Here’s Everything You Need to Travel the World

Figuring out what you need for your next trip can be challenging, especially because a single trip can have hundreds of unique scenarios to plan for. Planning gets even more complex when you are on a tight budget, or when you are traveling with a young family. The factors that you need to keep in mind increase exponentially in the two scenarios.

But with that being said, we are here to help you plan a safe, convenient, and pocket-friendly trip to the world regardless of the situation you are in. Planning for everything may not be possible, but our guide will help you account for the most important things and scenarios. These include:

Traveling documents

To avoid landing in trouble, you have to abide by the immigration, tourism, and foreign policies of the country to which you are intending to visit. Ensure that you inquire from the country’s embassy website or offices about all the necessary documents to prepare. Understand the travel visa requirements that your destination country demands from you before making any further preparations.

It is worth noting that some countries require tourists to have passports that have at least six months of validity, starting from the date of arrival. It is, therefore, important that you have your passport renewed if it is nearing expiry. In some cases, countries will allow citizens of specific nations to tour using a free visa or if not the case, visitors should apply for a visa before traveling. For example, Americans and Canadians visiting London require minimal legal formalities.


  • When traveling with kids, you probably will need to hire a car as public transport in many countries is pathetic and unreliable. For that, you will need an International Driver License.
  • Don’t forget to make copies of your important travel documents just in case you lose any of them.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential when touring a foreign land- Some countries actually require tourists to produce proof of their travel insurance at the port of entry.

Why do you need to be insured? Well, because you are more vulnerable abroad than you are at home. If something unpleasant happens to you, say, you are attacked by thugs, your insurance provider will cover your medical expenses. If you lose your luggage, on the other hand, the provider covers the resulting expenses.

Money, of course!

You will need a sizeable amount of money to travel, even when backpacking. You don’t want to sleep on the streets of a foreign country; neither do you want to beg for food. If you intend to live luxuriously abroad, the more the money you’ll need. And even when traveling on a budget, you need to occasionally stop by an upscale tourist restaurant to grab a quality, delicious bite. If you are planning to visit London, for example, in order to save up money, you can take a London free walking tour, to help you see all the attractions, and get an optimal experience.

Also note that in some countries, tourists are required to produce proof that they have enough funds to finance their stay. Credit card receipts and bank statements are some of the documents you can carry as proof. And speaking of credit card companies, ensure that your company is reliable and does not charge crazy transaction fees when used overseas.


You will be asked to get a simple vaccine before being admitted to most countries, but you should make a point of getting one even when not required to. Your health is important, and more so when in a foreign state. The last thing you want is to contract a disease that will confine you to your bed the entire trip, or that will have lifetime consequences.

The World Health Organization recommends that every traveler be vaccinated against yellow fever, for example, before embarking on trips abroad. And because you’ll be rubbing shoulders with locals and other tourists when on a free walking tour- those are the best if you want to get the most out of your trip- it is wise to be protected from as many airborne diseases as possible.

Note: In case you are under medication, don’t forget to carry the drugs and supplements you need.

A packing list

From about 6 months prior to your trip, make an effort of making a list of the things you’ll need for your trip. Travelers forget to pack important stuff all the time just because they refused to write them down.

A freelance job

Making money while abroad will give you more traveling, eating, and accommodation options. If you are experienced in content writing, video production, transcription, business intelligence analyst, programming, web designing, and other disciplines that require freelance experts, by all means, find a freelance job.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”

Transport in Real Time: See How Travel Stats Add Up by the Second

In 2019, transport is a part of millions of people’s daily lives; whether that’s catching a flight to your next holiday destination, hopping on the commuter train to work in the morning, or getting a taxi home after a night out. But while we all use transport every single day, how much do we really know about it?

Well we set out to find out and share a whole lot more, with our brand new real time calculator which clocks up travel stats by the second to hammer home the reality of how much is going on around the world every day.

For instance, did you know that over 2.7 million passengers fly out of US airports alone every single day?

Or that there is a flight delayed roughly every 3.52 seconds? Considering a flight takes off around the world approximately every 0.7 seconds, that’s not a very good ratio.

