World Of The Pharaohs – Egypt’s Secrets And Wonder

Egypt is one of the most fascinating travel countries in the world. Already in ancient times the Greeks and Romans explored the Nile and marveled at the wonders of the pyramid world. Today, millions of tourists visit the monuments of the ancient pharaohs every year. They are enchanted by the eastern coloring of the Islamic medina with its mosques, bazaars and sunbathe on the clean beaches of the Red Sea.

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Welcome to the beautiful world of the kings

From the dazzling underwater world of the coral reefs to the rocky mountains of Sinai and the sand dunes of the Sahara. From the pulsating metropolis of Cairo to the dark mines of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Everyone will find an incomparable cultural and natural experience here.

Egypt is located in north-eastern Africa. The Sinai Peninsula connects the country with the Asian continent. With a population of almost 90 million people, Egypt is the most densely populated country in the Arabic-speaking world. No other country is so close to Egypt in the number of great monuments, activities and historical sites. As more than ninety percent of the attractions are located along the Nile river it makes sense to visit a cruise.

Immediately before its inflow into the Mediterranean Sea, the river extends into a wide delta. All major cities in the country are located either on the Nile or in the delta, the Suez Canal or the coast. All year long sunshine and warm climate make the coast of the Red Sea is an attractive holiday region.

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Treasures beneath stones – The pyramids of Egypt

In 1000 BC, each pyramid was deprived of its treasure. The Egyptians believed that their Pharaohs should be buried with their treasures and sometimes even with their slaves. Therefore gold, jewels, clothes, etc., were placed in tombs with mummies. But for years the rulers of other kingdoms were destroying pyramids and taking these jewels and treasures back to their own kingdoms.

Although the pyramids are very difficult to destroy, the smaller ones were targeted, and their wealth plundered. One such example can be seen in the Great Pyramid of Giza. There is evidence of a failed invasion, and the deep hole that was made in the pyramid’s construction is still visible today.

The construction of these pyramids is so incredible that there is a lot of research being done today on how to make equivalent constructions permanent. The solution used is still unknown and scientists were not even able to determine where it came from.

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Impressive, amazing and full of secrets

It is amazing that the ancient Egyptians created buildings with such precision. This careful and reasonable level of construction can be seen in other monuments in Egypt, not only in the pyramids. Without the help of chariots and even before the invention of the wheel, they came to what modern technology is capable of today. It is also possible to observe the progress in their construction techniques when comparing the previous pyramids with later models. For example when polishing the outer surface precisely.

Tunnels were found under the pyramids in Giza, and this suggests that the Egyptians mastered this technique long before our new discovery. In addition to the tunnels, boxes were found, which were carved with great precision. Each of these crates weighed 100 tons. Many believed they were designed to bury bulls. Even though evidence of bulls inside the pyramids was never found, so this theory cannot be proven.

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Top Cities to see while visiting Egypt:

Cairo:  The capital offers the Khan al-Khalili market. Khan al-Khalili is one of the largest markets in the world, attracting both local and international tourists. This is a great place to buy bottles of exotic perfume, Arab clothing, and other souvenirs. Egyptian Antiquities Museum: It has one hundred thousand exhibits in 107 rooms. The most popular attraction is the Tutankhamun Gallery.

Luxor: In the modern city of Luxor lies the famous city of Thebes (or the city of a hundred gates). A row of sphinxes runs along the entrance of the temple of Karnak. The most famous part of these temples is the Great Hypostyle Hall. 

Alessandria: The best tourist attractions are the Pompey Column, the Library of Alexandria, the National Museum of Alexandria, the Palace of King Farouk and the Roman Amphitheater.

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Places you should absolutely visit during your stay:

Pyramids: The most popular pyramids are the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the Pyramids of Giza in 80 years. Giza also has the largest pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid.

Karnak Temple: It is a huge complex consisting of three main temples and many smaller temples. The most famous is the temple of Amon. It is estimated that they were built over a period of 1300 years.

