The Most Beautiful Roads in The World

In case you’re starting to think about your next holiday destination, have a look at this list of some of the world’s most beautiful roads.


Touge Roads of Mount Fuji, Japan – Asia

Mount Fuji is located in Japan. This is one of Japan’s highest mountain and a recognisable symbol of the country. You can find breathtaking views of the mountain while driving. Look out on the famous Lake Yamanaka below. The viewing spots can be a bit crowded, but keep driving and eventually you will find a nice spot to enjoy the view.

Route 40 Argentina – South America


Argentina is a country ideal for a car trip. You can ride through very special and spectacular routes with while you are traveling with your car. For example, choose the Ruta 40, which runs across some 5,000 kilometers along the Andes from north to south. This is not a standard road, this is the longest road in Argentina. You can get on a month long road trip on this road.

Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa – Afrika

Ask as a tourist in Cape Town ten locals to their favorite spots in Cape Town and you’ll hear at least three times; ” You gotta do Chappies ‘.’Chappies’ is the nickname of Chapman’s Peak Drive, one of the most famous attractions of Cape Town. With its winding roads and amazing views is Chapman’s Peak Drive not only a tourist attraction but also a popular photographic and filming location for car commercials.

Amalfi Coast Road, Italy – Europe

Not suitable for the faint of heart, the impressive views That can be seen from the Amalfi Coast make this one of the best road to travel by car in the world: With sheer cliffs and a rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages, this road is about 36 km long and connects the little city of “Vietri sul Mare” to the west of Positano. Driving along the Amalfi Coast is an unforgettable experience to try When you spend a holiday in Italy.


Route 66, USA, North America

Among all possible routes scattered in the United States, none compares with the legendary Route 66: This is the “Pure America”, the America of the Great American Dream, the Road that crossed thousands of people to California in search of’ El Dorado, of wealth, of richness.
The Route 66  goes through 8 states and after 3 time zones, ending at the Santa Monica Pier in California, with a distance of about 2,500 miles (4,000 km).


Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

Some locals have dubbed the Great ocean Road “big asphalt sea serpent” for the way it flows sinuously along the beaches: 253 km that runs along the entire south-eastern Australian coast. It goes through the surf beaches, small sea towns, and rainforests. Kangaroos and koalas watching us from a distance while we speed with our car, waiting for the moment you take off sunglasses to appreciate the immense oceanic scenarios, and with a little luck, also spot the whales in the ocean.


Taxi2airport biedt elektrische taxi’s aan in groener wordende taxibranche

Taxi2airport heeft een module in het boekingssysteem geïntegreerd waarmee consumenten zelf kunnen kiezen voor een elektrische taxi. Op deze manier probeert de online aanbieder van taxidiensten de consument een bewuste optie te bieden. Taxi2airport is hiermee een van de eerste online aanbieders, die deze optie aanbiedt in de airport transfer branche.


Taxi2airport heeft duurzaamheid hoog in het vaandel staan en met deze module wil de dienstverlener consumenten meer keuzevrijheid en -bewustheid bieden.

Ruim 1 miljoen taxiritten per week

Via het online reserveringssysteem van Taxi2airport kunnen mensen wereldwijd een rit van of naar een vliegveld boeken, waarbij milieuvriendelijke ritten nu ook tot de opties behoren. Ingezoomd op Nederland worden er iedere week meer dan een miljoen passagiers door 30.000 werknemers en 8.000 zelfstandigen naar hun bestemming gebracht (bron: KNV). Dit biedt veel potentie op gebied van milieuvriendelijkheid.

Taxibranche in vergroening

De Nederlandse taxibranche heeft zichzelf de afgelopen jaren steeds sterker weten te innoveren met het oog op milieuvriendelijkheid en duurzaamheid. Zo zijn er in Nederland groengas-pompen gekomen op verzoek van taxibedrijven, heeft Schiphol dit jaar een boost gekregen door elektrisch taxivervoer en is er zelfs een taxibedrijf op de markt gekomen met een volledig elektrisch wagenpark. Door deze de elektrische module toe te voegen, draagt Taxi2airport op haar eigen manier ook een steentje bij aan de vergroening in de airport transfer branche.