With our new real time calculator, you can see flights departing, cruise passengers setting sail, and NY residents hailing their trusty cabs, as and when it happens.

Considering transport’s connection with climate change at the moment, and the global effort to cut down on carbon emissions, it’s interesting to see what the stats are, and where changes can be made to save the environment.

For example, large cruise ships use 80,000 gallons of fuel a day, which is approximately a gallon every 1.08 seconds.

Taxi2airport Transport in Real Time: See How Travel Stats Add Up by the Second

Want to see more transport in real time? Have a look at our calculator right here.

Onderzoek 2019: Prijzen van openbaar vervoer in 80 wereldsteden

Voor veel vakantiegangers vormen reiskosten in het land -en de stad- van bestemming een grote kostenpost. Veel toeristen proberen hier dan ook op de besparen, bijvoorbeeld door het openbaar vervoer te nemen. De prijzen van het openbaar vervoer zijn doorgaans aangepast naar de levensstandaard van de lokale bevolking, waardoor een busrit in Helsinki (Finland) logischerwijs duurder is dan een rit in Quito (Ecuador). Een gunstig gegeven dus voor toeristen die Afrika, Zuid-Amerika of Azië bezoeken.

De taxichauffeurs van internationaal taxiplatform Taxi2Airport ontvangen tijdens ritten van het vliegveld naar de plaats van bestemming vaak vragen van vakantiegangers over de mogelijkheden en kosten van het openbaar vervoer ter plekke. Taxi2Airport besloot daarom onderzoek te doen naar de kosten van het openbaar vervoer in 80 wereldsteden.

Naast eigen bureauonderzoek werd hierbij tevens reiskosten-database Price of Travel geconsulteerd. Uit dit onderzoek zijn, naast grote verschillen, ook interessante ‘ov-weetjes’ boven water gekomen.

Gemiddelde rit in toeristenstad onder 2 euro

De bus, tram en metro zijn wereldwijd de meest voorkomende vervoersmiddelen in het openbaar vervoer. Van alle onderzochte toeristensteden komt de bus in 35,8% van de steden voor. Ook de metro (19,8%) komt veel terug in toeristensteden. Op de derde plaats staan de tram en metro met beide een aandeel van 12,3%. Gemiddeld kost een enkel kort ritje met een van deze vier vervoersmiddelen wereldwijd zo’n 1 euro en 68 eurocent.


In Venetië kost een enkel ritje met het openbaar vervoer gemiddeld €7,67 als je de waterbus neemt. In Kopenhagen ben je met het openbaar vervoer het duurst uit voor een enkeltje, die qua kosten op kan lopen tot € 13,90 per rit. De goedkoopste ritten maak je daarentegen in Caïro (in Egypte) en Buenos Aires (in Argentinië) voor gemiddeld 11 eurocent.

Citytrip in Europa

Ga je meerdere Europese steden bezoeken? Dan is een rit met het openbaar vervoer naar je bestemming het goedkoopste in Oost Europa voor gemiddeld € 0,94, gevolgd door Zuid Europa waar een gemiddelde rit naar je bestemming € 2,14 kost. Een rit in het Noorden van Europa is het veruit het duurste met een gemiddeld bedrag van € 3,99. In West Europa maak je een rit naar bestemming voor gemiddeld € 2,51.


Een gemiddelde rit met het openbaar vervoer in een van de onderzochte toeristensteden in Afrika kost je slechts €0,28. Een gemiddelde rit naar je bestemming in Europa kost daarentegen €2,74. De duurste rit in het openbaar vervoer kost je gemiddeld €2,96 in Australië en Nieuw Zeeland. In Zuid Amerika en Azië betaal je respectievelijk €0,75 en €1,37 per rit naar je bestemming.


In welke wereldtaal kan je gemiddeld het goedkoopste een rit maken? Een rit in een Engelstalig land kost je gemiddeld €2,22. In een Spaanstalig land kost een rit naar je bestemming gemiddeld €0,72. De goedkoopste rit kost je in het Mandarijn gemiddeld slechts €0,70.

