Faro in February – What To See & Do

Faro is one of Portugal’s most naturally scenic cities. It’s the capital of Algarve, and is known for its beaches, fresh seafood, lively bars, and natural scenery. While February isn’t the warmest of months in Faro, it’s still a fantastic time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and the food. In fact, the weather is just warm enough to make the outdoors enjoyable, but not too hot for those who can’t take the heat. If you’re visiting Faro in February, here are some of the top things to see and do.

Faro Cathedral

Erected in the 1200s, this cathedral is a great stop for history enthusiasts and those who appreciate architecture. It features a Gothic tower and interior design from the 17th and 18th centuries. If you want to learn about Faro’s history before exploring the rest of the city, this is a great place to start off your trip.

The Beaches

The island beaches are great places to visit, even in February. Sure, the weather may not be warm enough for a swim, but you can still lounge on the beach in the sun. You’ll need to hop on a boat to reach the islands, which means you’ll be in for unspoilt nature once you get there.

faro beaches portugal

Cidade Velha

If you want to experience old world charm and beauty, visit this part of the city. It’s a quiet area of the old town that features whitewashed homes, buildings with roofs of terracotta tiles, and secluded squares that are great for people watching. Make sure to pop into one or two of the charming restaurants as you never know what delicious options you’ll find. 

Faro Municipal Museum

History lovers will have a fantastic time touring this museum. It’s filled with artifacts from Roman times and is a beautiful work of architecture within itself. There are mosaics, inscribed stones, marble busts, and exhibits filled with religious works.

things to do in faro

Praia de Faro

This is the only beach in Faro that can actually be reached by road. It’s surrounded by rock faces and has an immense stretch of sand to lounge in. Visitors who enjoy amenities with their beach visit will be pleased to find nearby bars and restaurants. And those who want a bit more seclusion can easily find it by wandering down the stretch of sand to a more hidden spot.

Milreu Roman Remains

These ancient ruins are located just ten minutes from Faro and are definitely worth seeing, especially if you love history. Visitors will find building remains, mosaics, the remnants of ancient baths, and evidence of a cemetery. It’s both interesting and beautiful so make sure to give it a visit if you want to go a little further from the city.

Palácio de Estói

This colorful palace can’t be missed on a trip to Faro. Construction on this building began in the 1800s, and it now functions as a hotel. Between the elaborate decorations, opulent architecture, and manicured gardens, this place is quite the sight. Visitors come from the city for tours and photo opportunities of this beauty.

estoi faro portugal

If you’re visiting Faro in February, expect mild to warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Whether you’re doing indoor or outdoor activities, you’ll find something interesting and beautiful while in this great city.

5 Unmissable Budapest Ruin Bars

While plenty of European cities are known for their nightlife, Budapest offers something quite unique. Sure, the city is lined with great bars, but the Ruin Bars make going out in Budapest extra special. Instead of letting abandoned buildings sit vacantly, underground bars started popping up, breathing a little life into these buildings once again. Now, the city is dotted with interesting Ruin Bars that feel exclusive, secluded, and full of personality. If you’re visiting Budapest, here are 5 Ruin bars that you just can’t miss.

ruin bars in budapest

Szimpla Kert

Opening in 2001, this ruin bar was one of the first. It used to be a factory and now offers multiple floors and a large courtyard full of fun. Visitors can drink inside an old communist car, enjoy various cocktail bars, quirky furniture, and art. There is food, live events, and an eclectic crowd. This ruin bar usually tops the itineraries of visitors, as it’s one of the most iconic in the city. Expect a massive party vibe amongst graffiti art, themed rooms, and an industrial vibe. The place is usually packed with tourists from all over the world so it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar Budapest


Hipsters rejoice-this spot if for you. It’s more low-key, is popular with locals, and frequently hosts art exhibitions. It’s a bit quieter than other ruin bars and offers a ping pong table and cheaper drinks. There’s a central courtyard that’s great for having conversation surrounded by the art and quirky decorations. This is definitely more artsy and low-key than some of the other ruin bar options.


