Breakfast from All Over the World: 10 Trends to Make it Memorable

The morning breakfast is a special moment all over the world. It is what gives the first impression to our day and helps to make it more or less pleasant and successful.

Especially when you are traveling you can try a lot of various trends regarding breakfast. Here are the 10 different experiences of breakfast that you may have all over the world.

English Breakfast

Here is a complete version of the traditional English breakfast: beans, bacon, sausage and tomatoes. A good way to start the day with energy to spare!

American Breakfast

infinite are the kinds of breakfast that can be found in the United States. Famous Pancakes can be accompanied with various flavors: chocolate, fruit, syrups …


Italian Breakfast

Italians are known for their sweet breakfasts and fairly quick, very often consumed at the bar… and what could be better and faster than a frothy cappuccino and a fresh croissant?


Scandinavian Breakfast

The Morgenmad represents a highly important meal for all Scandinavians. Every day, and even more on weekends, the bakers are dedicated to churn out a variety of breads and pastries. Below we have selected a variant of possible Scandinavian breakfast: rugbrød black bread, boiled eggs, cheese, butter, jam and cereals.


French Breakfast

One of the most envied and desired breakfast by sweets lovers is certainly the French. Characterized by croissants of all kinds, filled with jam, chocolate, cream…. and many other flavors.


Spanish Breakfast

“Chocolate con churros”. A typical Spanish breakfast, especially in winter. Who would not warm up that way when it’s cold outside?


Australian Breakfast

The Australian breakfast is quite similar to English, but still offers some specialties, such as a kind of corn torrija (similar to the French pain perdu).


Iranian Breakfast

A breakfast that is a feast for the palate. It’s called Haleem and is the most popular and traditional breakfast in Iran. It serves in a bowl and is characterized by meat (lamb or chicken), cinnamon, melted butter, sugar and salt. It can be eaten cold or hot, according to taste.


Japanese Breakfast

For many Westerners the Japanese breakfast is a totally new experience. Far from sweet or salty taste of the breakfasts that we usually see in Europe, the Japanese consists of a soup, a bowl of rice, vegetables and fish.


German Breakfast

The German breakfast changes from region to region. We will show the most usual version: sausages, yoghurt and cheese. Interesting is the variety of bread, cereals and pastries to put on the table.

If you are already hungry, and can not wait to try one of these international breakfasts, book now on your next trip to an exotic destination in the world, and add one more breakfast at this list!

The 8 Most Colorful Cities Of The World

You are tired of traditional urban landscapes? These 8 most colorful travel destinations will offer you amazing colorful landscapes to brighten your view! From South Africa to Denmark, these are some of the most colorful cities around the globe. Stay tuned, these cities are amazing.

Havana, Cuba




Vintage Cars and bright colored buildings are what you will find in the streets of Cuba. So, take a trip to Havana’s colorful neighborhood and look at the rooftops and note their amazing style.


Vernazza, Italy



Another breathtaking city is Vernazza. Just be sure to look over the trail to get a bird’s eye view of Vernazza.

Wroclaw, Poland



Let’s travel to Eastern Europe. Plenty of cool restaurants and Cafés are what you will find near the Rynek Plaza. Also Wroclaw has a lot of beautiful churches near the city center to offer.

San Francisco, California



One of the most photographed locations in San Francisco, Alamo Square’s famous “postcard row” at Hayes and Steiner Streets is indeed a visual treat. A tight, escalating formation of Victorian houses is back-dropped by downtown skyscrapers, providing a stunning contrast. The grassy square itself is an ideal midday break.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen, Nyhavn

The next colorful city is Copenhagen! The premier capital of Northern Europe is Scandinavia’s most fantastic city and the center of the most dynamic region in Europe, the resund Region. The city is one of Europe’s oldest capitals with an exclusive royal touch – the monarchy in Denmark which is the oldest in the world.

Bristol, England




If ever there was a city with a story to tell, it’s Bristol.  Enveloped in the hills of South West England, it has its own unmistakable identity, grounded in roots from centuries past and carved out since by passionate locals and spirited fans.


Willemstad, Curacao


Handelskade, Willemstad, Curaçao


With 150,000 inhabitants, Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage. The island’s capital is characterized by the closed rows of colorful gabled houses, which are reminding of Old Amsterdam. The decoration there and colorful colors are the hallmark of the city.


Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa


Bo-kaap in the old Malay quarter of Cape Town South Africa with Signal Hill behind the colorful homes just before sunset


The brightly colored houses on either side of the street is a recent innovation that celebrates the district’s Muslim identity. In earlier days, all the houses of Cape Town were painted white. Then the residents of Bo-Kaap began painting their houses in vivid colors in preparation for the celebration of Eid. Neighbors would often agree on what colors to use so as not to have a clash of shades.

5 Christmas Markets Must be in Your Bucket List

Christmas tree has been set and the decorative lights have been turned on. The holiday season is already here and we are looking for the best Christmas markets to warm up your winter days.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Time: 19 November – 31 December 2016 (Tivoli Gardens), 11 November – 23 December 2016 (Nyhavn) and 18 November – 22 December 2016 (Hans Christian Andersen)

Nearest airport: Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen is a real Christmas city. As one of Northern cities which experience long dark winter nights, Copenhagen is where you can feel the Nordic Christmas spirit at several Christmas markets. The most popular that you cannot miss is Tivoli Gardens. The historic theme park will be lightened up by thousands of lights on wooden houses and five-minute light shows during the evening.