Hieronder een overzicht van alle onderzochte kosten van het openbaar vervoer per toeristenstad.

Over de data

  • Waar sprake is van een spreiding in prijzen geldt doorgaans het gegeven dat korte(re) ritten goedkoper zijn dan lange(re) ritten, maar in sommige gevallen betekent dit dat een rit met de metro mogelijk goedkoper is dan een rit met de bus, of visa versa.
  • Alle genoemde tarieven zijn tarieven die men betaalt voor een ticket die net voor de rit aanschaft wordt.
  • Voor London specifiek is het Oystercard-tarief aangehouden omdat de standaardprijs voor zelfs het kortste ritje met de tube dusdanig hoog is dat ervan uitgegaan kan worden dat niemand dit zou kopen.
  • In een aantal steden, zoals Auckland, Boedapest en Praag geldt het lage tarief uitsluitend voor erg korte ritten; waardoor het hogere tarief meer gangbaar is.
  • In sommige steden (vooral in Azië), zijn er informele openbaar vervoer opties of opties die toeristen normaal gesproken niet zouden overwegen. Deze opties zijn buiten beschouwing van het onderzoek gelaten. Een voorbeeld hiervan is Bangkok, waar ook lokale bussen zonder airconditioning rondrijden. Deze zijn goedkoper dan de SkyTrain en de metro, maar ongebruikelijk voor toeristen.

Research 2019: Cost of public transportation in 53 countries

For many tourists, travel cost in the country and city of destination is a major expense. For example, many tourists try to save money by using public transport. The prices of public transport are usually corrected to the local standard of living. This translates to a bus ride in Helsinki (Finland) logically to be more expensive than a ride in Quito (Ecuador). This is a benefit for tourists who visit Africa, South America or Asia.

On a regular basis taxi drivers of Taxi2Airport, an international taxi platform receive questions from tourists about the possibilities and cost of public transport during their trip from the airport to the place of destination. Therefore Taxi2Airport decided to investigate the cost of public transport in 80 cities around the world. In addition to their research, they consulted the travel expenses database PriceofTravel. Furthermore, the research revealed some interesting facts about public transport.

Average ride in tourist city under 2 euro

The bus, tram and metro are the most common means of public transport worldwide. Of all the tourists cities that where analyzed, the bus was found in 35.8% of the cities. The metro (19.8%) is also common in tourist cities. In third place are the tram and metro combined with both a total share of 12.3%. On average, a single short ride with one of these four means of transport costs about 1 euro and 68 eurocents globally.


In Venice, a single public transport ride costs an average of €7.67 if you take the water bus. In Copenhagen, public transport is the most expensive for a one-way ticket, which can cost up to € 13.90 per ride. The cheapest rides take place in Cairo (Egypt) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) for an average of 11 eurocents.

City trip in Europe

Are you planning to visit several European cities? In this case a public transport ride to your destination will be the cheapest in Eastern Europe for an average of € 0.94, followed by Southern Europe where an average ride to your destination costs € 2.14. A trip to the north of Europe is by far the most expensive with an average cost of € 3.99. In Western Europe you make a ride to your destination for an average of € 2.51.


An average public transport ride in one of the tourist cities in Africa will cost you only €0.28. An average trip to your destination in Europe, on the other hand, costs €2.74. The most expensive public transport trip costs an average of €2.96 in Australia and New Zealand. In South America and Asia, you pay €0.75 and €1.37 respectively for each ride to your destination.

World language

Which world language is on average is the cheapest to use for a ride? A ride in an English-speaking country costs an average of €2.22. In a Spanish-speaking country, a ride to your destination costs an average of €0.72. The cheapest ride in Mandarin costs an average of only €0.70.

Below is an overview of all the researched cost of public transportation for each tourist city.

