Five of the Best Restaurants in Dublin

Dining out in Dublin offers so many tempting choices. From old favourites to a range of new eateries, a tasty night on the town is not to be missed, whatever you fancy.

There’s plenty to get your taste buds a-tingling, from traditional Irish fare to innovative new cuisine. Hopefully, you’re staying for several nights, as one certainly won’t be enough.

Here’s our guide to five of the best restaurants in Dublin.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

The Bank on College Green

This former bank is an ornate riot of stained glass, mosaic tiling and the occasional palm tree. Somehow it all works. The food is simple but seriously tasty. Full Irish breakfast, fish and chips and melt-in-the-mouth steaks are particularly irresistible, and fresh, local produce is very evident.

Prices are mid-range and breakfast, weekend brunch, dinner and lunch are all catered for. The Bank is ideal for posh but hearty fish and chips in grand surroundings.

Da Mimmo

For excellent and authentic Italian food in the heart of Dublin, head to this family-run restaurant. Scrumptious, wood-fired pizzas a big favourite here and the cellar features a fine range of delicious Italian wines. All the favourites are here, from pasta and salads to meat, fish and vegetarian options.

A simple but tasty bruschetta, followed by a calzone classic is highly recommended, but so is everything else. The two-course lunch specials are well worth a look; scrumptious and great value.

The Trocadero

Housed in two redbrick Georgian buildings, this Dublin institution has been around for 60 years. The food is elegant and delicious, and the staff are warm and welcoming.  You may spot some celebrities as well as the locals. The Troc is a great place for a special occasion.

The menu offers a good selection of food and a very fine wine cellar.  The prawn and Sambuca risotto, followed by the Kilmore Quay black sole with lemon and dill butter is a very good idea. The orange and cardamom crème brûlée should fill up the cracks.

The Boxty

The traditional Irish boxty is a feature here. A type of pancake, bread or dumpling made with potatoes, it’s delicious and versatile. Food is sourced from local artisan producers are much in evidence and it’s comforting, filling and utterly delicious.

Try a boxty with tender corned beef and cabbage, a traditional lamb stew with homemade soda bread, or chicken with bacon and leeks, wrapped in a boxty pancake. This is a friendly and homely place with a fresh and modern feel.

The Bastible

This smart and minimalist restaurant features inventive and stylish cuisine. The menu offers fine, modern dining with intriguing and mouth-watering combinations. The smoked cheese and wheat beer doughnuts make a light and tasty starter. The braised lamb with garlic puree and kohlrabi is a tender and flavoursome main course, and the sour caramel and reduced milk ice cream is a luscious way to end.

The Chefs Menu offers a variety of small tasting plates, and there’s even a selection of smaller, tapas style dishes. There are set menus and à la carte options.

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If you’re planning a trip to Dublin to explore this fascinating city and eat your way around its many wonderful restaurants, get started by booking your transfer to Dublin airport. If you want to find out more, then read this guide to the best pubs in Dublin.

6 Unmissable Sights in Rome

Rome is a destination that’s jam packed with historical sites. Between the Roman ruins, incredible architecture and cafes, there’s plenty to do in this city. While some travelers try to check everything off the list, others strive to take it slow, seeing only Rome’s best. If you have limited time in this world-famous city, here are the six unmissable sights.

Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash

The Colosseum

No trip to Rome is complete without at least seeing the Colosseum. It may be the city’s most popular attraction. This circular amphitheater is a cultural relic that lets visitors step back in history. Take a tour to see where the ancient Romans staged ship battles, watched large game animals fight, and enjoyed shows.

The Vatican

Technically a city within itself, the Vatican is one of the top places to visit in Rome. It’s a vast complex of impressive architecture, art, and religious culture. Come see the home of the Pope and tour the countless museums and galleries that are held here. This is where the Sistine Chapel is located, so make time to see one of Rome’s great pieces of artwork.

Palatine Hill

Elevated above the city, Palatine Hill was once the stomping grounds of Rome’s elite. They built gardens, beautiful homes, and impressive buildings. It’s one of the city’s most ancient places, and the views of Rome make it well worth the climb. Tour the hill and see ancient ruins, excavations, former homes, and colorful flowers.


Formerly a Roman temple, the Pantheon is now a church in central Rome. Its history is slightly mysterious, with historians still unsure about when it was built. Out of all the ancient buildings in Rome, the Pantheon is the most complete. Visitors come to marvel at the architecture, intricate details, and natural light that floods the interior. It’s also located in the lively square, Piazza della Rotonda, where visitors can rest, take photos, and watch the sun go down over the Pantheon.

Trevi Fountain

When people think of Rome, the Trevi Fountain often comes to mind. It’s one of the city’s top tourist attractions, and most beautiful pieces of architecture. It’s the city’s largest Baroque fountain, and one of the most famous in the entire world. Make sure to throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the fountain. It’s said that this will help you return to Italy and find a love interest. Visit the fountain during the day but don’t forget to return at night when it’s lit up.

St. Peter’s Basilica 

Found in Vatican City, this is one of the holiest temples for Catholics, and an important pilgrimage destination. The Pope spends much of his time here throughout the year, and the grounds are the resting place of St. Peter himself. Visitors come to marvel at the architecture, view the artwork, and see The Pieta, a sculpture done by Michelangelo himself.

There’s so much to see in Rome that it can be difficult to prioritize. If you’re struggling to narrow it down, make sure to at least cross these famous, Roman sites off your itinerary first. You can book your taxi from Rome Airport here.