Travel Destinations Without Children are Increasingly Popular.

travel without children

What is important to you when you’ll travel? Is that animation, a hotel close to the beach, socializing with other travellers or do you prefer a relaxed stay with as much as possible rest? Dutch travel organisations see a striking increase in accommodations that are only accessible for adults and travel without children.

We’ve all been there. When there are children running and screaming and disturbing your rest while you’re sunbathing. Not everyone, but there are people who don’t wish anything like that during their vacation. Many accommodations have a solution to this; 18 + hotels. These hotels are becoming more popular according to large travel agencies. New hotels are opened only for adults and existing hotels are converted to travel without children.

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travel without children

At Neckermann Travel they are already trying for several years to extend the offer for 18 + hotels. “We see the rising demand among young people who still do not have children and the so-called ‘ empty nesters ‘, of which the children are living on their own,” says Alice van der Meer from Neckermann Travel. Also other Dutch travel organisations such as D-reizen, Trivago and Corendon see the increase to travel without children. Corendon has even doubled its offer and sees the increase especially in Spain.

Currently, travel company TUI has 30 of these hotels; there will be 35 hotels next year. “We see an increase in both number of hotels as in passenger and expect a growth for the years ahead ‘ says a TUI spokesman.

Ears and Flying

ear pain

Ear Pain?! What happens to your ears on a airplane, and some tips and tricks to relieve the ear pain and discomfort. Pressure and pain in your ears during a flight can be very annoying and even painful. Especially when you have to wait 12 more hours to hear normal again. We love to share some information and tips with you to minimalize the pain.

How do our ears work?

As we all know, the ear is necessary for hearing sound. Sound is an air vibration. This vibration reaches the eardrum. The eardrum closes the ear inside and at the back of the eardrum is the Eustachian tube, which is running from the middle ear to the nose / throat. Air can flow through the pipe back and forwards, depending if the pressure in the middle ear is too high or too low. The condition is then of course that the Eustachian tube is not blocked. This can be blocked for example by mucus or an inflammation as a result of a cold, hay fever or an infection of the respiratory tract.

What happens when a plane takes off?

When a plane takes off the pressure in the cabin will decrease to a level where it will remain for the rest of the flight. Because this pressure is lower than on the ground there has to escape some air from the middle ear, otherwise the eardrum bulges outward. If all goes well, the air escapes through the Eustachian tube. That is much easier than the suction of air. That’s why not many people have problems with ear pain during a take off.

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ear pain

What happens in our ears when a plane goes down?

As the aircraft is preparing for landing, the pressure in the cabin is getting higher and the eardrums can be pressed inwards. Behind the eardrums, in the middle ear, the pressure should therefore also rise. Sucking air through the Eustachian tube does this.

If you suffer from a cold or hay fever, the Eustachian mucous membrane in the tube may be slightly swollen, so the air is difficult to pass through. This has the result that the pressure behind the tympanic membrane remains too low, the eardrums bulge inwards and are strained. This will experience first as a pressure and later as ear pain. In addition, the tense eardrum cannot vibrate properly anymore, so you have numbness.

Ear Pain Tips and Tricks

  • Swallowing and yawning opens the Eustachian tube, allowing air to reach the middle ear during the decline.
  • There are a few other methods, such as your nose blowing, chewing gum, or drink while you pinch your nose shut. The method that works best for you must repeat a number of times during the landing. This is called ” coping” . In addition, air flows more easily through the Eustachian tube, as you swallow, yawn or chew .
  • Breathe in and then gently breathe out with your mouth closed and keep your nose pinched (This is called the Valsalva maneuver). The air is not exhaled, but gently pushed into the Eustachian tube.
  • Try not to sleep during a landing.
  • If you have a cold, your ears are not totally blocked and you really want to fly, you can try a decongestant nasal spray. Such sprays, with Xylomethalozine for example , are available at pharmacies .
  • At some airplanes you can buy earplugs


Shocking Differences in Body Language

Body Language

The hand gestures that you’re making may have another meaning somewhere else in the world. This body language could be a culture shock in other countries. Some things may be normal for you, like sticking up your thumb to express something good, but are a rude sexual signal in some Islamic countries, Sardinia and Greece. The body speaks language, but what it says depends on the country you’re in. We have selected a few gestures to show you some surprising body language differences.