Siwa Oasis: The area is famous for its dates and olive trees and is one of the most beautiful landscapes and springs in Egypt. Until recently it was the most inaccessible oasis. There are 60 inlets below sea level.

Valley of the Kings: The Valley of the Kings is located on the western bank of the Nile near Thebes. There are 62 graves in the valley. It consists of two components – the East Valley and the West Valley. It is the eastern valley that most tourists visit, and it is the valley where most of the tombs of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom are located.


Best Destinations To Enjoy The Last Weeks Of Winter

You are a snow and winter lover and can’t believe the wonderful season is already over? Then take another breath, check out these amazing places and start packing. It doesn’t matter if you are a winter sports addict or maybe like to enjoy this magical time of the year – winter wonderland is opened to everyone!

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Sölden in Austria:

Sölden is one of the best regions to combine the joy of skiing and going out to party. Not only is it known for the skiing WorldCup to start there but also for its multiple party hotspots. Two reachable glaciers ensure that you have perfect snow conditions during your stay. Also, the wide and long slopes are offering you the opportunity to fulfill your desire for speed and fun.

After enjoying your down-rides on more than 140 slope kilometers you can choose one of 33 huts within the areal to drink a hot Glühwein. No matter if you are going with or without a company. At an après ski party you surely will find a great company and dance to the local ski-hits. For example, you could visit the Schirmbar Sölden at the bottom of the Giggijochbahn-lift. The venue offers a unique experience with its glass-top, modern DJ’s and happy hours.

If you are not the biggest fan of skiing, you still can enjoy multiple hiking trays in Sölden or visit the Ice-Q restaurant on top of the Gaislachkogl. If you are having the feeling that this scene looks familiar you may be a fan of James Bond. The Film Spectre was partly filmed on the slope called Schwarze Schneide.

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St.Moritz in Switzerland

St.Moritz is one of the most famous and luxurious winter holiday resorts in Europe and even in the world. As one of the oldest resorts ever it is as exclusive and elegant as it could be. With over 300 sunny days in a year and a low level of humidity visitors would describe the climate as “champagne climate”.

The resort is offering a lot of different ways to ride down the mountain, as it has over 160 slope kilometers and a variety of off-road areas. With around 125 kilometers of red and black slopes, it is more of an intermediate skiing resort and less suitable for beginners. You are more interested in a precious “celebrity-feeling” experience? No problem! With uncountable luxury shops, highly rated restaurants, and world-class hotels you will feel the same as the celebrity next to you. Yes, you read that right. St.Moritz is like a magnet for international film and pop stars to relax.   

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Tignes in France:

The Motte Glacier in the heart of the French Alps is a perfect place to go if you are chasing the endless winter. The winter season in Tignes normally begins in the middle of October and ends only in May. This area in France is a gorgeous place for all of those who are beginners in snow sports.

In a classification from blue, red and black slopes the blue ones are less inclined, red ones are a little more and the back ones are highly inclined. So as if you are not a professional yet, do not worry! You still will have a wide selection of slopes to learn because 60% of the slopes are classified as blue. Don’t worry if you already are advanced level skier – the black slopes in this area will bring you the adrenalin kick you desire. Even for cross-country skier, Tignes presents a giant variety of over 35 kilometers of loops and trails.

But also, if you are not into skiing or snowboarding it is worth the visit. As a traveler who is not addicted to winter-sports, you can appreciate the impressive 360-degree views of the Alps. Via the Grande Motte cable-car, you easily can reach the rooftop terrace, which is situated at over 3400m above absolute altitude to enjoy the view over Tignes and the mountain tops.

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Garmisch- Partenkirchen in Germany

This rural in Germany is situated around 100 kilometers south of Munich and absolutely worth the visit. Even though most of the European skiing areas are in Austria or Switzerland you should consider visiting this place as well. After hosting the Winter Olympics Games in the late ’40s the area got hyped. Up to this day, it is still hosting plenty of international sports competitions like ski jumping or alpine racing.