This is the biggest ruin bar in Budapest. It’s located in a former apartment building and offers 20 different rooms. This place is more like a club than a bar so expect DJ sets and lots of dancing. It’s been described as looking like something of a cyber club, with neon lights and lots of electronic music. If you want a night that turns into a wild party while traveling in Budapest, this is absolutely the place. There are locals and plenty of other tourists for you to mix and mingle with while you’re visiting.


This spot can be found in downtown Budapest in a building that was once a factory. It features several courtyards and a massive dancefloor. It’s lit by hanging lanterns, which set the mood for a night of partying. If you don’t like to dance, just get comfy on one of the many couches and enjoy a drink while you watch everyone else.

Mazel Tov

Located in the former Jewish Quarter, this is one of the city’s newer ruin bars. During the day, it’s a restaurant serving modern, Jewish cuisine. At night, the courtyard comes alive with dancing, partying, DJ sets, and live entertainment.

mazel tov ruin bar budapest

If you’re visiting Budapest, a night at a ruin bar is an absolute must. Even if nightlife isn’t really your thing, these bars are worth seeing and experiencing at least once in your life.

Research maps trends in travel and tourism of each generation

A survey done by Expedia Group in three countries presents what are the determining factors for each generation when traveling. Check out.

What does the study say?

What are the main motivators of choice and behavior of each generation when it comes to travel? Expedia Group conducted a survey that looked at habits, travel influences, and behavior of the X, Y (Millennials), Z, and Baby Boomers in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. The virtual survey collected responses in 2018 regarding trips that occurred in the last year.

The study shows that among the decision factors are issues that include destination information and promotional ads. Some figures reinforce the importance of research in the buying process: 88% seek bids before deciding; 82% state that informational content can influence their choices; 70% believe that ads can influence their decision making.

Baby Boomers

The survey shows that the Baby Boomers – a generation that corresponds to those who have passed the age of 56 and have the greatest purchasing power between groups – are not necessarily concerned with traveling costs. These are the top travelers traveling overseas, with 39% of destinations out of the country.

For 22% of the respondents of this generation, the budget was not a determining factor for the choice of destination, and travel usually takes an average of 11.7 days. It is the generation less influenced by social networks to define the itinerary of travel, although they are the ones that consider more ads that have evaluations or informative contents.

Generation X

Between the ages of 36 and 55, this generation opts for travels that flee the atmosphere of big cities, so 58% of respondents generally opt for beaches, cruises, and resorts, which offer packages at all costs. This is the group that most travels by car. Unlike the Baby Boomers, this generation is concerned with the travel budget, so that 62% choose the best deals when choosing the destination.


Like the previous generation, Millennials also prefer all-inclusive options and lead the way by 62%. In a phase of life that corresponds to the transition from a teenage profile to life with many responsibilities, this is the generation that travels the most. They travel, on average, 5.5 times a year. Although they are also concerned about the financial issue, 43% of them indicate that not always the best offer is the best destination option.


For traveling more, they are the most undecided, too, when it comes to choosing. 58% of respondents aged 24-35 said they were hesitant to choose between 2 or even more destinations before confirming their purchase. At that time, the travel platforms function as good adviser of choice, being the group more influenced by this type of tool.

Generation Z

Born at the turn of the century, this generation has a preference for exploring their own country before visiting foreign lands, for example. It is the group that explores outdoor environments and follows a wish list. It is also the generation that most uses buses as a means of transportation. For 58% of them, trips to relax are at the top of the list, followed by family visits (46%), Tours (38%) and Family Fun (34%).

7 Cool Hostels to Try in Barcelona

If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel you know that they can offer a pretty incredible experience. Hostels are often found in interesting buildings, offer unique perks, and have tons of social opportunities. When looking for a hostel in Barcelona you’ll have plenty of choices, but some are much more exciting than others. If you want a truly cool hostel experience while traveling to this Spanish city, here are seven great options.

barcelona hostels

Casa Gracia

This hostel looks more like a boutique hotel than a backpackers accommodation. The modern building can be found on Passeig de Gracia and offers a library, common area, lounge, and terraces. Guests here are close to the main attractions like Las Ramblas as well as the bohemian district for the nightlife. It’s an artistic paradise that will inspire you with its interior design.