Customs intercepted 40 million fake goods in the EU

The Customs authorities in the EU have seized more than 40 million fake goods last year, an increase of 15 percent from 2014.


The total value amounted 650 million euros, according to the European Commission. Fake branded cigarettes (27 percent) have been confiscated at the external borders of the EU. Chinese exporters are the biggest violators of intellectual property (41 percent).

According to EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici (Taxation and Customs), there are no signs that the criminal activity decreases that our common market flooded with counterfeit and illegal products.

The culprits

Besides cigarettes under false names there are also liquor, medicines, electric appliances, perfumes and toys smuggled on a large scale into the EU.

After China (including Hong Kong), then Montenegro, Malaysia and Benin are the biggest culprits. The Dutch customs increased in 2015 more than five million “wrong” items seized, according to the Commission. More than double compared to the previous year.


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Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

Autumn has already arrived. If you are looking for a place to see autumn colours, we have some suggestions for you.

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

Jeju, South Korea

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

The magical island located in South Korea is a popular destination in Asia, especially in autumn. Millions of visitors come here to watch the beautiful volcanic landscape which was created million years ago. The average temperature during October in Jeju is 20oC, that brings you a chilling atmosphere.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

The city located in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic is a great choice for an autumn escape in Central Europe. You can spend a day walking in the small city, pass by the nearly-1000-year-old Český Krumlov Castle, seeing the leaves changing colour in the Castle Garden and enjoy some traditional hot soup.

Loire Valley, France

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

As known as “the garden of France”, Loire Valley is among the best places to enjoy autumn colours. Taking a-few-hours-trip from Paris, you’ve already landed in the home of 300 chateaux and one of the world’s most well-known areas of wine production.

Bruges, Belgium

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

Widely referred to as “The Venice of the North”, Bruges is more than that. The city is served by the Ostend-Bruges International Airport which brings millions of visitors annually to the medieval town. The name of the city is derived from the word “bridge”, that you will probably be lost among canals.

Douro Valley, Portugal

Best 5 Destinations for Autumn Escape

The last suggestion is another enchanted European valley located in Portugal which was recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO three times. It is proud to be the first officially designated wine region in the world. Not only enormous vineyards, you will find remarkable buildings by the riverbanks.

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No longer 3 Hours Before Departure at Brussels Airport

Travellers flying from Brussels to a destination within the EU are assured that they get their flight in time as they arrive forty-five minutes before departure at Brussels airport.

Brussels airport

If they miss their flight nevertheless, they get refunded the price of the ticket. Which announced the head of the airport in Zaventem, Arnaud Feist, Thursday on the French radio station Bel RTL.

The check-in at Brussels Airport have been tightened since the terrorist attacks on March 22, but according to Feist is now working more efficiently than before.

Travellers should still go through an additional check in tents outside before they can enter the departure hall. Feist said that these so-called pre-checks probably disappear by December, to make room for ” other measures ”.

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10 Tips to Cool Off

Not everywhere in the world we deal with extreme heat. But abroad, temperatures can rise substantially. Then it is useful to know how to keep your body temperature under control, because heatstroke or dehydration can be add up quickly. 10 tips to cool off:

10 tips to cool off

Cooling tip 1: Do not drink ice cold water

In extreme heat, you think you need to drink water with ice cubes. The colder the better, you think. But this has just the opposite effect. The icy water allows your body to cool down temporarily. The thermostat in your brain ensures that your body temperature will rise again, with the result that you get extra hot. By drinking warm (herbal) tea the opposite occurs. The heat from the tea provides a temporary increase in body temperature. Your body responds by quickly setting your thermostat lower.

Cooling tip 2: Wear light clothes with a light color

White emits heat off and dark colors take just heat up. It’s not for nothing that desert dwellers wear long white robes. Sometimes it seems better to wear hardly any clothes, but a sun-discolored skin can absorb a lot of heat. Wearing white clothes can therefore be better than wearing no clothes. A black colored snapback is fatal. Your head will be able to overheat.