On perfectly groomed slopes of every kind, you can show off your talent. Due to its location, the climate is a little milder than for example in Austria. Although it doesn’t get super cold you still can enjoy plenty of snow and sunshine. As a visitor in this region in Germany, it is a must to visit the highest point in Germany called Zugspitze. By going on a cogwheel train and then a cable car you can reach one of the most impressive points of the country. After that ride, you will arrive at the glacier, enjoy the view and the sunshine.

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Riksgränsen in Swedish Lapland

This little area in northern Europe is maybe not the biggest but definitely most magical. Around 200 kilometers north of the actual Arctic Circle you can find a one-in-a-kind skiing experience from February till June. In comparison to skiing areas from the Alps, Riksgränsen is very small. With only 21 kilometers of slopes, you can experience the whole area in only one day.

But it has something special that the others are not able to offer. After around the middle of May, you can let the midnight sun impress you. The midnight sun describes the period of “nightless nights” in Lapland. There is all day long a light visible because the sun does not set below the horizon. During this time, you can enjoy the winter wonderland as long as you want without minding about the time.

PS: If you are not sure which place lures you the most, check out the live-webcams and make sure it is stunning yourself.

Tourism In Saudi Arabia: What Is There To See

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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab country located in the west of Asia. Although it is a deserted land, the huge modernization and developments make this country an attractive place for tourists. Another reason for its being worthy of a visit is history. There’s a long list of wonderful historical places in Saudi Arabia. Their wonderful cities, peninsulas, museums, mosques and other historic places make it a worth traveling country. Their culture is also unique and appreciable. Due to its history, Saudi Arabia is a holy place for Muslims all over the world. Keeping all these aspects in mind, here we’ll discuss some top places to visit in Saudi Arabia. This article also discusses the ease of access to the availability of e-visa for Saudi Arabia.


1- Al Wahbah volcanic crater

This is a camping and hiking point located more than 200 km away from the city of Taif. The place contains a salt field in the center of a desert. Vegetation is rarely found but it is surrounded by springs.

This place is rather a hiking point for competitive people. It takes almost an hour to get to the bottom of the slippery carter. In recent years there have been many upgrades to the place which make it more attractive for tourists. Therefore this place is really worth visiting in Saudia Arabia especially for adventure-seeking tourists.


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2- The ancient city of Mada’in Sale

As already mentioned Saudia Arabia is a historic country with monuments from thousands of years. This city is a good example of wonderful historic places. It was the second-largest and developed city back in ancient Arabia. The present-day place contains the ruins and remnants of Necropolis. These ruins include up to 130 tombs, adobe houses and a few alter houses. For people who are interested in history, The ancient city of Mada’in Saleh is a dream place.

Photo by Michael Gaida on Pixabay

3- King Fahd’s Fountain

This fountain is another point of tourist attraction. It was named after King Fahd who donated this fountain. It is located in Jeddah city. The distinguishing feature of this fountain is the shoot of more than 250 meters. It’s the world’s tallest fountain. Luminated by 500 spotlights at night, this fountain presents a mesmerizing sight.

4- Masmak Fortress

This Fortress is part of the capital of Saudia Arabia that is Riyadh. This place is also related to Saudi history as it served as a base when Abdulaziz conquered the regions and united the today called Saudia Arabia in 1902. Therefore this place is also of interest to history seekers.

5- Umluj

Umluj is the name given to the sandy beaches of the Red sea. They are also called Saudi Maldives. The beach itself is a breathtaking sight and the sight of mountains and inactive volcanoes makes it something special.

Photo by Maxwell Dugan on Unsplash

6- National museum

The national museum located in Riyadh is representative of the history of Arabia. Modern architecture makes it one of the finest museums in Asia. They’re a wonderful display of Arabian art along with rock carvings and Nabatean tomb. Travelers recommend this museum as a must-visit place.