  • Where price ranges are indicated it usually means that shorter rides are cheaper than longer rides, but in some cases it means a subway might be cheaper than a bus or vice versa. 
  • All of the above prices are walk-up fares that a tourist would pay, though many cities offer small discounts to those who buy passes in advance or in bulk. 
  • For London in particular the Oystercard (prepaid magnetic card) price was used because the walk-up price of £2.39 (US$3.12) for even the shortest tube ride is so high that only a fool skips getting a card. 
  • In a few cities, most notably Auckland, Budapest, and Prague, the low price is only for very short rides, so the higher price is more common. 
  • In some cities, particularly in Asia, there are informal public transportation systems, or systems that virtually no tourists ever take, and those were mostly left off the list. For example, Bangkok also has local non-aircon buses that are cheaper than the Skytrain and subway, but it’s extremely rare to see any tourists aboard.

Best Destination For Bachelorette Parties

Are you looking for an ideal destination to enjoy your last day out as a single lady? You’re lucky. There are many amazing great places throughout the world that can help you turn your dream bachelorette party into a reality.

So whether your perfect retreat is a great time in the sun or adventure-packed weekend, there’s definitely an ideal bachelorette destination for you and your close friends. Read on to discover 7 best bachelorette getaways for all tastes and budgets.


Charleston, South Carolina

Apart from hitting the beach, you have a lot of amazing things to do in Charleston. You can walk to Kiawah Island situated a driving distance of 40 minutes outside of Charleston for picturesque bike rides and fun-filled group activities, ranging from tasting different brands of wine at FortyEight to candle-making activities at Palmetto Scent Studio. If you have history fans in your squad, a visit to the Fall Tours of Home, History, and Architecture would be a wise idea. Here, you’ll enjoy a lovely guided tour through preserved houses and buildings that have significant historical relevance.

The Surf Club, Miami

Miami is a popular bachelorette destination due to the many beach hotels and clubs found there. But if you don’t feel like hitting the beach, Four Seasons Surf Club slightly farther north of Miami would be a great getaway. With more than 80 years of sensational history, this private club was enlarged and upgraded to a royal hotel on the shoreline of Florida. Florida is another great destination with plenty of bachelorette party options and many options for accommodation. You will find out that there are many vacation rentals, that are accessible and perfect for your party.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No destination knows how to handle bachelorettes than Vegas. With a large group of ladies, you can easily secure free entrance into most of the hottest nightclubs in the sin city. For thrill chasers, get some adrenaline rush as you prepare to take an 829-feet dive off the Stratosphere Hotel. Las Vegas boasts endless dining options. You can enjoy a sumptuous Italian meal at Rao’s, sushi at Nobu, or visit Frankie’s Tiki Room for cocktails. Another thing Las Vegas is known for is short-term rental homes. There are many vacation rentals in this city to suit your needs.

Collective Retreats, Vail

Do you want to spend your weekend in the wilderness exploring nature? If yes, you can never go wrong with Vail’s Collective Retreats. This hideaway provides an exciting glamping experience thanks to the 1000 acres of ranchland that surrounds it. Enjoy horseback riding, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, or just chill out and engage in wine tasting. This retreat has a lot to offer when it comes to bachelorette parties, so keep it at the top of your potential getaways list.

Austin, Texas

Austin is another great destination for bachelorette parties thanks to its warm weather throughout the year, a big foodie landscape, and first-class nightlife. Visit Rainey street at night to explore different bars and eateries – most renovated from old homes. If you’re looking for an envy-inspiring Instagram moment with your girls, head to Castle Hill’s Graffiti Park.

Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas


Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy strong margaritas, lip-smacking meals, and a wild nightlife?  Look no further than Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It is pocket-friendly for you and your best girls, particularly if you’re traveling from West Coast – a direct flight to Cabo is just a few hours. Vacation rentals and majestic hotels in this Mexican city are reasonably priced. Hit the beach during the day, enjoy nice cuisine at lovely Mexican restaurants at night, and then dance with your girls all night at El Squid Roe.

Palm Springs, California


If you want a bachelorette party characterized by quality time in the pool, delicious meals, and bar hopping, then Palm Springs, California would be the right option for you. The year-round warm weather makes this locale a fantastic retreat. If your group loves exploring nature, you can head to Joshua Tree National Park for a day-trip.