Cooling tip 3: Do not fight the heat

People can be pretty excited about warm weather. If you want to cool down, it is the trick to remain calm and accept the heat. Because is you worry about it, there will be stress and stress increases your heart rate. You’ll put your body unconsciously to work, with the result that you’re even hotter. Stay relaxed and keep your body temperature stable.

Cooling tip 4: Divide the day with a tropic roster

In really hot countries it can help to adjust your schedule to the heat. Stand up earlier to avoid the worst heat. Try to do less between 12:00 and 16:00. Take for example a power nap or siesta to cool off.

Cooling tip 5: Eat fruits

Your body cools by sweating. The heat will expel from your body. While sweating, you lose the necessary fluid, but also salts that should be completed. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegetables that can complement this fluid and salt shortage. The best fruit for this is the watermelon. But also the sugar melon, apples, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are excellent cooling food.

Cooling tip 6: Keep your home cool

Keep your house completely closed during the warm days. When it’s starting to cool off at night and the outside temperature falls below the indoor temperature, you can set windows and shutters open to cool the house. Try not to cook or bake during the day. This heat lingers in your home. If your house is warmed up in the summer to a certain temperature, it will retain heat for a long time.

Cooling tip 7: Put a cold washcloth on your neck to cool off

A cold washcloth on your neck can be very refreshing. You can also keep your feet in a tub of water or your wrists under the tap.

Cooling tip 8: Limit spicy food, cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine

Certain foods stimulate the sweat glands. Due to the consumption of hot peppers, for example, the heart rate goes up. Your body is put to extra work, causing the body temperature may rise slightly. Then your body gives the signal for cooling, which will produce your sweat. If the weather is warm, you obviously are not waiting for that to happen.

Cooling tip 9: Take a lukewarm shower or bath

A hot shower or bath actually has the same effect as drinking a cup of tea, with the added benefit that you feel clean and fresh.

Cooling tip 10: Moderate skin oils and makeup

Skin oils and makeup tend to insulate your body. That means they retain heat and do not cool off. While during hot summer weather you just want to drive the heat from your body. So be careful with this kind of cosmetics. Anyways some cosmetics can also trigger an allergic reaction in the sun.

Turkey gently comes back on the travel market.

After a long holiday dip Turkey gently comes back as a holiday destination for the Dutch.

Turkey gently comes back

Turkey gently comes back as holiday destination. Dutch booked in August 15 per cent fewer package tours to the country than in the same month last year, reports industry association General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies (ANVR). That’s according to the travel industry organization, a substantial improvement compared with the previous months.

Thus, the decline in July was 45 per cent and in June 26 per cent. Since the beginning of the year the bookings to Turkey running now about 34 per cent behind compared to last year at this time. Especially Spain (plus 29 per cent) and Portugal (plus 23 per cent) were able to take advantage of the slump in Turkey. Greece also does well as a holiday destination.

In total, according to the Dutch ANVR slightly (0.5 per cent), Dutch booked more holidays in the first eight months of the year than in the same period last year.


According to tour operators Turkey attracts because it is cheap. “For the price of a four-star apartment in Spain you could be in a five star all inclusive in Turkey during autumn,” said Daisy Mijnals from Corendon, the largest provider of travel to Turkey in the Netherlands. Turkey gently comes back on the travel market because people love to on holidays in Turkey.

Hanita van der Meer from Thomas Cook sees that “day after day” they get more bookings to Turkey. According to Hanita van der Meer tourists on the Turkish coast notice nothing of the political unrest in the country. “Even during the attempted coup they had not noticed.”

Over 50,000 Alarm Euro Cross Calls This Summer

Alarm Euro Cross Assistance had this summer 51.469 telephone conversations with people who had a technical or medical problem.

Alarm Euro Cross

Remarkably often the conversations they received went about rabies. Mostly after someone got bitten by a dog or monkey. There also was an increase this year in the number of bicycle accidents involving serious injuries to the head, collarbone and wrist.