YEAH Barcelona 

This youth hostel is perfect for solo travelers who want to socialize. There are a lively bar and restaurant on site as well as a rooftop swimming pool. It’s party-oriented so it tends to attract backpackers and younger couples. When you aren’t partying at the hostel you can quickly walk to Barcelona’s top attractions.

best hostels in barcelona

Rodamón Hostel

Located just ten minutes from major attractions like Las Ramblas and the bohemian nightlife district, this hostel is perfect for all types of travelers. They offer free walking tours, alternative walking tours, and tapas tours in the city. It’s clean, airy, and has modern decorations making it a favorite for families and couples. Guests can get free coffee and tea all day long and have the option to purchase breakfast.

Hostel One Paralelo

This hostel is located in Poble Sec, an up-and-coming neighborhood in Barcelona. There’s a communal living area which is great for socializing and a free home-cooked meal for each guest every day. The sunny terrace gives you plenty of room to enjoy the weather while meeting new people. Make some friends and enjoy the on-site activities in this trendy spot.

Kabul Party Hostel

You can gather from the name that this hostel is heavy on the partying. This is a great spot for solo and youth travelers to mix and mingle with other world travelers. It’s at the heart of the Gothic Quarter so there’s access to top bars, restaurants, and nightlife. The hostel offers free beer on the rooftop terrace, walking tours, and game nights.

Pars Teatro Hostel

Located in Poble Sec, this hostel is close to theaters and cabarets. It’s located in a renovated, historic building which contributes to its charming atmosphere. The hostel is themed after vintage film culture and features costumes and historic theater props around the building. Millennials love this spot, especially for the activities that the staff arrange.

Generator Hostel

This hostel goes heavy on the interior design. It’s located by Sagrada Familia and offers an urban, modern oasis for the young and hip. Enjoy the trendy communal areas including the rooftop terrace, themed restaurant, and a lively bar.

cool hostels barcelona

Barcelona is full of great hostels but these options top the list. Whether you’re looking for trendy hangouts, family-oriented fun, or a lively party, you’ll be able to find it in a Barcelona hostel.

Taxi2airport onderzoekt Nederlandse bucket lists

De chauffeurs van Taxi2airport krijgen in de taxi vaak verhalen te horen over reiservaringen van taxipassagiers. Reizigers zijn vaak erg te spreken over de tripjes die ze maken. Maar het komt ook vaak voor dat een reis, bestemming of bezienswaardigheid tegenviel. Om na te gaan welke bezienswaardigheden Nederlanders echt nog een keer willen zien en welke bezochte bezienswaardigheden juist erg tegenvielen, ondervroeg Taxi2airport 1.125 Nederlanders.

Noorderlicht bovenaan bucketlist

Het Noorderlicht staat als droombestemming bovenaan de bucketlist van Nederlanders. Van alle respondenten noemde 13,8 procent de lichtshow in de buurt van de Noordpool, ook wel bekend als Aurora Borealis, als dé absolute nummer 1 van hun bucket list. Het eiland Bora Bora (Frans Polynesië) komt als tweede populairste droombestemming uit het onderzoek, met 8 procent. Hawaii (Verenigde Staten) komt als nummer 3 uit het onderzoek naar voren (7,5 procent).


Machu Picchu maakt meeste indruk op Nederlanders
Machu Picchu, tevens één van de 7 Nieuwe Wereldwonderen, is volgens 6,2 procent van de Nederlanders die de stad van de Inca’s hebben bezocht, de meest indrukwekkende bezienswaardigheid ter wereld. Na Machu Picchu noemen Nederlanders de Taj Mahal (India) als meest indrukwekkende bezienswaardigheid (4,9 procent). De Chinese Muur (China) staat op de derde plek met 4,4 procent.