Choosing the right destination for your bachelorette party goes a long way to make your final day out as a single girl unforgettable. There are tons of bachelorette party options out there waiting for you. With some research and key attention to details, you can identify a great destination that suits your personal style and budget. This guide has already discussed 7 best bachelorette party destinations to help you get started.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”

7 Cool Things to See and Do in Budapest

If you’re looking for cool things to see and do in Budapest, you’ve come to the right place. A city is known for its architecture, youth culture, and history, Budapest has plenty to do, both on and off the beaten path. If you want to experience a little of everything this European city has to offer, here are 7 cool things that should definitely make it onto your itinerary.

The Ruin Bars

Housed in abandoned buildings, Ruin Bars are the center of nightlife in Budapest. From massive clubs to quirky hipster hangouts, these ‘underground’ watering holes are worth a visit. Check out some of the popular spots like Szimpla Kert, a factory turned multi-level dance club and Instant, a former apartment building that’s now the largest ruin bar in the city. You’ll find art, grunge, electronic dance music, and plenty of interesting people to mingle with.

Underground Caves

Who would have thought?! There’s actually a system of caves beneath Budapest and if you’re not scared of tight spaces, you can visit them. You’ll need to wear a miner’s suit and helmet to protect yourself as you inch your way through the caverns. This experience is intense so expect to crawl through extremely tight spaces.

Veli Bej

Budapest is known for its thermal baths and while you can find them all over the city, you may be met with crowds. Veli Bej dates back to the 16th century and is definitely off-the-beaten-path when it comes to the tourist trail. It’s a favorite for locals who don’t want to deal with the crowds. And, it has all of the amenities and atmosphere as the big names.

Buda Castle

What could be cooler than a real-life castle? This World UNESCO Heritage Sitewas built starting in the 13th century and is a centrepiece of Budapest. You can’t ignore it, and you’ll definitely want to take photos of it. It’s a combination of Baroque and medieval design and now houses the Hungarian National Gallery, one of the city’s top art museums.

Great Market Hall

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie (or you just love to eat) this is the place you need to visit. It’s three floors of stalls selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and locally made goods. Shop for fresh fish, spices, meat, wine, and crafts. You can even eat traditional, Hungarian dishes in between shopping.

Take a Cruise on the Danube River


The Danube River is a focal point in Budapest. While it’s nice to take a stroll along the water, it’s even better to hop on a boat and explore it more closely. There are plenty of options to book a river tour, most of which offer dinner and drinks on board.

Walk Across The Chain Bridge

This famous bridgeis a must-see while in Budapest. Make sure to walk across and check out the view while snapping some scenic photos. It dates back to the early 1800s when it was built to connect both sides of the city. It’s now considered a national symbol of pride so don’t miss it.

There’s a ton to see and do whilst visiting Budapest, so give yourself plenty of time to explore this great city.

6 Delicious Places to Eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a melting pot of people and cultures, which lends itself to an incredible food scene. There’s a lot to keep you busy in this city but trying different restaurants and street food stalls should be at the top of your list. Wondering where the best places to eat are in Hong Kong? Here are our six favorite places.


It’s hard to find a list of the best Hong Kong restaurants without a recommendation for Yardbird. It was first opened by well-known restaurateurs, Matt Abergel (a Masa alum) and Lindsay Jang, and is one of the city’s most popular eateries. They focus on Yakatori, offering very specific parts of the chicken to diners. Expect skewers of gizzards, hearts, livers, thighs, and more. They don’t take reservations so expect to wait in line.

Islam Food


Hong Kong has a significant Muslim population, making the offerings at Islam Food both authentic and delicious. Their veal goulash pockets are a staple, as are their beef brisket noodles and lamb curry noodles. It’s a simple eatery that has a straightforward menu and cheap prices.

Peking Garden Restaurant

This restaurant has been a staple in Hong Kong for years. It’s a favorite for families who come to spend time together over one of the famous beggar’s chicken. You’ll be treated to noodles that are pulled table-side as well as other traditional dishes. Sure, the decor has a bit of an 80s vibe, and there will probably be lots of patrons in suits, but don’t let this fool you. People from all over Hong Kong have been dining here since the 70s since the food is delicious and the price is right. Make sure to try the Peking Duck as well as the onion cakes, and don’t forget to enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor while you dine.