Don’t forget the car problems people had. An overheated engine led to many questions for technical assistance. There where about 686 people repatriated during their summer holidays in 2016.

The busiest day for Alarm Euro Cross Assistance was Monday August 1st. There were 1357 incoming calls that day.

Most reports this year came from France, Spain, Italy and Germany. There has also been called more from Asia than there has been in previous years. The Asian countries that have been calling to Euro Cross Assistance include countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

About 686 people repatriated this summer if, for example, people cannot travel home by themselves after a hospital stay.

The 10 most bizarre complaints in hotels

Some guests expect very strange things from a hotel visit. 10 bizarre complaints ranging from “the waiter is too handsome’ to ‘my dog has not enjoyed the stay.”


Not just pop stars can behave like snooty divas. Even “ordinary” hotel visitors want to be treated like a VIP. But their requests and desires are sometimes outrageous, according to a study for which 400 valets were surveyed from 49 different countries. Daily Mail puts the strangest complaints one by one.

The 10 most bizarre complaints:

  1. The sheets are too white.
  2. The sea is too blue.
  3. The ice is too cold.
  4. An oversized tub in the bathroom caused a disgruntled guest.
  5. A light sleeper had slept badly because the snoring of his partner kept him awake all night.
  6. A guest demanded his money back, because his dog had not enjoyed the stay.
  7. A customer was able to complain about the fact that he had a room without a sea view. Little detail, it was a hotel room in London.
  8. An irritated guest did not find steak on the vegetarian menu.
  9. For some people extremes are never good enough. A guest complained about a too handsome waiter.
  10. No place for the mother of the groom in the suite


The 10 strangest requests:

  1. “I want a glass of water every hour of the night.”
  2. Another guest likes to eat cucumbers: 15 per day.
  3. Hygiene above all. Thus, the study mentions a guest who demanded that his toilet was filled with mineral water.
  4. A bath filled with honey, because according to the host that is “very healthy and good for the skin.”
  5. Someone who undoubtedly grew up in the mountains, asked for the sound of ringing bells around the neck of a mountain goat. “To fall asleep easily.”
  6. Asking for chicken in a restaurant is anything but strange, unless you just want to eat the right side of a chicken.
  7. A dead mouse, no idea what someone planed with that.
  8. A bath filled with chocolate, a dream of many. Yet there are actually guests who dare to ask.
  9. 16 pillows for just one person.
  10. The order “one bowl crocodile soup’.

Travel By Plane? Wear Sneakers to Walk

Light footwear is comfortable while you travel by plane, but sport shoes are better. Because then you can still do something useful during long waits for your health; such as walking a long way.

travel by plane

Dr. Christopher Berger, as chairman of the working group air travel of the American College of Sports Medicine, knows what he is talking about. He spends plenty of time at airports. He always sees what happens when waiting times and queues are getting longer; people are stressing that something will go wrong with their flight while their frustration keeps growing. Many people pass the time and frustration with extra food and drinks. This all are not really good for your health when you travel by plane.

Why not just go walking a long way


“Why not just go walking a long way,” Berger suggests. “An excellent way to charge off steam, to clear your head and to deliver your body a significant boost that can use it well when you’re sitting for hours during your flight. Many airports are large enough for a long trip of 20 minutes to half an hour without having to run laps,” said Berger.

Prevent Thrombosis While You Travel By Plane

Stretching your legs is also an excellent way to prevent deep vein thrombosis, one of the risks of long travel by plane journeys. When you sit still for long, the blood flows more slowly through the leg veins that will cause blood clots. When such a blood clot comes loose, it flows with the blood through the heart to the lungs until it hits the clamp in finer blood vessels. There, he blocks the blood that comes to pick up oxygen in the lungs. The larger the clot, the bigger the risk.

Always Better Than Sitting and Dozing

Many people buy themselves a pedometer to boost their health by putting each day some additional steps. Waiting times at airports are an ideal opportunity to make it happen. A good book is undoubtedly a good way to kill time, but after a while you become drowsy and lethargic. This is the perfect time to stretch the legs. It requires no more than a flexible walking shoe.