Machu Picchu

Ook de Grand Canyon in de Verenigde Staten (4 procent) en de Eiffeltoren in Parijs (3,6 procent) zijn volgens Nederlanders imposante bezienswaardigheden die een blijvende indruk hebben achtergelaten. Die twee trekpleisters maken de top 5 compleet.

7 Nieuwe Wereldwonderen populaire bestemmingen

In de top 10 van bestemmingen die de meeste indruk achterlieten staan liefst 5 van de ‘7 Nieuwe Wereldwonderen’ die in 2007 bekend werden gemaakt (Chinese Muur, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Petra en Colosseum). Christus de Verlosser (Brazilië), een van de andere wereldwonderen, komt in het onderzoek uit op een 13e plek, na de Venetiaanse grachten en Burj Khalifa (Dubai, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten). Het wereldwonder dat dan nog overblijft; Chichén Itzá in Mexico, is klaarblijkelijk minder populair onder Nederlandse reizigers. Deze stad van de Maya´s, waar onder andere de Piramide van Kukulcán staat die is opgenomen in de werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO, wordt bijna niet genoemd als bezienswaardigheid die de meeste indruk heeft gemaakt.

Meest overschatte bezienswaardigheid

Er zijn ook bestemmingen en bezienswaardigheden die in het echt toch tegenvallen. In het onderzoek werd daarom gevraagd wat volgens Nederlanders de meest overschatte bezienswaardigheid ter wereld is.

Manneken Pis, de bekende Brusselse toeristische trekpleister, komt overduidelijk als most overrated uit het onderzoek. Maar liefst 17,8 procent van de respondenten was teleurgesteld na een bezoek aan Manneken Pis. Ook Madame Tussauds (meerdere plekken) en Checkpoint Charlie zijn overschatte bezienswaardigheden te noemen. Van de ondervraagden vond 8 procent een bezoek teleurstellend.

Manneken Pis

5 Beautiful Beaches in Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the Greek island of Crete. It’s known for its beaches, port, and charming culture. While many visitors spend time exploring the historical and archeological sites, the beaches are another huge draw. If you’re visiting Heraklion and want to spend some time beach lounging, here are the top five places to do it.

beaches in heraklion

Kokkini Ammos Beach 

Also known as the ‘Red’ beach, this used to be a popular hotspot for hippies back in the ’70s. It’s a popular spot for nude sunbathing and was even rated one of the most nude-friendly beaches in the world. It can be reached by boat or by footpath, but either way, it has a secluded feel that makes it a perfect getaway. The reddish rocks give it its unique name and its lack of shade makes it perfect for sun worshippers.

Kommos Beach

 This beach is popular with nature lovers and free campers for its stunning views and the occasional tree. Visitors enjoy the shade, the nearby ancient ruins, and the sunbeds. The golden sands are surrounded by dunes and the nearby cliffs are dotted with tamarisk trees. Some areas of the beach have amenities like showers, a toilet, and a lifeguard, while the rest of the coastline remains an official naturist site. Also, if you love snorkeling this is the spot.

best beaches in heraklion

Psaromoura Beach

This beach has been considered one of the most beautiful in Crete. It’s popular with the locals and is known for its pebbly beach and the rugged cliffs that keep the coastline secluded. Part of the cliff juts out into the water, protecting the beach from waves and making swimming much more pleasant. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, and a small stand selling snacks. Otherwise, this beach serves as an oasis for visitors.

Ammoudara Beach 

This long, sandy beach is known for its crystal clear waters and soft, golden sand. In the past, this spot has been awarded for its clean water, which is loved by locals and tourists for swimming. Part of the beach is free from amenities while the other offers a lifeguard, sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, and restaurants. There is even a windsurfing school if you’d like to try your hand at this challenging sport.

Agiofarago Beach

This beach can be reached by taking a 45-minute hike through the gorge or by boat. The beach is surrounded by rock faces and cliffs which offer protection from the sun and the harsh waves. Water conditions here are mild which helps create a calming atmosphere where visitors can relax (plus they’re crystal clear.) The beach is nudist-friendly so don’t be shy if you want to sunbathe topless. Keep in mind that there are no amenities here so you’ll need to go to the nearest town for food, drinks, and the bathroom.