Chilli Fagara


If you love Sichuan Chinese food (which is very spicy but incredibly delicious) you’ll want to visit Chilli Fagara. They opened in 2005 and have been said to offer the best Sichuan food in Hong Kong. Their authentic recipes have been passed down for generations, earning them awards and Michelin Stars. Make sure to try their map PO tofu, emperor’s chilli prawns, and the chicken with caramelized garlic and ginger.

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana


If you’re looking for the best Italian cuisine in Hong Kong, this is your place. It’s headed by the famous chef, Umberto Bombana and offers a fine dining experience to guests. The restaurant is beautifully designed, featuring artistic details and exuding luxury. Make sure to try the lobster and mozzarella salad, braised veal cheek with barley risotto, and the pear tart. The prices here are high but so is the quality so make sure to visit for a special occasion.

The Chairman

This restaurant has been dubbed one of the best in all of Asia. It serves up classic Cantonese eats with a retro feel. The look and the atmosphere is a play on how restaurants in Hong Kong looked in the 1940s. Some of their top dishes include the pan-fried minced pork cakes and salted fish, layered bean curd with Chinese mushroom, braised spare ribs and the pigeon with Longjing tea. The portions are slightly smaller than you’d typically get elsewhere but the atmosphere and flavor make it worth it.

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and looking for a fantastic meal, make sure to visit one (or more) of these delicious restaurants.

Our 5 Favorite Beaches in Cancun

Cancun is known for its beaches and if you’re looking for the best, most beautiful, and most relaxing spots, we’re here to help. We have rounded up five Cancun beaches that are sure to impress no matter what you’re looking for. Here are five beaches you should definitely add to your itinerary.

Playa Delfines

This public beach is filled with locals, food and drink vendors, and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s not as crowded as some of the hotel beaches so you can lay and relax while listening to the waves crash. In fact, this beach is known for its large waves so it may not be the best choice if you want to swim. This is a great place to surf and also to catch sightings of the dolphins that frequently swim by. If you want an up-close experience, hop on a chartered boat tour to see the dolphins out in the water. The beauty of the beach makes it worth a visit and the famous Cancun sign is here so you can snap a selfie!

Playa Chac Mool

If you get bored just laying on the beach, this is the spot for you. Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it’s a great place to swim or do some water sports. There are rentals for equipment right on the beach so you won’t have to go far to have fun. Try out the paddle boarding options or check out the surf school and grab yourself a lesson. If all of those watersports worked up your appetite, head across the street for a selection of restaurants and bars.

Playa Tortugas

This is one of the most popular beaches in Cancun as it has a direct ferry to its shores. While it can become crowded, the lively scene is part of the fun. This beach really has it all so expect to sunbathe, swim, shop, and dine. It’s the perfect spot to go as a group and is a great place to mix and mingle with other travellers.

Playa Caracol

This popular beach is centrally located so you’ll find it bustling with tourists and locals. The water is calm so it’s ideal for swimming as well as snorkelling. Take some time to soak up the sun on the white sand beach or cool off in the crystal-clear water. It’s picture perfect and looks like the beach you’d see on a Cancun postcard.


Playa Coral

If you love dogs, come to this beach! It’s the most dog-friendly beach in Cancun so you’ll be sure to see some cute, furry friends. The natural scenery here is quite charming with rustling palm trees and lush meadows. Playa Coral is a bit minimalistic which may be a nice break from the more touristy beaches in Cancun.

If you’re travelling to Cancun you’ll want to spend plenty of time on the beaches. While there are a ton to choose from this list should give you a starting point for finding the best of the best.

6 Incredible Places To Eat Steak In Buenos Aires

Eating a great steak is kind of a tradition in Buenos Aires. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path eatery or a fine dining establishment, Buenos Aires has something for you. They take their steak seriously in this city, so you’ll be sure to find some of the most mouthwatering options you’ve ever seen. If you’re visiting Buenos Aires and want to eat steak, here are six incredible places you must visit.