Body Language

We all know the nodding head. Nodding your head vertically usually means yes or an approval. Nodding your head horizontally usually means the opposite; no. But Bulgarians and Greek are know for nodding their heads the other ways around. When they nod their heads up and down it means no, instead of yes.

Body Language

In the West it’s normal to keep good eye contact when you’re talking to a person. Strong eye contact is most common in Spain, Greece and Arab countries. But that’s different in Finland and Japan; they only seek eye contact in the beginning of a conversation. After that, they got embarrassed if someone stares at them.

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Body Language

The waving gesture that is used in America as “goodbye”, can be interpreted as the signal for “no” in some parts of Europe and Latin America. Americans can interpret the Italian goodbye wave as “come here”. And that body language can be seen as an insult in the most Asian countries.

Body Language

In North America and some European countries it’s common to sit cross-legged. In Asia and the Middle East it’s not! When you show the sole of your shoe to someone else, it means disrespect.

Try to read some about a culture’s body language before you’re visiting their country. Of course you don’t want to insult their culture, but it’s always better to know on front what you can en what you cannot.

90-Year-Old Chooses Road Trip Over Cancer Treatment

road trip

Photo: Norma overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona with her dog Ringo during their road trip.
(Facebook: Driving Miss Norma)

Meet Norma, a 90-year-old woman from Michigan. Norma lost her husband in July 2015 and soon after that she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. While doctors recommended surgery and informed her about her possibilities for treatment, she refused the options and Norma was having none of it. She said no to chemotherapy and yes to living her dream to go on a road trip.

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how to travel light, road trip

With no guarantee that she’d survive the surgery and chemotherapy, she decided to enjoy the time she had left by doing the things she always wanted to do. “I’m 90-years-old, I’m hitting the road”, she said. And that is exactly what she did. Together with her son Tim and daughter in law Remie they hit the road across the United States. “We see a spark in her eye that we haven’t seen in a very long time,” Remie says. “She’s up for most anything.” During their road trip they already been to many places including Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. Whenever she goes, she always have a smile.

“We go out of our way to make her smile”

Norma was determined to make the most of life after her husband on 67 years passed away last year. She tries to stay positive and has her own motto; “Just keep on going every day, that’s bout it”. During their road trip Norma has made a lot of new and interesting friends. Back in August 2015 they’ve left Michigan in an RV and they’re still on the road! Their journey doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. “We go out of our way to make her smile,” Remie said, “and it becomes this ripple effect that’s powerful for all of us.”

How to Travel Light

We, Taxi2Airport, recently did a study on the number of bags that people travel with these days. The striking result showed us that people rather share a suitcase and travel with less as possible. It sounds difficult to travel light and to fit in everything you want just in a little suitcase or one that you’re sharing with someone else. That’s why we would like to give you some tips from Anne McAlpin, a packing expert and the author of the book “Pack It Up: Travel Smart, Pack Light”. 

travel light

The funny thing is that Ms. McAlpin never checks in any luggage, only her carry-on baggage. Even if she is traveling for three weeks through Asia! If you’re still traveling with heavy bags; it’s time to make a change. The most common reason why people share their luggage, or travel with just a carry-on baggage, is because every airline charges money for your checked bag and a lot more for overweight bags! So these tips from Ms. McAlpin to travel light, will be better for your back and save you money as well.

Her first tip is to go for a soft bag, not a hard case luggage. The reason why is because a soft bag will bend a little to fit in the area, a hard one won’t.  Her second tip is to pare down the toiletries. U can still take your favourite ones with you, but you don’t need a large size for just one week. A transparent quart-size plastic bag can carry all of your liquid stuff. Besides that you can also buy some handy travel bottles that you can fill with the quantity you need.

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travel light

There is also a magic number of shoes you should bring with you. According to Ms. McAlpin you should wear a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes during your flight, and pack two more. Men should bring loafers to wear in the evening and woman need a pair of strappy sandals or low heels that she can wear during day and night-time. Both can bring sneakers and flip-flops; they take minimal space.

Her last tip is to choose a colour theme; she recommends going for a dark shade like black or navy, because it looks more chic then a lighter colour.  The number should be no more then nine tops and three bottoms. “The number of looks you can put together with these pieces is endless” she said.

It’s so much cheaper and also a lot easier to travel light with just a carry-on bag when you’re going on a vacation. That means you won’t have any lost luggage and you’ll always have everything you need with you. And the best of all; you don’t have to wait in lines for you luggage!