Heraklion is full of culture, history, and beautiful nature. If you want to spend some time relaxing on a beautiful beach, you’ll have your pick here. Whether you want the full-service treatment with drinks and a sunbed or a secluded hideaway to swim, Heraklion beaches have something for you.

Croatia’s best beaches

Croatia’s best beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in Europe, is increasingly sought after for a holiday destination. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, they have warm, calm waters and intense blue color. It is simply stunning, making any place on the coast of Croatia a paradise.

What are the best beaches in Croatia?

Hard to say which are the best beaches in Croatia, since there, everything is amazing! The coast of Croatia has more than five thousand kilometers in length, including its almost 700 islands. From the most popular beaches to beaches of naturism, can you imagine how beautiful a place there is?

The following is a selection of five beach towns in Croatia.


It is the largest beach town in Croatia and one of the most important in the country. Being a peninsula, Split has several beautiful beaches, of course! In addition, the port of Split is the arrival and departure point for various islands of Croatia.

The main tourist point of Split is the Diocletian’s Palace, whose historical center of the city grew in its around. Built for a Roman emperor, the complex is a UNESCO heritage and remains very well maintained. Today, the huge seafront building houses several hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlors, as well as the Cathedral and Museum.


Hvar is a city located on the island of the same name, which also houses other cities like Stari Grad. Famous and trendy, Hvar is the new Ibiza. It is there that is located the Hula Hula Bar and the ballad Carpe Diem, famous attractions to enjoy the European summer.

But not only that, the island also contains paradisiacal beaches, ideal for relaxing and hiking. Besides the beaches and ballads, Hvar contains other attractions. Fortica Fort and St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most famous sights.

To go to Hvar, you need to take a ferry from a city in Croatia such as Dubrovnik or Split. There are also ferries connecting Hvar directly to other islands in Croatia. And yet, it is possible to reach Hvar directly from Italy, from the towns of Ancona or Pescara. A good way to get to Croatia, by the way.


UNESCO’s heritage, the walled city of medieval architecture looks like a setting. Not only looks like, several spots in the city were used for the filming of TV series Game of Thrones.

The main attraction is walking (and climbing a lot of stairs!) Through the walls of Dubrovnik. Then take a dip on the edge of the castle to refresh. The town also has a bustling nightlife, good restaurants and water rides like kayaking.


Zadar is not so sought after, but it is a must-see destination. Among its many tourist attractions, there is the Sea Organ. It is a musical instrument played by the waves of the sea. They are marble steps, built at the edge of the sea, which when the waves beat, reproduce a relaxing and very pleasant listening sound. If you want, you can listen to the Sound Organ sound from SoundCloud.

Continuing along the boardwalk, you will find the monument to the Sun Salutation, a luminous panel. The lofty place at the end of the day, where people gather to see the famous sunset of Zadar.

Kingsday 2019

It was in 1885 when the heir to the Dutch throne Princess Wilhelmina’s birthday was widely celebrated becoming a Dutch national holiday( Kingsday). Since then it has been moved the current Queen or King’s birthday for the whole country to celebrate together. On this special day, the Kings’ birthday is admired in various ways and here is some inspiration on some of the many activities to do.

Photo: Shutterstock

Greet King Willem Alexander

On the 27thof April, our King Alexander will always make an appearance for us on his birthday. This will allow you to view the royal family as they make their entrance. The location of the King’s visit will vary from year to year and this time he will be blessing us with his visit to Groningen. Be there to welcome him and celebrate his birthday.


Trinkets at the Flea Market

Flea markets across the country are a famous function on this lively day. Throughout The Netherlands, you can find a range of flea markets where you can uncover many items for a great price, but even better get to know the past and story behind it and socialize. In cities like Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam there is a big traditional Vrijmarktwhich translates into Free Market where anyone can sell and exchange items. 