Strasbourg, France


Time: 25 November – 24 December

Nearest airport: Strasbourg Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

Strasbourg is named as “The Capital of Christmas” thanks to its Christmas market which is the oldest in France and the largest in Europe. This year is the 446th edition of Strasbourg’s Christmas market where you can find over 300 stalls with warm drink and food with typical crafts of the region. In 2016, Portugal is invited as the guest country who brings a Portuguese village to Strasbourg.

Vienna, Austria


Time: 11 November – 26 December 2016

Nearest airport: Vienna International Airport

Being held in the most beautiful square of the city – in front of the City Hall Rathaus, Vienna Christmas Market is a truly festive sparkling area. This year is the first time visitors can experience skating through the park. Children are warmly welcomed to the magical market where on the ground floor of the City Hall they can learn making Christmas cookies and candles.

Prague, Czech Republic


Time: 26 November 2016 – 6 January 2017

Nearest airport: Vaclav Havel Prague Airport

The busiest market in the city is located at Old Town Square and surrounded by the beautiful building of St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town Hall Tower. Besides a big Christmas tree lightened up by hundreds of lights and dozens of wooden stalls, there is an open stage for Christmas music and plays.

Dresden, Germany


Time: 24 November – 24 December 2016

Nearest airport: Dresden International Airport

As the oldest German Christmas market, Dresden Striezelmarkt celebrates its 582nd anniversary this year. It is promised to have a long list of events in every week; for example, Dresden Schwibbogen festival on the 11th of December, Decorating the Dresden Christmas tree on the 17th of December. The detail calendar and useful information for your trip to Dresden can be found here.

Leave your comments here if we’ve missed any magical one.

Best of Travel 2017 Selected by Lonely Planet

The largest travel guide publisher – Lonely Planet – has announced the best destinations in 2017. Let’s explore which are honoured this year.

Best Country – Canada


Canada has always been a hot spot on the travel map of the world with its beautiful nature, “hulking-mountain and craggy-coast good look”. But the world second-largest country has more to offer. Lonely Planet recognized the country’s new leader Justin Trudeau as a breath of fresh air to release Canadian energy which was hidden in its dynamic cites. The year 2017 will mark 150th Canadian Confederation, which promises a country full of birthday parties and international events. The publisher also predicts a cheaper price to spend on Canadian fusion food and “mysteriously underrated wine” thanks to the weak Canadian dollar.

Best City – Bordeaux, France


Used to be called “Sleeping Beauty”; Bordeaux is now awake and ready for its new chapter. In mid-2017, the LGV Sud-Ouest line connecting Tours and Bordeaux will be completed and reduce travel time from Paris to Bordeaux from more than 3 hours down to just 2 hours. Bordeaux is absolutely a must destination for wine-lovers. There, La Cité du Vin will impress you with its supreme standard of wine-making. Besides, travel experts from Lonely Planet also appreciate the city’s gastronomic revolution.

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Best Region – Choquequirao, Peru


Located south of Peru, hidden in the Apurimac Vally, Choquequirao is selected as the best region to travel in 2017. Not as popular as Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is not the main attraction of Peru that people fly across oceans to see. It takes 2 days hiking to reach the place; but soon, in 2017, a cable car is expected to operate and bring 3,000 visitors there a day in just-15-minute-ride. That’s why it is a now-or-never moment to experience the lesser-known Choquequirao before it turns to be the next crowded Machu Picchu.

Best Value – Nepal


“If you go there, it is easy to see why”, said Tony Wheeler – Lonely Planet founder – when he gave his comment on Nepal’s top ranking in Best Value. Food or accommodation is relatively cheap compared to Western living standards. The country has recovered from the 2015 earthquake tragedy and people are coming back there to bring the money to help restoring temples which were destroyed. The reason for the country’s popularity on travel map is its wonderful trekking routes and warm welcomed local citizens.

You can explore more about Lonely Planet’s picked destination for the next year on its website.

Traditional New Year’s Eve Celebrations all around the World

New Year’s Eve is one of those exciting holidays with parties and having fun. But it becomes even more interesting if you decide to travel to places where rituals, customs and symbols are very different from yours.

Here is the most extraordinary New Year’s Eve traditions all over the world.

Shanghai : The hanging desires

for their New Year’s Eve, Chinese people write poetic greetings hanging everywhere.



Kurdistan : Spring’s renewal

Jumping over a fire to have more strength and drive evil away: it is a Kurdish rite for the celebration of their New Year (in March).




Tibet : Anti demons masks

The Tibetan New Year falls between January and March: that day the monks camouflage to drive away evil spirits.





Romania : The Goat’s Festival

In the Romanian village of Mănăstirea Humorului a group of boys got in costume for the masquerade of the Goats: local custom with which to mark the New Year is celebrated death and rebirth by staging up to 30 figures. The goat, symbol of wealth and good fortune, is represented by a wooden mask placed on a BA stone. Surrounded by characters like the old, the devil or the priest, the animal dance until they die. Then, his later awakens to a new life.


Mongolia : The Sport’s Festival

In Mongolia, the Lunar New Year is greeted with traditional wrestling competitions.




Japan : Written Greetings

There, the tradition is expected that in the first days of the new year take place races calligraphy for children. In Japan, the New Year is announced from 108 gong strokes.



Hong Kong : Moving Meditation

Shaolin monks perform during the Chinese New Lunar Year




Perù – Gift to the Sun

In Cuzco, Peru, on June 24, the people celebrate the New Inca Year.




Thailand – Lucky Showers


The new year, in Thailand, is celebrated in April. Here, in Bangkok, it is celebrated with gallons of water splashing.




Taiwan : Prayers in a Lantern

In Taiwan, for the Lunar New Year, paper lanterns in which some prayers have been written are released into the sky.




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