Elephant Travels the World

A little boy lost his elephant toy and you’ll never believe what his parents did! His elephant travels the world now..

Elephant Travels the World

Almost every kid has his favourite toy or other things they love to carry with him or her. But when their things get lost, it could be devastating for them. What do you do then? One set of parents recently came up with an amazing “lie” to help their son get over the lost of his favourite stuffed animal. They’ve told him that his elephant travels the world and the whole Internet is helping!

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Kontan Karite, who is a friend of the parents, posted online at Reddit that a friend’s son lost his favourite toy and that the parents told him that the elephant travels the world. Kontan Karite posted a picture of the stuffed animal and asked other users to do a small favor for the boy: if they could Photoshop the elephant in different places around the world to let the boy see his favourite toy traveling. There is an overload of responses and they will melt your heart.


The elephant already has been to a few wonders of the world and already seen all the seven continents. It’s been at the white house, has met his family and has been to London to meet up with his friend Paddington Bear. Thanks to all the support of everyone around the world, this elephant has the time of his life! And there is also some help to get to that places. You won’t believe it, but guess what… We’re driving him from and to the airport! He’s also been to the big apple, New York City, with Taxi2Airport! We wish you all the best and see you at your new adventure, Mr. Elephant!

Pokémon Go and Pokémon not to Go

The Pokémons from Pokémon Go appear at your work, at the streets, at school and even in your bed. These virtual creatures are everywhere in the world and you can catch them with your own smartphone. But there are some places in the world, like Auschwitz, where Pokémon should not be allowed according to a number of people.

pokémon go

Everyone heard about the new game Pokémon Go that is basically the hottest application (app) in the world right now. Pokémon is a game where you can walk true your own neighbourhood by using your smartphone camera to catch the creatures yourself. Gameplay involves capturing Pokémons that are near your real world location by throwing a virtual poke ball, something that a lot people dreamed off fifteen years ago.

The app is now available to download in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It’s not officially available in Europe, but of course people have found there way how also they can join the Pokémon Go craze. By downloading the Pokémon Go app with an account installed as it’s in one of the countries, you’ll also be able to capture the Pokémon’s in Europe.

Apparently the Pokémon Go app is not so well developed that it would not pop up Pokémon’s at important places in the world. There has been a Pokémon at the former concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland, the 11 September memorial in New York and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. People find it inappropriate to appear the creatures at that kind of places. Those places are meant to be a memorial and not a playground. The makers of the game are already contacted about the disrespectful places to let a Pokémon appear. They have been asked not to include those places in the Pokémon Go game.

The Busiest Weekend of The Summer

busiest weekend

Holiday season has been started and so has the busiest weekend. Children are free from school, people are going on vacations and the tourism companies are much busier. That means that summer is just begun! Also in The Netherlands the holidays have been started last weekend and they ‘re expecting a large group of people who are coming and leaving.

In the last five years the number of visitors to Amsterdam doubled to over 17 million. Slightly more then half of the visitors are coming from abroad and more then a third is mostly visiting Amsterdam for the museums and attractions. Almost an equal part of the visitors has “Fun and entertainment” as main motivation for visiting the capital of The Netherlands.

busiest weekend

Not only the city of Amsterdam is fully crowded. Also the holiday season at Schiphol Airport is expecting the busiest weekend of the year. Schiphol expects during this weekend 453,000 passengers who are traveling true, from or to the airport. In the months July and August they expect approximately 8,5 million passengers, that’s an average of 137.000 passengers per day! Last year the number of passengers was nearly 9.6 million passengers in the same period.

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Schiphol has his own “Welcome Teams” to guide the travellers and answer their questions. Besides that, they’re sharing free ice creams and water during the busiest weekend of the summer! All the departure halls have old-fashioned carts where you can get your ice cream. Because of the extra crowds Schiphol advises travelers to arrive in time. Travelers should consider longer waiting times. This time limit can be achieved by using the self-service kiosks or to check in over the internet. That means that you also need to be on time with your taxi, because also at the parking it would be a busy happening!

Vacation Adventures You’ll Never Forget!

Ever thought about planning a vacation to Jamaica? But it still didn’t happen yet? We will tell you exactly why you should go there! Besides the wonderful white beaches, the lovely weather and Bob Marley, you can explore the best Jamaica vacation adventures and the best jungle activities ever!