Orange is everything!

When you look across the streets on the 27thof April, you will see plenty of orange. It is a tradition to wear orange as it is a way to celebrate and honor the Dutch monarchy- Oranje van Nassau. Be sure to have your piece of orange, whether it is a T-shirt or dying your hair, it will be highly appreciated!

Nightlife and Music

Kings Day is a day full of festivity and anywhere you walk in Amsterdam will be a party. However, there are specific events such as outdoor concerts and performances in the Rembrandtplein and Museumplein. Pubs and bars will be opening again after the KingsDay Eve which is also a spectacular night as people celebrate the King’s Birthday. On this eve, there is a display of fireworks and vibrant music.

All in all, there is a range of festivities on this day, be sure to check out what the scene offers but most importantly: enjoy yourself! If you happen to be in need of a taxi transfer during your visit book here for your airport taxi transfer in The Netherlands.

Places to visit in Argentina besides Buenos Aires

When we think of a trip to Argentina, Buenos Aires seems to be the destination. However, although the capital of Buenos Aires is really charming and great to explore, the country has much more to offer its visitors.

In the list below, you will find varied activities, ranging from the cold of Patagonia to the dry desert climate, through vineyards, incredible trails and much history in the second largest country in South America.


When visiting the friendly city of Mendoza, almost on the border with Chile, visitors will find two distinct tourist options, but both very interesting. The first and best known is the exploration of wineries, where some of the best wines in the world come out, especially with the traditional Malbec grape. The second option is related to nature, with a beautiful walk to the Aconcagua Provincial Park, which will take you to the foot of the continent’s highest mountain, passing incredible landscapes
along Route 40.

El Calafate

For those looking for an even more connected destination with nature, another tip is a visit to the city of El Calafate in southern Argentina. Although small, it has a great structure of lodging and gastronomy for travelers. It is from there that you will leave to visit the beautiful Perito Moreno glacier, which is considered by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. Beautiful and icy landscapes await you.


Córdoba is the second largest city in Argentina. During your visit, you will be able to see in the colonial architecture a little of the history of the country and also the presence of the Jesuits in South America. It was once considered the Capital of Culture, which is justified by the good art museums that you can meet by there, like the Evita Museum. Even being in a big city, at dusk the central square is taken by its residents, who take the opportunity to chat and take a good mate.


If you want to ski in the snow and relax with the look of the icy mountains, it is a must-see trip. However, not only winter is made San Carlos de Bariloche. In summer it is much sought after by the Argentines themselves, as it is a good destination for those who wish to practice water sports, go hiking in the middle of nature and even enjoy a beach.


Known as the “end of the world”, being the southernmost city on the planet, Ushuaia reserves beautiful landscapes for its visitors, such as snowy mountains, lakes, glaciers, and others. With temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius, even in the summer, it is surrounded by wildlife, with penguins and marine mammals, and is a good choice of the script at any time of the year.

Mandatory places to visit on the island of Madeira – Portugal

Madeira is a big island, if you want to know it relatively well, the ideal is a week. However, depending on the time you have available you can set up a script, knowing which are the mandatory places to visit on the island of Madeira.


The whole trip through the island of Madeira must pass through in the capital, Funchal. One day you get to know and experience what Funchal has to offer, such as the Monte cable car, the basket carts, the Lavradores market, the historic area around Santa Maria street or the magnificent gardens. Funchal is the ideal place to start visiting on the island of Madeira.

Where to stay?

If you are traveling to Funchal know that the best hotels to stay, according to Booking are:  Casa da Praça,  Quinta B.,  Belvedere Boutique,  Babosas Village,  Belmond Reid’s Palace,  Quinta da Casa Branca,  Castanheiro Boutique Hotel,  Hotel Porto Santa Maria – PortoBay and  Hotel Baia Azul.

Cabo Girão

The magnificent Cabo Girão is the largest natural promontory in Portugal, with a verticality of 589 m. A recent, glass-bottomed gazebo allows you to contemplate even better the fajãs grown at the base of the promontory. The views of the gazebo extend from Câmara de Lobos to Funchal, with these cities facing the Atlantic.