This list is just a few names among many. Saudia Arabia is full of amazing and wondrous places that are worth visiting. A great number of huge Mosques in the whole country add colors to their beauty. The beaches and mountains, the Seaview, the peninsulas, the historic cities of Taif, Tabuq, Mekkah, Madinah are also among the top attractions in Saudia Arabia. The great deserts are also part of their uniqueness.

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

One most important development that took place in Saudia Arabia in recent years is the availability of electronic visa also known as e visas. Ease of getting a visa online for traveling purposes is appreciable and it has comforted tourists who wanted to visit Saudia Arabia. The visa travel application for tourists is a completely online process. This allows tourists to stay up to almost 90 days in the country. Also, the cost of this e visa is affordable and the organization of the whole process is satisfactory. Therefore people who wanted to fulfill their dream of visiting Saudia Arabia and enjoy the huge developments and historic places of the country can now apply through an e visa.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”

Tempting Activities To Try This Winter

How are you chilling this winter? Do you like this freezing weather? Many like and dislike winter, but we will tell you there are many fun activities that you can do in winter. If you hate winter maybe you should try out some activities from our list. That way, you will probably enjoy this chilling season more than you used to.

Hiking trails


Although some may decide to stay put in the home, we say that hiking is an excellent activity in winter. You can go out with your family and friends and have a fun time together. When you go out, you need to be careful though, winter is exciting but not kind all the time. There are avalanche, frostbites, and other threats to watch out for.

However, if you are careful, you can have a great time hiking in winter. Rather than closing up yourself in the house, if you go hiking it will boost your health mentally and physically. Being out in the open space gives you fresh air, strengthens your immune system and keep you healthy mentally. When you are communicating with your friends and family, it keeps your mind off from any type of problems.

Although many hates winter because of snow, we think it is snow that makes winter wonderful. First of all, the snow naturally changes the entire landscape. There are many hiking trails popular for winter. Why not try them out this year? Hiking in the winter means there are no bugs bothering you while you are out. You can enjoy hiking at the fullest during this time of the year.

Once you start hiking in winter, you will cherish the surroundings and snow in no time. After that winter, it will be something you look forward to every year instead of distaste.

Motorized Bicycle ride

activity in winter

Another fun activity that will make you admire winter is riding a motorized bicycle. When you are riding, your body burns fat to produce heat which helps you deal with the cold winter. People who tend to stay at home in the winter develop mood disorders. Being limited to movements and openness can do that to you at times. But if you plan on cycling in the winter, you are getting exposure to nature that is needed. It is known to release antidepressant chemicals that keep you happy and healthy.

If you are going for a ride keep in mind that you need to be extra careful about the winter snow. Change the tire of the bike before taking it out in the cold. Every time you need to keep the bike, make sure it is a warm place. In low temperatures, batteries are less effective. So, charge it before taking it out for a ride.

Paintballing with friends

activity in winter

Paintball isn’t the best game for winter. But it still has some advantages over the other seasons.

First of all, the adrenaline rush and the excitement is great for playing the game in winter. It keeps your body warm, there is no irritation from the sweat or bugs that come across your face in other seasons. Apart from its benefits, another good reason to play paintball in winter is the time slot. Since paintball is not a popular game in winter, you are likely to get a game slot of your choice.

In the other seasons, it is hard to get the desired time slots because all good slots are booked. If you want to play paintball in winter, there are many things you need to consider. For a good game, you need the paintballs in good condition. Many people think the balls will not work or paintball is not a winter game. But playing paintball can be as fun as playing in the summer.

You just need to maintain the game accessories carefully to have a fun game. One major problem in the carbon dioxide tank. It does not function well in winter. But if you get one that has high pressure, then it will be suitable to support the winter paintball game. If you are a little careful while playing the game, paintball can be an enjoyable game in winter.

Final words

Many take winter as a gloomy cold season to stay at home. However, winter can be great if you step outside and get involved with numerous sports. Some of them are discussed in this article. Of course, there are other winter activities like skiing, sledding, ice skating, etc. Winter may be cold, but it is not a season to sit inside the home. This is one of the best times to go out and have fun with family and friends.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”