Global Dating Costs Report: The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Dating


One of the biggest aspects of socializing is dating – especially if you’re single. Going out and enjoying yourself, whether you’re seeking a significant other or want to spend quality time with the one you already have, is something we all look forward to through the week.

While the overall dating lifestyle has become more casual for the millennial generation, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s getting cheaper. In fact, with a typical date in the UK costing roughly £129 for two people, it seems like it’s getting more expensive.

That’s why here at Taxi2Airport we thought it would be interesting to find out which cities around the world have the cheapest options for dating, based on a some of the key activities like to come up in your dating life, from a restaurant meal to cooking in the house to a hotel stay.

Read on below for our findings of the cheapest and most expensive cities for dating, and more information on how we conducted our research.


Coming out on top as the cheapest city for dating is Sucre in Bolivia, with a typical 3-course meal for two people only costing a mere £7.35 – in total. Not only this, but if you fancy being super romantic then a home cooked meal would only set you back roughly £9.67, or alternatively book a hotel room and grab a takeaway pizza for a cozy night in at only £14.02 in total. Not too shabby.

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive city for dating is Luxembourg City, in Luxembourg. Here, a romantic meal for two will set you back a grand total of £61.18, while a hotel room will cost a staggering £70.67. interestingly though, a bottle of wine will only cost £6.99, and a takeaway pizza £7.95 – so that’s always an option.

Following Sucre, the top 10 cheapest cities are:

  1. New Delhi, India
  2. Ankara, Turkey
  3. Cairo, Egypt
  4. Baku, Azerbaijan
  5. Bogotá, Colombia
  6. Manila, Philippines
  7. Hanoi, Vietnam
  8. Islamabad, Pakistan
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alternatively, the top 10 most expensive countries to date, after Luxembourg, are:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Washington D.C., United States of America
  4. Paris, France
  5. Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Dublin, Ireland
  7. London, United Kingdom
  8. Canberra, Australia
  9. Tokyo, Japan

Interestingly, the cheapest city to flag down a taxi to take you to and from your date is Tunis in Tunisia, where the average starting price for a cab is just £0.13. This is vastly cheaper than the most expensive: Copenhagen, in Denmark, has an average starting price per taxi of £5.09.

The cheapest place to book a romantic hotel room for the night is Jakarta in Indonesia which will only set couples back £5.25, while the cheapest place to find a greasy, takeaway pizza to end your night on a high is Tehran in Iran where they cost just £0.36!

The results by continent are as below:

  • The cheapest city for dating in Africa is: Cairo, Egypt
  • The cheapest city for dating in South America is: Sucre, Bolivia
  • The cheapest city for dating in North America is: Mexico City, Mexico
  • The cheapest city for dating in Europe is: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • The cheapest city for dating in Oceania is: Wellington, New Zealand
  • The cheapest city for dating in Asia is: New Delhi, India


To put together our Global Dating Costs Report, we used the following methodology. First, we compiled a list of key activities typically enjoyed while dating from romantic meals out, to a bottle of wine, a cinema ticket, hotel room, and more. In full we looked at:

  • Restaurant Meal
  • Cooking Dinner
  • Pizza Takeaway
  • Cinema Ticket
  • Coffee
  • Bottle of Wine
  • Beer
  • Taxi
  • Hotel Room

We then analyzed the costs for the capital city of each country which has been recognized as one of the best countries in the world for dating.

To identify exactly what each destination offered in terms of price for each of these categories, we searched through a variety of sources – including the average cheapest cost of a hotel room over the entire year, how much a mid-range, 3 course meal would cost, the average price for a cup of coffee, a cinema ticket, and, of course, the price of a taxi to get you from A to B.

For each of the above categories, we added up the cost for each city, and totaled it at the end, giving the overall price for a typical dating experience. We then ranked the cities based on these final prices.



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Faro in February – What To See & Do

Faro is one of Portugal’s most naturally scenic cities. It’s the capital of Algarve and is known for its beaches, fresh seafood, lively bars, and natural scenery. While February isn’t the warmest of months in Faro, it’s still a fantastic time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and food. In fact, the weather is just warm enough to make the outdoors enjoyable, but not too hot for those who can’t take the heat. If you’re visiting Faro in February, here are some of the top things to see and do.

Faro Cathedral

Erected in the 1200s, this cathedral is a great stop for history enthusiasts and those who appreciate architecture. It features a Gothic tower and interior design from the 17th and 18th centuries. If you want to learn about Faro’s history before exploring the rest of the city, this is a great place to start off your trip.

The Beaches

The island beaches are great places to visit, even in February. Sure, the weather may not be warm enough for a swim, but you can still lounge on the beach in the sun. You’ll need to hop on a boat to reach the islands, which means you’ll be in for unspoilt nature once you get there.

faro beaches portugal

Cidade Velha

If you want to experience old-world charm and beauty, visit this part of the city. It’s a quiet area of the old town that features whitewashed homes, buildings with roofs of terracotta tiles, and secluded squares that are great for people watching. Make sure to pop into one or two of the charming restaurants as you never know what delicious options you’ll find. 

Faro Municipal Museum

History lovers will have a fantastic time touring this museum. It’s filled with artifacts from Roman times and is a beautiful work of architecture within itself. There are mosaics, inscribed stones, marble busts, and exhibits filled with religious works.

Praia de Faro

This is the only beach in Faro that can actually be reached by road. It’s surrounded by rock faces and has an immense stretch of sand to lounge in. Visitors who enjoy amenities with their beach visit will be pleased to find nearby bars and restaurants. And those who want a bit more seclusion can easily find it by wandering down the stretch of sand to a more hidden spot.

Milreu Roman Remains

These ancient ruins are located just ten minutes from Faro and are definitely worth seeing, especially if you love history. Visitors will find building remains, mosaics, the remnants of ancient baths, and evidence of a cemetery. It’s both interesting and beautiful so make sure to give it a visit if you want to go a little further from the city.

Palácio de Estói

This colorful palace can’t be missed on a trip to Faro. Construction on this building began in the 1800s, and it now functions as a hotel. Between the elaborate decorations, opulent architecture, and manicured gardens, this place is quite the sight. Visitors come from the city for tours and photo opportunities of this beauty.

If you’re visiting Faro in February, expect mild to warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Whether you’re doing indoor or outdoor activities, you’ll find something interesting and beautiful while in this great city.