is located in the South of Amsterdam’s city centre. In this fancy area of the city you can find the most famous street market in The Netherlands, the Albert Cuyp Market. You can also go to the former Heineken brewery that is one of the most popular tourist attraction.










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10 Amazing Beaches to Visit whitout Leaving Europe

What do you think when you hear about beach holidays?

The turquoise water, white sand, palm trees beaches… Some of you will respond as Thailand, Caribbean or Seychelles…

And what about Europe? A territory that surprises by revealing to the seaside life lovers that has nothing to envy to tropical seas!

 Do you want to do sports? Building sand castles with the kids? Swim or spend your honeymoon in any European country? No problem, there are options for all tastes .

From Spain to Greece as well as Italy, discover our list of the 10 best European beaches.


Playa de S.Alga, Formentera – Spain


Here the sea is always calm and clear, blue waters and pink sand for a true paradise on earth to visit in the period from May to October.



Scala dei Turchi, Sicily – Italy


One of the most spectacular sights to admire in this stretch of Sicilian coast near Agrigento is, the so called, Scala dei Turchi.

Characterized by a white cliff overlooking the turquoise sea, which has the form of a huge staircase, hence the name.

A bath in these waters during the period from May to September it’s mandatory for those who cross the Sicily island in 2017.



Rhossili Bay, Galles – United Kingdom


Rhossili Bay offers an enchanting and surreal landscape, a corner of incredibly spectacular paradise that allows you to experience wonderful days in front of the sea. We recommend a visit from July to September.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos – Greece


With no doubt it is the most beautiful beach of Zakynthos, but is it correct to call it as one of the most photographed beaches all over the Greece.
Accessible only from the sea, immediately it gives the idea of ​​the greatness and perfection. Embraced by the blue tones of the sea that stretch as far as the eye can see, is simply unique and the wreck seems put there by the hand of an artist.



Cala Rossa, Sicily – Italy

Favignana is one of the most fascinating islands of Sicily and Cala Rossa is one of its most beautiful beaches. A spectacular tourist destination to visit from March to October.



Egremni beach, Lefkada – Greece

The beach Egremni is a natural wonder located in the Ionian island of Lefkada, Greece. This stretch of coastline is characterized by white sand and high cliffs that overlook the clean deep blue sea.






Playa de Las Catedrales, Lugo – Spain


This magnificent beach has the particularity of being surrounded by cliffs shaped arch, that, reaching out to more than 30 meters high, look like a cathedral (hence the name). When the tide goes down, you can see the caves and the stone corridors curiously shaped…


Spiaggia la Pelosa, Sardegna – Italy

The Pelosa beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and is considered as the beach with the water is so delightful to have no equal anywhere else in Italy. Has been chosen for its beauty, the 2nd most beautiful beach in Italy (1st in Sardinia) and the 4th in Europe. Its turquoise color of the water and its transparency, as well as its fine white sand make it look like a tropical beach rather than Mediterranean.



Cala Mariolu, Sardegna -Italy

Famous for its clear water and sand mixed with round stones in pink. The area is rich in caves, one of which opens directly onto the bay. The beach is always crowded for the enchanting beauty of the natural environment and the sea floor, which attract those who wish to dive in its waters.


Stiniva beach, Vis – Kroatia



Almost completely obscured from the view of passing boats, Stiniva beach on the Croatian island of Vis has something very magical and mysterious in herself. Visit this amazing place is a must for next summer.



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