Los Talas del Entrerriano


If you want a no-frills, authentic steak-eating experience, this is the place for you. Visitors can see the staff charing beef and pork over grills and iron cross pits, which creates an atmosphere perfect for foodies. Share a giant wooden plank of juicy meat with your friends and family in this communal space. The menu highlights include blood sausage, beef, pork, and lamb. They don’t focus as much on the drinks so you can wash it down with some cheap (but still delicious) red wine.

La Brigada

This colourful, eclectic space is great for families and tourists looking to have fun. It’s three floors of authentic Buenos Aires dining and is a long-time favourite for locals. Don’t let the long line deter you as the food is worth the wait. Menu highlights include the beef sweetbread, fillet, and baby beef. They have a well-stocked wine cellar too so you won’t have a problem something delicious to pair with your meal.

El Secretito

Meet with the locals in this no-frills, very authentic steak house. There’s not much atmosphere as the staff focuses on the meat instead. You may find specially written on paper plates, and the wine selection is minimum, which is all part of the authentic experience. What they lack in decorations and wine, they make up for in the quality and taste of the meat. The menu highlights include the skirt steak, bife de chorizo, the Provencal fries, and flan for dessert. You can’t beat the prices either!

Don Julio


This restaurant is an institution in Buenos Aires. It’s known for its striped awning and walls of signed wine bottles from satisfied diners of the past. What should you order? The highlights on the menu include the rib-eye, skirt, and grass-fed short ribs. The master chef will cook the steak right in front of you so that you can see the art that goes into this classic, Buenos Aires experience. The owner of Don Julio is also a sommelier so you can expect a well-rounded wine list to choose from.


 La Carnicería

This place is a top choice for foodies, hipsters, and friends who like to have fun while they dine. The menu offers a cut of the day which will be either smoked or grilled. Regardless of which option you choose, some of the highlights include the lamb and boar. The wine list offers boutique labels and the dessert menu features roasted milk treats which are a delicious way to end the hearty meal.

Le Grill

Eating here is a luxury as the price tags can get high. The restaurant uses meat from its very own ranch and was the first in the city to use dry-aged cuts. Try the dry-aged meat tasting menu which includes a 45 and 100-day dry-aged cut. The wine and cocktail lists are strong, so get ready to drink.

If you’re visiting Buenos Aires, having a steak-centred dining experience is a must. No matter which one of these places you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2019

Every year in early August, Amsterdam celebrates equality between heterosexual, gay, lesbian and transgender people. The Canal Parade is undoubtedly the most famous event of the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade.

Canal Parade

photo source: here

The most famous event at the Gay Pride Parade is the Canal Parade: a series of fancy-decorated boats parade across the Prinsengracht canal and part of the Amstel River. The parade takes place on the first Saturday of August and attracts numerous visitors each year. Thousands of people stand on the banks of the canals to watch the parade and celebrate equal rights for everyone. Thus, the Netherlands shows that it welcomes and accepts people from all sexual orientations, including gay, lesbian and transgender people. Tip: If you want to watch the parade, come early to find a good spot by the canal and get a good view.

Eat and drink may bring

Amsterdam has been five years in a row, the highest trade prices from the country, which is 16 percent higher than the national average. So it is very advantageous to bring your own drinks to the street parties. For boaters is otherwise forbidden to drink alcohol.

During the street parties, the queues for the toilets can sometimes increase significantly. The organization says as much as possible to create toilet facilities but says they do not always succeed. Still, you’d better stand here in line. The police maintained during Pride additional urinating on which a fine of 140 euros is on, says

Other attractions in Amsterdam

Are you going to Amsterdam for the Gay Pride Parade and want to get to know the city better? Why not visit A’DAM Lookout, which offers spectacular views of Amsterdam 100 meters up? Want to shop? Shopping in Amsterdam is a great experience. Amsterdam’s numerous museums add a cultural touch to your stay.

Accommodations in Amsterdam

To make the most of Gay Pride Parade parties and events, we recommend booking your accommodation in Amsterdam in advance. Most events take place in the canal area, so a hotel in central Amsterdam is always a good choice.