Curral das Freiras

With a little more than two thousand inhabitants, Curral das Freiras is a small village in the heart of the mountains of Madeira. Once practically isolated in an enclosed valley, accessible only by a dizzying road, today it is possible to cross a tunnel and reach the village easily. It is worth to feel the claustrophobia of the place, but also contemplate the village of some of the most beautiful viewpoints of Madeira, as is the case of Mirador Paredão and Miradouro of Eira do Serrado. This is one of the must-see places on the island of Madeira.

Pico Areeiro

Pico Areeiro, on clear days, is one of the most beautiful places on the island. The colorful rocks of the peaks of the island of Madeira extend on the horizon and are lost sight of. This is one of the must-see places on the island of Madeira. For the more adventurous, it is necessary to make the PR1 – Pico Areeiro – Pico Ruivo trail, but for those who do not have the time or do not want to, it is advisable to start the route to the mirador over the counter, about 1 km. By the way, you will already enjoy the most superb views of the island.

Pico Ruivo

The Pico Ruivo is the highest point of the island of Madeira, with 1861 m of altitude. Getting there requires walking. You can go to Achada do Teixeira, in Santana, and then walk about 1h30 (round trip) to get to the peak. On clear days the views are magnificent.


The traditional houses of Santana are the postcard of the island and the archipelago of Madeira. But let yourself be discouraged if you think you will find a village of colorful houses in Santana. Once thatched houses were once more common, but with the rising standard of living, the majority of the population abandoned traditional houses and lived in communal dwellings. Although there are some houses scattered around the area, especially in small towns, to see the traditional houses will have to go to the town square, where there are six houses, four of which converted into tourist shops. The houses are all recovered and you can visit them from the inside. There are also two that function as private housing. These are not visitable. If you want to see one of these traditional houses inside, as they were used, you have to go to the Madeira Theme Park in Santana and pay € 1 / entrance fee.

Caves and Volcano Center of São Vicente

São Vicente, in the northern part of the island of Madeira, was built in a lava corridor, where the incandescent and fluid material flowed from erupting volcanoes towards the sea. To realize this and much more, especially as it formed the island of Madeira, it is worth visiting the Volcanism Center of São Vicente. The visit to the center includes a visit to an exhibition on volcanism in the world, where the volcanic origin of the world reliefs and archipelagos is contextualized. Below is a video showing the formation of Madeira and another one in 3D. After the geological and geomorphological contextualization, a visit to the caves is followed, the lava tunnels through which the fluid material expelled by the volcano and that moved towards the ocean. This is one of the most fascinating places in Madeira.

Natural pools of Porto Moniz

The Povoação of Porto Moniz grew around the tip of the island where natural pools, cornered in the volcanic rocks attracted the vacationers. Once completely natural, today there are more and more structures, such as stairs, walkways and various infrastructures to support tourists. You can bathe in the natural pools or the modern ones, already arranged, but the essence is still there, swimming in the midst of the solidified lavas of the volcanic eruptions that formed the island. All with a magnificent view over the Mole islet. Although it is a tourist place, it is a place to visit on the island of Madeira.

Ponta de São Lourenço

The Ponta de São Lourenço, in the extreme northeast of Madeira, is a magnificent place for a walk. You can opt for the PR8 – Vereda de São Lourenço rail, with 4 km of extension (you have to make the round trip which gives 8 km of the route from Baia d’Abra to the Sardine Pier). The complete route takes about 5 hours and has magnificent views of the point where you will have landed the boat of Gonçalves Zarco when he discovered Madeira. If your time is more limited, there is a rail to the right of the closet that skirts the slopes and has magnificent views over the very tip. Another option to contemplate this place is to climb to the Belvedere of Ponta do Rosto. This is one of the must-see places on the island of Madeira.

Madeira Island has this and many other amazing places to visit. If you are planning your trip to Portugal, schedule your transfer to and from the airport.