Jamaica vacation adventures

The Dunn’s River Falls

When you think of Jamaica vacation adventures, you’ll probably think about chilling at the beach. Walking true the city and meet the locals. Of course, you can do that! But after you’re done, we would like to take you to the jungle of this amazing island. We understand you would love to see some Bob Marley things when you stay in Jamaica. So we would like to take you to Nine Mile, the home of the music legend himself. Here you will learn about the life of Bob Marley and see where he is born. After that, we’ll continue to the Dunn’s River Falls and there is where you can start your Jamaica vacation adventures!

Jamaica vacation adventures

Tubing Down the River

After a short ride from the Dunn’s River Falls you arrive at the White River. Together with your friends, family and other people you’ll start tubing down the river! On your way down you will go through seven rapids and placid pools that are hidden in the beautiful Jamaican jungle where the tropical scenery is amazing! Not only tubing, you could also go for the wilder adventure and take a kayak on the Rio Bueno River!

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 Jamaica vacation adventures

Bamboo Rafting

If you would love to do something romantic with your partner you could go bamboo rafting from Falmouth. This is an amazing trip down the Martha Brae River with breath-taking scenery on your bamboo raft pulled by your own raft captain. Enjoy the view with your loved one while you’re floating true the most beautiful nature of Jamaica.

Jamaica vacation adventures

The Jamaican Bobsled

And for our rougher types we got the last but not least; bobsled adventure! The rainforest lift will take you up till 700 feet high to the mountaintop. The ride will take your 2,1 km true the jungle where you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the lovely nature. The Jamaican Bobsled is a one of a kind 10-minute ride through 1500 meters of tropical rain forest at 28 mph downhill a track. This will totally be an adrenaline kick and a ride you won’t forget!

Jamaica vacation adventures

10 Reasons Why You Should go Abroad for a While


Discover yourself & Go Abroad

When you’re living in another country you could discover things you’re good at, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll discover something you like to do, that you never thought about when you lived back home. You will become a new person, with a fresh look on all the new stuff around you. Go abroad, explore the environment and discover yourself!

Learn about other cultures

When you’re at home you can learn about other cultures, but it will be different. When you live between them, you really get to know the culture. You live like one and eventually you will copy their manners. Even if you don’t want to copy, you will! You can also learn about your own culture by seeing your home culture in another point of view. In this way you could develop your own view, instead of accepting those defined by where you happen to come from.

Get independent and grown up

Living somewhere else while you go abroad means that you’ll live without your family and friends. And if you still live with your parents… a whole new world opens. You have to do everything yourself; the laundry, cooking, groceries and spending money. But that also means that nobody tells you what to do and at what time you have to get home. You can eat whenever you want and you can sleep whenever you want. By living alone you are getting much more independent and you will learn to make your own decisions.

Make friends for a lifetime

New home, new friends. You will get to know a lot of new people. You’re going to make new friends that you will never forget! The moments and adventures that you share with them will be hilarious and so much fun! You may not like every person you meet, but you’ll make at lot of friends that always keep in touch with you after you get back home.


Don’t forget about your resume. A study, work of internship abroad is a great addition on your resume. If you are able to explore a new country, picking up international skills, get a job or you’ll have decent grades, you are a pretty interesting candidate.

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Lifetime experience

When you live in another country for a while, you will NEVER forget that experience. And believe me, you’re going to talk about it every single time. You’re friends will get sick of it, but who cares! You just had a lifetime experience, an experience that made you the person you are today.

Appreciate smaller things

At your hometown you got everything you need. But when you’re going abroad, you cannot bring all your stuff. That means that you have to make decisions what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Your new residential address will make you appreciate smaller things. The iPod that u used everyday at home, is never touched during your stay abroad.

Discover a new lifestyle / food

Everything is going to be different. People talk different and got different standards. Maybe they sleep much longer in the morning then you are used to, or the other way around. Al these things are there for you to find out. You’ll definitely discover things that you really like, and also some that you don’t. Not only the standards, also the food is different. Try it out and maybe learn to make it yourself!

Learn a new language

This is something that you will do automatically. You won’t speak it fluent like the local persons, but you will be able to pick up some words and sentences after a while. How awesome is it that you can understand another language. Maybe u can use it in your further career!

Be spontaneous en go on adventures

Don’t sit back and relax all the time. Get out of your comfort zone and go outside to discover the country. Besides studying and work you also have a lot of time to travel true the country and discover al the beautiful places!